Dafa Disciples Are Fulfilling Their Missions

My greetings to all Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference in Australia!

As things now stand, Dafa disciples all around the world have thoroughly ruptured the lies and distortions that the wicked Chinese Communist Party used to persecute us in its global propaganda attempts, countered their negative influence, and straightened out the mess that they had made.

Dafa Disciples Are Fulfilling Their Missions

Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference in Australia: Greetings everyone!

Currently, it can be seen that the disinformation propaganda and the negative influence brought by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the whole world when the persecution of Dafa disciples had just started have now been completely shattered...

Taiwan and Japan: Elected Officials Support Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party

Several legislators in Taiwan and Japan gave their support for the movement of Chinese citizens to withdraw their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party highlighting the regime’s severe human rights abuses. One council member said, “The Japanese dislike the CCP but not the Chinese people. Only after the collapse of the CCP can China achieve a cultural revival and people achieve a happy life.”

Western Australia: Falun Dafa Practitioners Hold Experience-Sharing Conference

Both new and experienced practitioners said they benefited from hearing how others apply the principles of Falun Dafa in daily life to improve their character.

After 11 Years in Prison, Hunan Man Dies Less Than One Month After Parole Release

A 63-year-old man became critically ill after being tortured while serving 13 years for his faith in Falun Gong. He was released two years before his term was up, and he died weeks later.

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