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Head of U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Condemns Chinese Regime’s Persecution of Falun Gong [11/16/2011]
Eight US Representatives Co-Sponsor a Bill Condemning the CCP's Persecution and Supporting the Quitting-the-CCP Movement [9/29/2011]
Concerned Citizens and Public Officials from Around the World Speak Out Against South Korea's Deportation of Chinese Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [9/23/2011]
European Members of Parliament Write to Support Falun Gong [7/22/2011]
U.S. Congress Members Support Falun Gong Practitioners' 12 Years of Efforts to Resist the Persecution (Photos) [7/16/2011]
NTDTV Finalizes Contract Renewal with Taiwanese Satellite Operator – Broadcasts Into China Will Continue (Photos) [6/29/2011]
Taiwan: Officials Call on the Government to Deny Entry of Governor of Chinese Province of Liaoning (Photos) [2/16/2011]
Taiwan Bars Human Rights Violators; Hong Kong Council Members Call on Other Nations to Follow [1/5/2011]
Italian Youth Minister Expresses Indignation at the Persecution (Photo) [12/1/2010]
European Parliament Passes Resolution Urging Eutelsat to Resume NTDTV Broadcasts to China (Photo) [1/19/2009]
Epoch Times: UN Slams Chinese Regime in Torture Review (Photo) [11/24/2008]
68 Members of the US Congress Request Eutelsat to Restore NTDTV Broadcasts into China [10/23/2008]
Fifty New York State Senators and Assembly Members Request that Governor of Gansu Province Release Ms. Qin Shizhen [9/19/2008]
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Presents New Evidence Refuting Eutelsat's Claim that "Technical Problems" Were Responsible for Shutting Down NTDTV's Signals [8/19/2008]
Paris, France: Press Conference in Front of Eutelsat Headquarters: Give NTDTV Back to the Chinese People (Photos) [8/13/2008]
Canadian Member of Parliament Condemns China's Human Rights Abuses (Photos) [8/10/2008]
Sweden: Elected Officials Express Concern Over Satellite TV Disruptions in China (Photos) [7/26/2008]
New York Council Member Calls for Inquiry into Hate Crimes against Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [6/28/2008]
Seven Swedish Parliament Members Announce That They Will Attend the Chinese Spectacular (Photo) [4/2/2008]
Member of Swedish Parliament Attends Spectacular, Condemns CCP Interference (Photos) [3/31/2008]
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