Greetings, Respected Master!
Greetings, fellow disciples!

I bought my first computer and printer in 2000. I was previously computer illiterate, but now I can edit, print and post materials. After I learned how to log onto the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom), I began compiling persecution reports. I would submit them to Minghui, download the web versions, and then print and pass them out. Fellow practitioners working at Minghui would help me edit the reports.

My family's truth-clarification materials production center has been operating for eleven years without interruption, because we have solid faith in Master and Dafa, and we formed one body with the Minghui website. Besides studying the Fa, we read Minghui, pass out materials, and are clear on our direction through validating Dafa. We had a new understanding of what Master taught us about how a great way has no form and have walked our paths to fulfill our role in validating the Fa.

I. Righteous Thoughts

I started cultivating in March 1999. After the persecution began, I was responsible for compiling facts about local persecution cases, printing and coordinating distribution. As long as we carry the Fa in our hearts, no tribulation can stop us. When the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party came out, some fellow practitioners thought it was getting involved with politics. But since Master affirmed it, I had no doubts. We mass produced the Nine Commentaries and widely distributed them, and they were a great help in saving sentient beings.

I remember when the evil was most rampant, my child helped me to make many small banners. We hung sandbags on the bottom, and then hung those banners from trees. We also made long banners that were several yards in length. We hung them from bridges or tall buildings, which greatly shocked the evil.

The evil is most scared of materials production centers, because we are closely connected with the Minghui website. We print Master's new scriptures, information about mainland Chinese disciples, and Dafa spreading in the world, and pass the information to practitioners to save sentient beings. The evil is closely watching our materials production centers, and several of them were destroyed by the evil at the most difficult times. Fellow practitioners were worried that our center may be the next target.

“...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Nothing can affect us, and we must do whatever we need to do. Some fellow practitioners who made contact with us were arrested, and the evil pressured them to reveal where the truth-clarification materials came from. None of them said anything. Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“Our Law Wheel protects you if you’re a true cultivator. My roots are all deeply planted in the universe, and if someone could affect you, he could affect me, and to put it directly, he’d be able to affect the universe.”

Master's words gave us strength. We looked inside, found that our one body had problems with group Fa-study, were not concentrating when sending forth righteous thoughts, and carried human mindsets when doing Dafa work. We had attachments to doing things, were afraid sometimes, and failed to see validating Dafa as the most sacred, important thing in the universe.

In fact Master had given many hints to us in those most difficult times. I could feel that Master was always beside me. The stronger our righteous thoughts, the safer we were. In other words, righteous thoughts are the guarantee of our safety. If we let our righteous thoughts waver after hearing some rumors, the old forces would exploit this gap. I took those passing rumors as tests of my resolve. Of course we should be cautious with regards to safety, but we should share with fellow practitioners who spread such rumors, in order to cultivate away fear and interference. Our efforts in passing out materials and clarifying the truth can never be stopped.

For example, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held the World Horticulture Expo this year in our region and arrested many disciples. There were rumors about the evil declaring that they would shoot practitioners if they were found to be passing out truth-clarification materials. This interfered with some fellow practitioners. Some said, “Let us stop spreading the Nine Commentaries DVDs. Let us wait and stop truth clarification for a bit.” I was never moved and thought, “If we did that, how many sentient beings would have lost their chance to be saved during those several months?” If we walk the old forces' arranged path, they would wildly attack us. We should study the Fa well, strengthen our righteous thoughts, continuously clarify the truth, do more to validate the Fa and save more sentient beings.

I totally disregard those “politically sensitive days.” With Master and Dafa here, I am doing the most righteous things, and no one dares to touch me. Once when the evil came to my workplace and wanted to take me to a brainwashing center, my administrators stopped it without my knowledge. Of course it was actually Master dissolving the tribulation. The hardships have been melted away by the righteous thoughts one after another. I was anxious when many material production centers were destroyed by the evil. I tried to produce as many materials as possible to supply the area. Whenever an area needed materials, I would sleep less to get the materials ready. Several times, I only slept 1-2 hours per night, but remained energetic the next day.

II. Not the Same as Learning an Ordinary Skill

I was computer illiterate in the beginning. My child taught me repeatedly, but I still forgot things. I finally wrote down the steps in detail, and gradually I could print truth-clarification materials. I also learned how to edit, do layouts, burn discs, make cards, etc.

The process of editing materials is a process of upgrading xinxing. At first I would be depressed when I failed, and felt happy when things went smoothly. Sometimes I thought I was remarkable considering my age, and fostered an attachment of fame. These human attachments must be quickly cultivated away, because otherwise the materials I produce when fostering these attachments will weaken the effect of saving sentient beings. In fact, all capabilities are given by Master. Sometimes my edited materials were not published on Minghui, and I would feel aggrieved. Now I feel so embarrassed when I think about my attitude in the past. I have learned now to look inside when I did not do well, and to find the attachments that I have not yet relinquished and do better next time. My heart remains serene when I have ample righteous thoughts.

Master taught us,

“We can see this from the overall situation of Fa-rectification: In the past, every blade of grass and every tree was under the evil beings' control, almost to the point where even the particles of air were under their control. It even felt hard for you to take a breath. Now things are different. People are waking up, and there aren't that many rotten ghosts left to control people. What a huge change!” (“Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

I deeply understand the meaning of Master's teaching through printing materials. In those two years, the evil was the most rampant. I had to send forth righteous thoughts as soon as the printer was turned on, otherwise the evil would interfere with the job behind the scenes. Before Master taught us how to send forth righteous thoughts, I had a very simple thought, “Whatever bad thing is trying to stop me from printing, I won't allow it. What I am doing is the most righteous thing in the universe. My Master is protecting me, and nothing can interfere!”

Later I listened to the Fa while printing. When my xinxing was good, the printing would go smoothly. When my cultivation state was not good, the printer would stop itself, as if Master was giving me a hint. Learning how to use the computer, how to edit, and how to print are all to validate Dafa. When my xinxing improved, miracles happened.

I had an attachment of relying on my child to solve technical problems. Then I realized that this was wrong, so I began learning from my child. I would take apart the printer when problems occurred. Gradually I learned how to fix simple problems, and cultivated away the attachment of reliance on my child. I always thought that those were technical problems, but actually I forgot to look inside. My child always reminded me to look inside. I found that all problems are aimed at our human attachments, and are cultivation opportunities.

II. Studying and Cultivating

I have followed the Minghui website's requirement of a single line connection when distributing materials, and have never relaxed on safety measures. As we are distributing materials, we also share cultivation experiences. If I find a fellow practitioner not speaking according to the Fa, I would first look inside to see if I had this problem as well, and then point out the issue with compassion. If we have questions that we do not have an immediate answer for, I would see how Master would speak about such a topic. We take the Fa as teacher. Every one of us is a coordinator, and no one is a role model for others.

Fellow practitioner B did not read Minghui Weekly, and said that studying the Fa is enough. I shared with fellow practitioner A that I hoped that she could further share with fellow practitioner B. I told them that Master created the title, Minghui Weekly. Each issue is like a small Fa conference, and it can greatly help our cultivation. Fellow practitioner B began reading Minghui Weekly after that and has found it very helpful.

Another fellow practitioner once said that a guard in the forced labor camp on the surface treated her well. She failed to recognize that as a trick from the old forces, so she still suffered hardships. I pointed it out to her that the guard was using friendship to fulfill her “transformation” quota. We must negate it, and cultivate away this attachment of human emotion. Master taught us,

“That's the way things are in the cosmos before the Fa-rectification is done rectifying it. Without going through Fa-rectification it won't become good on its own--how could it turn good without Fa-rectification? Poison is just poisonous, and if you want it to stop being poisonous it can't do that. So when you look at it that way, we shouldn't have any fantasies about the evil forces and those evil people who are persecuting Dafa.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

I shared with her that we must negate the old forces, as those thoughts would lead to unnecessary hardships, and it would amount to walking the old forces' arranged path. We both improved through sharing our understandings with each other.

I have learned a lot from contacting fellow practitioners. Fellow practitioner C is very active in persuading people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. She talks very warmly and charismatically. People love to hear her talk and usually accept her materials. She always bids people farewell with “I wish you happiness and safety!” Another practitioner, fellow practitioner D, often goes out with me to pass out materials. Once while we were on the bus, a young lady asked me if a certain stop was approaching. I said not yet. I was reluctant to talk to her about withdrawing from the CCP and its two affiliated organizations (also referred to as “the three withdrawals”). Fellow practitioner D sat next to me on the other side, talking across me to the young lady and asked, “Have you heard of the three withdrawals?” She answered no. Then I told her the facts and helped her to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliates. I saw her smile at me after she got off the bus. Sentient beings are so happy after being saved, but my notions almost caused her to miss the opportunity to be saved.

I found the difference between fellow practitioner D and me when it came to saving people. Looking inside, I saw human notions of not wanting to be rejected and the fear of losing face. I failed to remember that I am saving people and fulfilling my vow. As Master said,

“The expression “help Master rectify the Fa” isn’t just big, empty talk.”

(“What Does it Mean to "Help Master Rectify the Fa"?”)

Those critical moments are true tests for practitioners. I need learn from fellow disciple D when it comes to face to face truth clarification.

I still have lots of attachments, such as human emotions, competition, jealousy, and a variety of desires. I must remember Master's words and look inside when coming across problems. As one of the practitioners operating a materials production center and being closely connected with the Minghui website, I feel indescribable happiness and sacredness!

Thank you, Master!
Thank you, fellow disciples!