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Vietnamese Government Condemned for Sentencing Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [11/20/2011]
South Korea Urged to Grant Humanitarian Stay for Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [10/2/2011]
Member of European Parliament Calls on South Korea to Stop the Repatriation of Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [9/11/2011]
Canadian MP's Office: Bogus Emails Possibly Clumsy Attempts to Discredit Falun Gong (Photo) [7/2/2011]
Germany: A German-Chinese Indicted for Spying on Falun Gong for the CCP [3/31/2011]
Koreans Call for the Expulsion of the CCP's Deputy Consul-General (Photos) [2/19/2011]
Flushing, New York: Police Arrest Man Who Assaults Falun Gong Group in Chinese New Year Parade (Photos) [2/15/2011]
Chicago: Protesting Singapore’s Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners (Photo) [12/24/2010]
Chinese Agents' Attack on Falun Gong Practitioners Exposed by Media in Slovakia (Photos) [6/21/2009]
NTDTV Updated Statement Regarding Eutelsat Incident [7/3/2008]
Epoch Times: Man Accused of Attacking Falun Gong Practitioner in Brooklyn Arrested (Photos) [6/22/2008]
Washington DC: Human Rights Law Foundation Holds Press Conference Regarding the CCP's Crimes in the U.S. (Photos) [6/11/2008]
Righteous Force Growing and Evil Trend Declining in Flushing [6/6/2008]
New York: Local Chinese Speak Out Against CCP-Instigated Assaults in Flushing (Photos) [6/5/2008]
New York: Flushing Service Center for Quitting the CCP Returns to Library--Four More Centers Added (Photos) [6/5/2008]
New York: "Conscience and Courage Led Me to Stand Up for Falun Gong" (Photos) [6/4/2008]
Flushing, New York: Local Chinese Outraged by CCP Interference [6/3/2008]
Falun Gong Practitioner Attacked in Front of Chinese Embassy in New Zealand While Holding a Peaceful Protest [8/24/2007]
American Citizen Charles Cai Tells How He Was Followed, Kidnapped and Interrogated by CCP Agents in China [8/13/2007]
Fearing NTDTV's Authentic Reports, the CCP Manipulates Overseas Chinese Students to Discredit the Dance Competition [6/13/2007]
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