[International Online Fahui] Staying the Course and Trusting Master’s Arrangements: My 16-year Journey with The Epoch Times

Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate the heart and mind in any and every environment, looking inside, finding and eliminating attachments. In this article, a practitioner shares how individual cultivation is fundamental to the success of practitioner-run media organizations.

[International Online Fahui] When We Truly Believe in Master and the Fa, Our Fundamental Notions Change: My Cultivation Experiences Working in The Media

A practitioner shares how he/she overcame hurdles, eliminated attachments, and improved cultivation while working at the media.

[International Online Fahui] Learning Chinese and Helping Chinese Tourists Quit the CCP at an Information Booth

Practitioners in South Korea describe how they established information booths at major tourist locations in Seoul that attract many Chinese. The practitioners dealt with obstacles and interference, and related how their cultivation was an integral part of successfully clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa to the Chinese, many of whom quit the CCP after talking with the practitioners.

Canada: Experts Urge Canadian Parliament to Pass Bill to Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Rights advocates urge Canadian lawmakers to make it a crime to travel to China for organ transplant surgery, as doing so is being complicit in the murder of innocent Chinese citizens. Foreign legislation is currently the most effective way to curb deadly transplant tourism.

Germany: Residents Learn About Falun Dafa During Information Day in Duisburg

Practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to the public, demonstrated the exercises, gave waist drum performances and collected signatures on a petition to condemn the ongoing persecution in China.

[International Online Fahui] Becoming Falun Dafa Practitioners During the Pandemic

Life changed in more ways than one when a family of five from China moved to Australia and learned Falun Dafa.

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