Shen Yun Across North America: “Speaks to the Beauty Contained Within the Human Soul”

Shen Yun continues this season's 2018 North American tour, playing to full houses in Sacramento, Berkeley, New York and Dallas. Several shows were added to the New York City run to meet audience demand. Audiences across the continent were deeply moved by the beauty and message of the performances. "Everyone should have an opportunity to see this performance," said one audience member.

Bavaria, Germany: 18 Practitioners Speak at Experience-Sharing Conference

Practitioners from Germany and Switzerland attended the conference in Bad Kissingen on January 14. One speaker recounted how he put his experience and education to use at a media company after letting go of his attachments to fame and gain. Other practitioners shared how they improved in their self-cultivation and gained more confidence through interacting with Chinese tourists and government officials.

Despite Appeals Entire Family Sentenced to Prison for Their Beliefs

A family of three was arrested in November 2016 and sentenced in September 2017. They were fined and are currently serving prison terms. The son was beaten in prison and has since become emaciated. The mother and son both suffered mental collapses due to the stress of persecution while imprisoned, and the prison authorities denied the son access to his lawyer, as well as visits from family.

Blinded and Incapacitated in Prison, Hebei Woman Dies Months after Being Released

Once a healthy woman, Ms. Chen Lingmei was totally blind and incapacitated when she was released from prison on August 22, 2017. She died on December 7.

Police Arrest Elderly Woman, Assault Family Members Seeking Her Release

When a 73-year-old woman is arrested for handing out a flyer, her husband, son, and daughter are brutalized by the police when they try to secure her release.

Drugged in Custody, Liaoning Woman Dies 5 Years after Being Released from Prison (Graphic Photo)

Ms. Wu Yefeng has passed away in early January of 2018 due to the abuse and torture that she suffered while imprisoned for her faith.

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