(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a new Falun Dafa practitioner. I started practicing a little over two years ago. Teacher has compassionately taken care of me since I began, and arranged the best possible path for me. I had few obstacles along my path when I stepped forward to validate Falun Dafa, because I had left China shortly after starting the practice. The first coordinator that I came into contact with was generally recognized as a pretty solid cultivator. He helped me assimilate into the large overseas cultivation environment to validate Falun Dafa. This kind of environment influenced and strengthened the firm belief that I already had, that "all things have come for Falun Dafa," and I should not hold on to anything I am supposed to give up. Even though this path entails tribulations and difficult tests, I can endure all of them.

Last month Shen Yun performed here. In the beginning I didn't put 100 percent of myself into promoting Shen Yun. I relied on the efforts of Western practitioners and sought out ease and comfort. A month before the show, not even twenty percent of the tickets had been sold. Only after sharing experiences with other practitioners was my heart moved. At this time I also began the first day of an internship. I would graduate after finishing it, but the problem was that Shen Yun would be over by then as well. When I realized the urgency of the situation, I quickly decided that Shen Yun came first. I wholeheartedly devoted myself to the promoting Shen Yun and went wherever the promotion team needed me.

I wore high heel shoes (almost four inches high) for 12 hours every day, because I needed to consider the image that I presented. I slept only two or three hours each night, yet I was full of energy and in good spirits each day. At that time, as long as I had one hour to practice the exercises, my energy field was clearly very strong due to Teacher's support, and all the pores in my body were open. When I enlightened to the principles of the Buddha Law, my whole body vibrated with energy, and I experienced the great happiness of having Master and Falun Dafa with me. There was a big difference when practitioners cooperated well. It was like forming one fist that Master talked about in one of his lectures. When faced with obstacles, if practitioners form one fist, they have the power to to eliminate the evil, but if each practitioner insists on his own point of view and validating himself, then the energy is weak like a single finger.

I've participated in promoting Shen Yun for two years now. It is obvious to me that each time I mature, I gain new understandings and reap new benefits. I have come to understand that Teacher has given me, a new disciple, these special benefits. Every day that I burn incense, I see Teacher's great compassion and the hope that he has put in me. I can sense that Master is waiting and waiting for all Falun Dafa practitioners to mature, and take us back to our true homes.

Everything in the world originates from Master, and he can do anything, but why is it that sometimes a person with a predestined relationship can't be saved? Some people are not able to come and see Shen Yun. The reason is that we have not cultivated well, and our energy fields and capacity to save the sentient beings we are responsible for is therefore lacking. Every time I think of this, I feel we have let Teacher down. We definitely need to cultivate well, and after finding our attachments we need to have the courage to remove them. We only need to have the thought, "This attachment is not me, I don't want it, and Master will help me to remove it."

I currently do sales full time for the media that validates Falun Dafa, and I can deeply sense Master's compassionate care. Previously when I did sales, I came only when I had time, and I didn't take full responsibility. I was happy to sell advertisements, but if I didn't, it wasn't a problem. Now it is my full time job, and everything is completely different, as I need to earn enough for life's basic necessities. I spare no effort to cultivate myself well and open up the market as quickly as possible.

When my heart is not stable, Master will help me to enlighten. When I worry that my English isn't good enough, I don't have enough experience in sales, or I don't dare to go out and meet big clients, Master arranges for me to meet powerful clients. When speaking with two managers I didn't hesitate to use English to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. When I returned home I was glowing with health. Master gave me confidence and helped me to enlighten that language is not a barrier. As long as I am upright, gods will help me. Falun Dafa practitioners don't do things like everyday people--they utilize their divine natures to do things. They simply need to go out and do them.

When I let go of my attachments in the process of doing sales, if I tell clients how to do something, they will truly do it that way. I can still feel selfish, though. When dealing with a $2,000 contract, my heart is not moved and I don't think of what percentage I will make. I just recognize that I've solicited a customer for that amount. After talking with other practitioners about daring to develop global advertising markets to lock in large, million-dollar clients, I suddenly thought, "My percentage of a million-dollar contract would be a lot of money. How will I find such big clients?" I immediately recognized my selfishness and that I am still not well enough prepared. I need to really cultivate myself well and remove attachments. When facing million-dollar clients, Master will help us as long as our hearts are not moved and we don't think of ourselves.

People often say that my appearance is appropriate for pounding the streets in the marketplace. I think that Falun Dafa gives each practitioner the conditions necessary to validate the Fa. On the grand stage of Fa-rectification, every person must wholeheartedly play his or her role to help Master rectify the Buddha law. Let us show him that his compassion and suffering have not been in vain.

I write this to share with fellow practitioners, especially young ones living overseas. Every person's circumstances are different. Some people are busy working hard at their jobs, and some are tied up with strenuous studies, but we must never forget to cherish this time. We need to tell people in Western mainstream society the truth regarding Falun Dafa. We need to develop our excellent skills to validate the Fa, and we need to keep pace with the progress of Fa-rectification.