(Clearwisdom.net) The Spanish National Court granted a petition to indict the defendants in the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Bo Xilai, Jia Qinglin, and Wu Guanzheng on charges of torture and genocide. The defendants, five high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials, are being sued for their roles in crimes of torture and genocide committed against Falun Gong practitioners. Many Hong Kong elected officials praised the Spanish court's decision.

Mr. Szeto Wah said, "I know that, across the world, Falun Gong practitioners have initiated lawsuits against Jiang Zemin and other Chinese officials that have assisted in the persecution of Falun Gong. Now the Spanish court has accepted the case, which demonstrates that in countries with democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule of law, people can make a right decision on this issue and regard it as a violation of human rights. This indicates that people all over the world are paying attention to China's human rights. It also tests whether other countries are paying attention to human rights. They should speak out when Chinese people are persecuted. Communist officials in China are numb and indifferent towards human rights."

Mr. Nelson Wong Sing-chi, a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, said, "The Spanish court's decision on the lawsuit is not only for this country, but reflects a universal value shared by the whole world. I wish that other countries would actively respond. But we also notice that some big countries are afraid of the communist party and the totalitarian regime in China. They flatter it or seek to cooperate with it. We worry about this. We wish that they would heed their conscience and principles to help seek justice for Chinese people. We urge Chinese leaders to immediately restore human rights, the rule of law, and freedom of speech to us."

Mr. Lee Cheuk-yan, a member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong and also General Secretary of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, said, "Since courts are independent in the west, political interference is relatively less. If Spain follows the law to investigate this issue to its conclusion, we hope that Chinese people can gain justice in this case."

In the Spanish court decision, the defendants have 4-6 weeks to respond. Mr. Wah commented, "I believe that Jiang and other CCP officials will not present themselves in the court or respond, since they are afraid of facing world opinion. This indicates they are cowardly and wrong."

Mr. Wah emphasized, "The CCP regime is never a reasonable government. It does not admit many things, including the agreements that it has signed. The "Quit the CCP" movement is a shock to the regime. People in all circles should help in this effort."