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Police Officer: Moving Towards the Path of Godhood (Part 1 of 3) [12/20/2011]
Only Righteous Thoughts Save People [12/20/2011]
Practicing Cultivation and Saving Sentient Beings in a Corporate Leadership Position [12/19/2011]
Raising our Cultivation Levels Through Coordination [12/6/2011]
Understanding the Fa Principles to Negate Financial Persecution [12/6/2011]
Fundamental Changes--Going From Being a Shrew to a Falun Dafa Practitioner [12/6/2011]
Messengers Fulfilling Our Vows [12/5/2011]
Progressing from the Podium to a Bright Road to Return to My Original Nature [12/5/2011]
Disciplining Myself with the Fa and Cultivating Like I Did When I First Started Cultivation [12/4/2011]
A New Practitioner: People Are Waiting for Salvation [12/3/2011]
Clarifying the Truth With Cell Phone Messaging and Internet Postings [11/29/2011]
Trust Master, Study the Fa, Steadily Walk the Genuine Cultivation Path [11/28/2011]
With Dafa in My Heart, I Will Do Well [11/28/2011]
Validating the Fa in a Leadership Role at Work [11/27/2011]
Rescuing Fellow Practitioners through the Immense Power of Group Cooperation [11/27/2011]
Hand-in-Hand to Follow Teacher Home [11/24/2011]
Walking Our Cultivation Paths Righteously [11/22/2011]
Striving Forward and Assisting Master in Fa-rectification (Part 4) [11/22/2011]
Righteous Thoughts Appear Naturally When Attachments Are Eliminated [11/19/2011]
Maturing in the Minghui Environment [11/17/2011]
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