“Is This Falun Gong?” Chinese Visitors Gain Different Perspective in Hong Kong (Photos)

Recent July 20 activities in Hong Kong, including a magnificent march and exercise demonstration, were an eye-opener to mainland Chinese visitors. This experience gave many pause to ponder the difference between the CCP's negative propaganda and what they were actually seeing for themselves.

Taiwan: Civic Leaders Join Candlelight Vigils to Condemn the Persecution (Photos)

As Falun Gong practitioners across Taiwan remember those who lost their lives for upholding their beliefs, political and community leaders join the events to condemn the persecution.

Events Across Europe Mark 15-Year Peaceful Resistance to Persecution (Photos)

From Finland to Italy and the Czech Republic to France, Falun Gong practitioners across Europe stage events to mark the 15th year of the persecution in China.

Rally and Candlelight Vigil in front of Chinese Consulate in Toronto, Canada

Practitioners in Toronto maintain a major presence in front of the Chinese Consulate to protest the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong.

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