Poland: Falun Gong Leaves Deep Impression at Katowice Health Expo

People come to Falun Gong through many different avenues, but for many, it is the health benefits that first draw them to explore this ancient cultivation practice. The Katowice Health Expo provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce Falun Gong to a wider audience. This year, practitioners met friends old and new, including seniors and qigong masters who wanted to know more about the practice.

Reminder: Changes to Printed Copies of “Zhuan Falun” and “Essentials for Further Advancement”

We kindly ask that practitioners check your copies of Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement and make the changes outlined here if they have not been made already. These changes should be made to books in all languages.

Space Scientist Arrested Again for Practicing Falun Gong

former director of the board of the Chinese Society of Astronautics was arrested last month for the fourth time for upholding his belief.

What Is True Patriotism?

"If no one speaks up and forced organ harvesting in China continues unchecked, what will happen to China? Isn't ending this heinous practice acting in the country's and the Chinese people's best interest?"

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