(Clearwisdom.net) Since May 17, 2008, Zhou Yingkang, Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has directed the Chinese Consulate to incite spies and mobs to attack volunteers at the Service Center for Quitting the CCP in Flushing, New York. Member of the Swedish Parliament (MP) Göran Lindblad indicated when interviewed that the Flushing incident was initiated by the CCP to divert Chinese people's attention in China. He pointed out that police in USA and other countries should watch out for what the CCP attempts to provoke.

Swedish MP Göran Lindblad

Mr. Lindblad said, "The Flushing incident must be initiated by the CCP regime. It tries to incite such things in other countries. It is horrible. I am surprised that the police did not notice it beforehand."

When asked why he thought the CCP chose this time, Mr. Lindblad said that the CCP attempted to divert people's attention since it saw that the world's people protested the Olympic torch relay and its suppression in Tibet.

He said, "The CCP attempts to divert people's attention from China to overseas because the world is paying attention to Tibet and China's human rights with the upcoming Beijing Olympics. It wishes to divert the focus--the sooner the better."

For the CCP's slandering of Falun Gong practitioners in the media in China by changing the practitioners' banner that read "Heaven destroys the CCP" to "Heaven destroys China", Mr. Lindblad said that this is the CCP's distorted use of patriotism. The CCP attempts to divert the focus to Falun Gong by a new round of propaganda aimed at exploiting the people's patriotism.

Mr. Lindblad pointed out that it is unacceptable for a foreign country to initiate an incident like the Flushing one in another country, and the fact that it came from the terrorist regime of the CCP should raise more alarm. "The police in the USA and other countries should watch out for what else the CCP may attempt to provoke."

He continued, "The American people should be mindful of not only their constitutional rights, but also their human rights. It is unacceptable for any American citizen or another country's citizen to be hurt by mobs incited by the CCP."

Mr. Lindblad said the Flushing incident is an international concern, like the Tibet issue. He was appalled that some Flushing restaurants refused entry for Falun Gong practitioners because they had been deceived by the propaganda. He said, "It is illegal in the US for anyone to refuse to serve another person due to the latter one's belief or race."

He said Falun Gong practitioners should file a lawsuit against the discrimination.