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Store Clerk in Hong Kong Uses Kindness to Talk a Man Out of Committing Armed Robbery (Photos) [1/16/2012]
Validating Dafa as a CEO of a Company [3/8/2011]
Western Practitioner: “The Best Thing I Have Ever Done Was Acting for the Sake of Others” (Photo) [10/11/2010]
The Fa-Rectification Process [5/4/2006]
A Chinese Farmer Manifests the Meaning of Spiritual Belief With His Life (Photos) [4/11/2005]
People Can Read Master's Words and Listen to Falun Dafa Music in My Shop [10/3/2004]
Practitioners Oppose the Persecution in Fuyu Labor Camp With Righteous Thoughts [6/9/2004]
Practitioner Li Ying Released after Her Family Demands Her Return [4/24/2004]
Using Righteous Thoughts to Stop Evil Acts in a Forced Labor Camp [3/17/2004]
The Labor Camps Did Not Dare to Detain Those Who Took the Initiative to Clear Away the Evil [3/10/2004]
Former Police Officer Recalls the Ruthless Treatment of Dafa Practitioners in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1999 [2/20/2004]
630 Days and Nights of 24 hour Peaceful Appeal in Front of the Chinese Consulate [6/21/2003]
Prison Guard Extols the Dignity of a Dafa Practitioner: "Nobody Dares to Beat Someone Like Him" [6/7/2003]
How I Obtained the Fa in Prison and Now Clarify the Truth About Falun Dafa [4/19/2003]
The Path to a New Life -- The Story of A Practitioner Who Obtained Dafa in Jail [3/9/2003]
Family of New Practitioners Validates the Fa and Experiences the Blessings of Dafa [3/5/2003]
Falun Dafa Practitioners Held In Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp Improve Their Environment With Righteous Thoughts [2/4/2003]
Girl from the Countryside Finds Truth Amidst Lies and Propaganda [1/29/2003]
My Father Returns to Goodness and Experiences the Healing Power of Falun Dafa [1/27/2003]
My Fa-Rectification Path -- Unconditionally Released Five Times After Being Kidnapped by Police [1/24/2003]
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