Hong Kong: Rally and Parade on Human Rights Day Call for Ending Persecution in China

Over 600 Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong participated in a parade on Human Rights Day to oppose the ongoing persecution of the practice in China. Numerous legislative council members and human rights advocates spoke at a rally to urge an end to the persecution and to hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Sydney, Australia: “Falun Dafa Is Extraordinary”

Falun Dafa practitioners in Sydney, Australia, have been holding various outdoor events to raise awareness. A Chinese passerby who was impressed by the group's perseverance in the face of persecution in China said she wanted to learn the practice, adding, “Falun Dafa is extraordinary—I don't want to miss out on it.”

Seoul, South Korea: Witnessing the Power of Falun Gong

“I suffered from insomnia for a long time, but Falun Gong healed it. I can now enjoy a good night's sleep.” “I am amazed that after the Falun Gong workshop, I no longer fight for personal interests.” “Now, I do the fifth exercise—the meditation, and the arrhythmia disappeared.” Participants in a nine-day Falun Gong workshop recently got together in Seoul to share their experiences in practicing this traditional mind and body cultivation practice.

Denmark: Falun Gong Practitioners Call for End to Persecution in China

A rally in the capital of Denmark on International Human Rights Day draws attention to atrocities taking place in China.

Malaysia and Indonesia: Falun Gong Practitioners Condemn the Persecution

Practitioners held rallies on International Human Rights Day in front of the Chinese Embassies in their respective countries, calling upon the regime to stop the brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

Cultivation Path of a Head Chef

An arrogant self-centered chef with a hot temper changes his behavior after finding Falun Dafa and discovers the meaning of life.

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