Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Bringing the Truth of Falun Gong to Chinese Tourists at the Ruifeng Night Market

The popular Ruifeng Night Market in Kaohsiung draws hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists for a unique shopping and entertainment experience. Visitors from mainland China had the opportunity to learn about Falun Gong over Chinese New Year, when practitioners staged events at the market to introduce the practice. The kindness and peacefulness they encountered was markedly different from the negative propaganda constantly heard in China.

Macau: Two Thousand Chinese Tourists Quit the Communist Party During the Chinese New Year Holiday

Many visitors from China visit tourist destinations in Macau during the Chinese New Year holiday season each year. Falun Gong practitioners set up booths at these locations to inform visitors of the facts about the practice and the ongoing persecution, in order to rectify misunderstandings fueled by propaganda spread by the CCP in China.

Romania: Lining Up to Sign for Falun Gong

Fifteen years of persecution by the Chinese communist regime has been met with peaceful resistance and continuous grassroots efforts by Falun Gong practitioners and supporters worldwide. A recent petition drive in Bucharest welcomed a constant stream of pedestrians who stopped to learn more and express concern. 

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