(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2000, Lao Jiang, an elderly and steadfast practitioner, was sentenced to 2 years in a labor camp because of validating the Fa. He was detained in Jilin Labor Camp, from which he walked out of uprightly. In 2002, because he was determined in his cultivation and did not compromise with the evil, he was again sentenced to a year in Yinmahe Labor Camp, Jiutai City, Jilin Province.

At the beginning of Lao Jiang's detention at Yinmahe Labor Camp, the police tried all possible means of torture methods on him to make him give up his belief in Dafa, but to no avail. While facing repetitive rounds of brainwashing, he used his righteous thoughts to firmly resist the evil. Later, the police in the labor camp gave up on transforming Lao Jiang upon seeing that his heart was unmoved. Lao Jiang studied the Fa and cultivated every day while in the labor camp. Gradually, people around him seemed to forget his existence and no longer bothered him.

In September 2003, one month before Lao Jiang was due to be released, he realized that he should no longer endure passively and that he should take the initiative to eliminate the evil and validate Dafa. At this time, the labor camp had just started another round of brainwashing of Dafa practitioners and it planned to extend the terms of those steadfast practitioners whose terms were to expire. Facing this situation, Lao Jiang did not hesitate. Once he called out "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is the righteous law" on the way to group lunch. Other practitioners also called out with him upon seeing his righteous act.

The police were frightened and forcibly dragged Lao Jiang and other practitioners into the Education Room. The team leader asked, "Who called out first?" Lao Jiang stood up and said, "I called out first." The police did not punch him at that time, and told him, "You go back and wait for punishment." Then the police beat up all the other Dafa practitioners severely.

A few days later, the police extended Lao Jiang's term for 20 days. Lao Jiang told them that what they were doing was illegal, and that he would not accept it.

A few more days later, the police suddenly called Lao Jiang to their office and asked his family to come and pick him up. They were afraid that Lao Jiang would affect other practitioners, so they decided to release him. Other practitioners are still jailed to this day.