The call for submissions to commemorate the 2024 World Falun Dafa Day starts today. May 13 this year marks the 25th World Falun Dafa Day. Those of us who have practiced Falun Dafa for twenty or thirty years now have a much better understanding of what the practice means to us and to the world’s people.

Image for article London, UK: Introducing Falun Dafa in Chinatown During the Lantern Festival

Many passersby talked with practitioners and supported them by signing a petition to help end the persecution in China.

Image for article Belated News: Jiangsu Man Dies in Custody Seven Months After His Arrest in February 2023

Persecuted for his faith, Mr. Xia Zhenglun became ill in detention and subsequently died in the hospital. Details of the cause of death are not yet known, but his death marks another tragedy in this human rights disaster.

Image for article “I Want to Quit the CCP with My Real Name!”

A practitioner’s experience of how she helped an older man to understand the truth about Falun Dafa and how he was so thankful to be able to quit the CCP. 

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