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CCP Interference Fails to Dim the Glory of the Divine Performing Arts - Part 4 - London (Photos) [3/16/2008]
The Power of Awakening: A Prediction [1/31/2008]
Special Interview with Ms. Lin Xiling: Divine Performing Arts Brings Spiritual Renewal (Part 2) [1/21/2008]
Overwhelming Audience Feedback Underscores CCP's Ludicrous Attempts to Interfere with Divine Performing Arts' Shows (Part 1) [1/20/2008]
Famed Canadian Poet and Educator: Uplifting Experience from the Microscopic to Macroscopic (Photo) [1/16/2008]
Canadian Veteran Diplomat: Spirit of Humanity Brings back Authentic Culture (Photo) [1/16/2008]
Canadian Parliament Member: "The Wonderful Show Impressed Me Deeply" (Photo) [1/15/2008]
Denver: Local Music Director Watches the Chinese New Year Spectacular Twice (Photos) [1/15/2008]
Denver Musician: Compared to the Sea of Awareness, Violence is Tiny and Stupid (Photos) [1/15/2008]
Phoenix, Arizona: Local Elected Officials Appreciate the Message that Accompanies Spectacular Sights and Sounds at the Dodge Theatre (Photos) [1/15/2008]
Mortgage Manager: "We Overseas Chinese Need Programs Like the Spectacular" (Photos) [1/13/2008]
Chinese New Year Spectacular Debuts in Colorado and Wins Acclaim (Photos) [1/13/2008]
Boston Renowned Musician: "A Major Performance Never Before Seen" (Photos) [1/13/2008]
Denver: Critic of Hollywood and Broadway Shows Comments on Chinese New Year Spectacular in Denver (Photos) [1/13/2008]
Special Interview with Ms. Lin Xiling: NTDTV Spectacular Displays the Serene Beauty of the Harmony Between Heaven and Man (Photo) (Part 1) [1/12/2008]
Texas: Mayor Loves "The Power of Awareness" (Photos) [1/11/2008]
Dallas Audience: Portrayal of Falun Gong the Most Touching (Photos) [1/11/2008]
Texas State Representative: "I Could Feel the Compassion in the Performance" (Photos) [1/10/2008]
Chinese Mayor and Wife Praise the New Year Spectacular Show in Dallas (Photo) [1/10/2008]
Dallas: Second Show of Chinese New Year Spectacular Also Receives Rave Reviews (Photos) [1/10/2008]
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