(Clearwisdom.net) During the past ten years of cultivation, I have seen so many extraordinary things. All sorts of feelings came up when I began to write about them. I can record only a few, because there are no words to describe what I have experienced. These stories represent only a tiny portion of the multitude of extraordinary feats that have occurred during this time, when the Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples are on earth.

First Time Using “Magic Feet”

The first time I used a supernormal ability was in the fall of 2001. Other practitioners and I were hanging Dafa banners and distributing informational materials about Falun Dafa to households. Our materials almost covered all the main streets and back alleys of the city. People were beginning to understand that the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) propaganda against Falun Gong were just slanderous statements. The authorities were afraid of that. As a result, suddenly there were more police officers and plainclothes officers on the major streets and in the residential areas.

One evening when Wujie and I left another practitioner's home, we noticed that there were two people watching us from the other side of a community fence. They followed us and matched our pace. Wujie and I separated and went different directions at a gate. The two pursuers also separated and followed each of us. My heart was beating fast, as I could hear footsteps right behind me. I suddenly thought of “magic feet” and spoke silently to myself, “You cannot catch me. I'm using 'magic feet'.” The person behind me was just one step away and tried to grab me. However, he couldn't reach me no matter how hard he tried. It seemed that we were separated by different dimensions. I started to speak silently to the security gate of our apartment unit, “Hurry up and open for me.” When I got to the gate, I didn't use my key, but the gate opened automatically. I entered the apartment building, closed the gate, and told the gate, “Don't let him in. Stop him!” I quickly climbed up the stairs and heard the person asking several residents to open the gate over the intercom. When I got home, I turned off the lights and listened at the door. After a while, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The person lingered at my door and the door across from mine, then they slowly went downstairs. Wujie called later and told me that she too was safe at home. She had heard handcuffs jiggling in the pursuer's pocket behind her, but was able to lose him on the way home.

I didn't know at the time that I shouldn't go home after encountering such a situation. I was a new practitioner and lacked wisdom. However, through that incident, I was able understand that practitioners are truly different from everyday people. I would not have gotten away that day if I had not studied Dafa. From that day on, I believed in all the supernormal abilities mentioned in the Dafa books.

Divine Thoughts Ordered Police Officers' “About Face”

Two practitioners were at my home one morning in the fall of 2001. We had not been talking long when all of a sudden, I had the shivers. I felt that a great misfortune was about to happen and I urged the other practitioners to leave quickly or it would be too late for them. After they left, I quickly cleaned up around my home and left. Just as I was reaching the bottom floor, I heard a noise outside of the residential building. Through the window of the hallway, I saw a group of police officers outside of my apartment shouting. Some of them had been to my home before and I was wondering whether or not they were coming for me. Then, I saw two of the policemen enter the apartment. I immediately turned around and went upstairs. I stopped at the door of my home and was about to get the keys when I thought, “It's not right. I’m not an ordinary person. I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner.” I recalled Master's poem, “In the world is a great Arhat, Spirits and ghosts fear greatly.” (“Mighty Virtue” from Hong Yin) Who on earth should fear whom? I turned around and went downstairs with ease and confidence. On the second floor, I saw the two policemen who were going upstairs. I stared at them and continued going downstairs. To my surprise, they didn't look at me and were muttering, “Is this the unit? Let's ask someone first.” They turned around and went downstairs. They asked an old man after they got out of the gate, “Does so-and-so live here?” The old man replied, “No. Go try somewhere else.”

After a while I didn't hear anyone talking, so I opened the gate. The old man next door was sitting outside by the gate. He whispered, “Run along now. They're coming for you. I sent them away.” I thought the policemen had left, and I opened the gate and stepped outside. I saw from the corner of my eye that the policemen were standing outside by the other apartment gate. I had stepped out of the gate already and it would have been too late to hide. I sent forth a strong thought, “About face!” When I was sending the thought, I forgot to be afraid and turned to look at them. To my surprise, the six policemen turned around and stood with their backs towards me as if they were standing in formation. I immediately remembered to use the supernormal ability to “freeze” the policemen. While I was leaving the building, I heard a policeman asked one resident over the intercom, “Does so-and-so live here?” The resident replied impatiently, “I don't know.” The policemen pressed the intercom of another resident and asked again. I walked away right under their noses.

I went to my brother's home first. Just as I got there, my brother called from work. He said that the policemen knocked at my door for a long time and then went to my brother's place of work. They tried to coerce my brother into telling them where I was, but my brother was not deceived, and sent them away. My neighbor told me later that the policemen realized that they had the correct address and came back to my home after I left.

This incident thoroughly amazed my family and neighbors who were not practitioners. They commented that a Falun Gong practitioner would not be affected even if they walked on a bed of nails. Frankly, I was also amazed and thoroughly convinced that Dafa practitioners have supernormal abilities.

Dissolve the Persecution Using Supernormal Abilities

The police arrested Dafa practitioners on a large scale in the middle of April 2002. I was taken to a detention center. I started a protest hunger strike as soon as I got there. The head of the detention center, the prison doctor, and about eight guards force-fed me. They pushed me to the ground, pinched my nose, pulled my arms, and pushed my legs down. They used some kind of apparatus to open my mouth and inserted a nasal tube into my esophagus. They poured lots of medicine and a half bottle of salt into a funnel, which was connected to the tube. Then they poured cold water down the tube, to flush down the medicine and salt. Guard Zou stepped on my head and shouted “feed it in!” I could hardly breathe and it was very painful. The salty water rushed into my body and I was almost suffocated. At that instant, I remembered to use a strong supernormal ability to “send back” the salty water. In my mind, I also asked for Master's help. In an instant, the salty water sprayed out of my mouth, even though the tube and the funnel were still inserted. The salty water splashed over the guards. I could see that they were irritated. They took the tube out and left.

The head of the detention center ordered the guards to shackle me to some rings on the ground. I sent forth the thought, “Use supernormal abilities to send back to this persecutor all of the medicines they have fed me.” We heard him throwing up in the hallway right after he stepped out of the cell.

After the guards left, I threw up a half basin of water. There were traces of blood in the water; even a moth and pieces of thread. I knew I had pushed the bad things out of my body with supernormal abilities. One fellow practitioner was in tears and asked me whether or not I could handle it. I answered yes. Then I recited Master's words, “When a human being or a life is created, his unique life elements and essential quality are already composed at the extremely microscopic level.” (Zhuan Falun) Fellow practitioners and the inmates all cried.

I fell asleep and when I woke up, I had a warm feeling in my heart and I no longer felt any pain. I told the other practitioners that Master came to me in a dream. In the dream, I was a little boy. I was being held in a cage by bad guys and I was not allowed to eat. Master stroked my head and said a few words to comfort me. He also brought me a plate of hot dumplings with delicious vegetable stuffing. I couldn't remember the words Master said to me when I woke up, but I was moved and had tears in my eyes. The other practitioners were also inspired when they heard that.

One practitioner told me that the guards put a very strong laxative in the salty water so that I would have diarrhea and break down. I sent forth a thought immediately, “Use the supernormal ability to overcome it.” As a result, I didn't have the need to relieve myself for the eight days that I was locked to the rings.

In the following days, the guards increased the dosage of drugs and salt, and force-fed me several times. They wanted to make me thirsty so that I would ask for water. I firmly resisted the persecution. I was so amazed by the fact that one plate of dumplings from Master allowed me to not feel hungry or thirsty for eight days. I didn't feel any pain at all. I felt Master's continuous care and I knew without a doubt that Dafa was omnipotent.

Switching Off the Camp Monitor

I was detained at a forced labor camp in 2003. Falun Gong practitioners were separated in two different groups. I learned that practitioners in the other group didn't have Master's articles. I thought of a way to get the articles to them and asked the head of the groups to give us one hour of nap time. Having naps meant that both groups would have to have meals together in order to squeeze in time for a nap. We used the meal time to pass on Master's articles.

One evening, I changed my clothes and wore a particular shirt and went to the cafeteria. Practitioners from the other group immediately noticed, because I always wore this particular shirt when passing along articles. However, the guards were watching me constantly. It was hard to go near the practitioners. I felt sad when I saw them watching me with such eager eyes. I sent forth righteous thoughts while having dinner. In the meantime, I sent the thought, “Use a supernormal ability to switch off the lights.” I could pass on the articles in the ensuing chaos. The practitioners were watching me and waiting for my actions. I wrapped Master's articles with a clean cloth, got up and walked toward the water room. The head of the group saw me and told me to stop. I said I wanted a drink of water. She said that I should have someone else get it. I didn't answer and kept walking. She came after me. One practitioner from the other group was also walking toward the water room. I sent forth a strong thought to the lights: “Switch off.” I also asked for Master's help. All eight lights switched off instantly. There were more than 200 people in the cafeteria and it turned into chaos. The head of the group forgot that she was following me and she shouted, “Don't be afraid. Everybody stay where you are.” That practitioner and I didn't go into the water room. We walked toward each other and I gave the articles to her as we passed each other. A few seconds later, the lights flashed twice and switched back on. The head of the group shouted, “It's fine now. It might be a circuit breaker.” That practitioner and I had already returned to our tables. The practitioners from both groups understood what was going on. They just smiled at each other.

I witnessed many different ways the guards mistreated practitioners in the labor camps. I wanted to write a letter to expose and disclose the evil. However, we were strictly monitored and there were two people assigned to monitor every cell. I wondered how I would find an opportunity to write such a letter.

I spent several days sending forth righteous thoughts to clear up the dimensional field. When the day arrived for me to write the letter, I sent forth a strong thought to first have a supernormal ability turn off the room monitor. Then I sent out thoughts to “freeze” the two people acting as monitors and make them sleep. I also sent a thought to have the guard on duty fall asleep and not come to check up on our room. The two people monitoring our cell were snoring half an hour later. I started to write the letter and kept asking for Master's protection and support. The guard on duty didn't look into our room and I could sometimes hear her snoring. That night I felt that I was in another dimension; a dimension that belonged to me, and I could do whatever I wanted to do.

I finished the letter by dawn. During the day, I overheard a conversation between the two monitors and the guard on duty. They all mentioned that they had never slept that long. They said that they felt as if they were frozen by something and couldn't wake up. I was happy to hear what they were saying and was thankful for Master's help.

One practitioner was released the next day and she took the letter with her to be mailed. She sent the letter to the Reform Through Labor Bureau in the province. The bureau sent personnel to the labor camp to do an inspection 14 days later. Even though the labor camp was notified by an insider before the inspection, and they tried to hide any incriminating evidence, they were still found to have problems with the cafeteria food and the grocery store food pricing and freshness. Later the labor camp had to make some adjustments. The cafeteria food improved and the grocery store only sold food that had not expired.

Eliminating the Evil and Leaving the Labor Camp

I was locked in solitary confinement for a while. More than ten people were taking turns trying to “transform” me every day. Their arguments were so flawed that I was not moved. Six months passed and I still had not given in. They locked me in the coldest room in the labor camp. There was no heater in the room and the window and the corners of the cell were covered with ice. I knew I wouldn't be “transformed” no matter what happened to me. However, it was so cold in the room that I was shivering. I couldn't help from feeling sad.

I was very sleepy one night. I had just dozed off when I heard songs ringing in my ears. I woke up at the fourth line of a song. Just when I was feeling so uplifted by Master's encouragement, I suddenly noticed gold sparkles on the wall. I sat up and saw two engraved words “jian-ding” (“steadfast”) on the wall. I broke into tears and didn't feel the cold or the pain again. Silently I said to Master, “Master, I shall walk out of here!”

I recited the Fa every day and continuously enlightened to new Fa principles. I realized that I could go home even amidst these old force arrangements. The evil had no excuse to detain me. But just how was this going to happen? I asked Master for help. I had a dream that night. In the dream, I was standing on a mound of earth enjoying some pancakes and sausages. I happened to look down and found that I was standing on a trash dump. I looked more closely and found that the pancakes and sausages were also made of garbage. I didn't want to eat any more. When I woke up, I realized that the labor camp was like a garbage dump. There are all kinds of people there and it was not a place for Dafa practitioners. This was a hint from Master that I could get out of the labor camp by going on a hunger strike.

The guards realized that I was on a hunger strike four days later. The head of the group had a conversation with me. She tried to entice me to give in, but I wasn't frightened by that. I recalled Master's words that the old forces have a set of arrangements for all Dafa disciples. Wasn't it possible that an arrangement was made so that a person would be persecuted in a particular forced labor camp or prison? Then wasn't it also possible that they arranged for me to be persecuted in this forced labor camp, by this group and in this cell? I spoke to the entire dimension that made up the labor camp, “You have detained me for so long and I was unable to see through you until today. I will not passively endure the detention and persecution from now on. You can detain me if you are not afraid. I'm going to send forth righteous thoughts to dissolve you, until you are fully eliminated!” After that, I used supernormal abilities to destroy the persecution arrangements the old forces had set up for me. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings in the arrangement, including the evil factors behind the grass, the trees and the air particles. Several days later, I felt that even the grass wanted to talk to me and wanted me to go home. Then the head of the group asked for the director's permission to take me to a doctor. I knew Master was helping me. When our vehicle drove out of the camp gate, I held on strongly to this thought, “Evil labor camp, you will no longer hold me!”

The doctor examined me with a gastroscope at the hospital. He inserted the tube into my esophagus and kept inserting and pulling it out. It was so painful that I was in tears. I thought, “Let me die. I cannot bear it any more!” They were looking at the monitor and saying that they didn't see a problem. I was in extreme pain. All of a sudden, I remembered that I wanted to go home. How could I say that I wanted to “die”? Silently, I gave out a somber cry, “Master save me!” I cried out from the root of my being and I felt it resonate in the valleys and across the skies. In an instant, one of the doctors said, “Look at what this indicator is saying.” The doctors looked at each other and were shocked at the result. I was moved to tears because I knew Master was there to save me.

When we got back to the labor camp, the guards and the camp doctor tried to persuade me to take the medicines and have surgery to fix my condition. They said that I had polyps in my stomach and only a small surgery would be needed to remove them. They then told me that it would be dangerous if I did not have surgery. I knew it was not just polyps. I concluded that the illusion Master had manifest in this regard must have appeared life-threatening. I knew that I didn't have an illness. Master had transformed the situation in order to get me out of the labor camp. I refused to have any surgery.

I explained to my family, the way they could truly help me was to keep asking for my release. They finally understood and gave me support. I wrote letters to the director of the labor camp and the head of the group, requesting my unconditional release. I was released ten days later.

Miracles When Doing the Three Things

I have experienced many miracles when doing the three things. I was putting some Dafa informational stickers on a wall in the dark, and I was concerned about their placement. I thought, “It would be better if there was some light.” At that instant, my hands emitted a red light every time I picked up a sticker. I was putting some stickers on an electricity pole and someone was approaching me. In my mind I told him to “go back,” and he turned around and went away. Another time, I was distributing Falun Gong materials during the day. An old woman who was carrying a child saw me and was coming my way. I sent out the thought, “I'm saving people. Please go somewhere else.” She turned around and left. Sometimes I would encounter barking dogs while distributing materials. I imagined stuffing the dog's mouth with a piece of cloth in other dimensions. The dog's barking would stop instantly and sound muffled. When I would take the train, I sent out this thought to others, “Come here if you want to know the truth about Dafa.” There would always be people who would come and sit by my side and start a conversion with me. Some of them quit the CCP and its associated organizations.

No matter how much human beings feel today's science correctly explains the universe, it is only child's play compared to the Buddha Fa. Many of these extraordinary things are ordinary things to Dafa disciples. Human science will need to develop for thousands of years to understand these things. These are the miracles that divine beings left to the human beings during the Fa-rectification period. Perhaps the time period when gods and humans co-exist is going to pass by quickly. However, all that has happened during this extraordinary time will not be forgotten. These events will be recorded as part of the history of Fa-rectification. The multitude of extraordinary feats and wonders will be remembered throughout the ages!

Selected from "Call for Articles about Divine Occurrences in the Human World"