(Clearwisdom.net) On the night of July 15, 2011, I went with another practitioner to put up truth-clarification posters. We put up the posters while driving along the road on our motorized three-wheel vehicle. We wanted to place the posters in front of the detention center and police station, and we also went further up the road. We intended to put the posters up all the way to the railway station and then turn back and put the posters up on the lamp posts on the other side of the road. It was half past midnight. The full, bright moon hung high in the sky, and the lights along the streets were also very bright. We were so focused on putting up the posters, that we did not see two police cars driving towards us on the opposite side of the road. The cars stopped beside us. Then six or seven police officers got out of the cars. They did not give us a chance to speak, but grabbed us, shoved both of us into two separate cars, and then drove to the police station. We didn't cooperate with them from the start based on our understanding of the Fa. At the same time, we sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings and elements behind the police. We also asked Master for protection.

At the police station, we were locked up in two separate rooms. The police car team leader telephoned the chief on duty. Regardless of what they demanded, we did not cooperate with them. We only sent righteous thoughts and asked Master for protection. In this righteous environment, the police officers could not become evil. Two officers gave a bottle of water to the elderly practitioner. Two other policemen said, “This is nothing. We will let you go soon.” One officer said, “If we incarcerate you, tomorrow we will be exposed on the Internet.” A few minutes later, the officer who seemed to be the one in charge said, “Take your things and go. Just don’t put up posters.” When we were about to walk out, they even reminded us, “Please don’t record what happened tonight and publish it,” We had been in the police station for less than ten minutes, and then released. Besides the dozens of posters that were left, the police even returned our vehicle, glue bottles, and brushes. Three officers even sent us out of the police station in a polite manner. We told them, “Thank you.” Then we got our vehicle and went home.

This entire incident, starting with the policemen shouting, “Detain them in the police station” until going home ten minutes after arriving at the police station, happened as it did thanks to compassionate Master's protection. As practitioners we conducted ourselves according to Dafa's requirements, and Master looked after us every minute and protected us. Only when we have steadfast faith in Master and Dafa, and walk our cultivation paths well in a righteous manner can we eliminate all the evil persecution.