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Shen Yun Presents “First Class Art” in Tainan, Taiwan (Photos) [3/16/2012]
Daegu, Korea: Arts Professionals Laud Shen Yun as the Highest Art Form [3/7/2012]
Shen Yun Brings a Splash of Sunshine to Fort Lauderdale [3/1/2012]
Shen Yun’s ‘Beautiful Spirit’ Moves Audience in Nashville, Tennessee [2/29/2012]
Indonesia: Introducing Falun Gong to High School Teachers and Students (Photos) [2/14/2012]
Falun Gong Stands Out at Chinese New Year Celebration at University of Pennsylvania (Photos) [2/11/2012]
Shen Yun Touches the Hearts of Thousands in Phoenix: “It’s Too Beautiful to Miss!” [2/7/2012]
Taiwan: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Local Festival in Miaoli (Photos) [2/7/2012]
Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Peaceful Protests in Thirteen Countries Simultaneously (Photos) [2/7/2012]
Falun Gong Practitioners in Canada Appeal in Snow at Parliament Buildings (Photos) [2/6/2012]
Canada: Practitioners Expose CCP's Persecution in Front of Parliament Building, Winning Support from MP's (Photos) [2/5/2012]
Family and Friends Amazed by Shen Yun's Performance in Escondido, California (Photo) [1/31/2012]
Sydney, Australia: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Chinese New Year Parade (Photos) [1/31/2012]
Shen Yun Dazzles Detroit with Display of Tradition and Beauty (Photos) [1/29/2012]
Shen Yun: A Heavenly Experience for Mississauga, Canada, Audience Members (Photos) [1/28/2012]
Shen Yun Performs to Sold-Out Audiences in Escondido, California (Photos) [1/25/2012]
Boston Theatergoers See Beauty and Goodness in Shen Yun (Photos) [1/25/2012]
Shen Yun Receives High Accolades from Accomplished Performers in Ballet, the Arts and Hollywood [1/17/2012]
Canada: Shen Yun Comes to Toronto with Five Shows [1/17/2012]
Shen Yun Impresses Lincoln Center Audience at Sold-Out Matinee [1/16/2012]
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