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Indonesia: Introducing Falun Gong to High School Teachers and Students (Photos) [2/14/2012]
Falun Gong Stands Out at Chinese New Year Celebration at University of Pennsylvania (Photos) [2/11/2012]
Taiwan: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Local Festival in Miaoli (Photos) [2/7/2012]
Falun Gong Practitioners in Canada Appeal in Snow at Parliament Buildings (Photos) [2/6/2012]
Canada: Practitioners Expose CCP's Persecution in Front of Parliament Building, Winning Support from MP's (Photos) [2/5/2012]
Sydney, Australia: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Chinese New Year Parade (Photos) [1/31/2012]
Brisbane, Australia: Condemning the Persecution of Falun Gong on World Human Rights Day (Photo) [12/18/2011]
South Korea: Falun Gong Truth Clarification Photo Exhibit Remains on Display in Korea's International Airport Despite CCP Pressure (Photos) [12/17/2011]
Taiwan: Group Practice of 7,500 Held at Freedom Plaza (Photos) [12/1/2011]
Falun Gong Float Makes an Elegant Appearance at Chicago's Thanksgiving Parade (Photos) [11/29/2011]
A Western Practitioner Recalls Group Protest on Tiananmen Square a Decade Ago (Photos) [11/28/2011]
Turkey: Falun Gong Photo Exhibition Raises Awareness (Photos) [11/24/2011]
Australia: Falun Gong Contingent Receives Two Awards at Festival of Fisher's Ghost Grand Parade in Sydney (Photos) [11/19/2011]
UK: Falun Gong Practitioners Do the Exercises and Share Experiences in London (Photos) [11/9/2011]
Japan: March Held in Tokyo Calling for an End to the Persecution of Falun Gong (Photos) [10/28/2011]
Germany: Falun Gong Wins Second Prize at Freimarktumzug Parade in Bremen (Photos) [10/27/2011]
Birmingham, UK: Local Citizens Support Falun Gong (Photos) [10/24/2011]
Paris, France: Practitioners Expose the Chinese Communist Regime's Human Rights Atrocities (Photos) [10/23/2011]
Brisbane, Australia: Falun Gong Joins Cultural Performances at Diwali Festival (Photos) [10/18/2011]
Taiwan: Falun Gong Becomes Focus of Attention at International Flower Drum Parade (Photos) [10/16/2011]
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