(Clearwisdom.net) Along with the progress of Fa-Rectification, every Dafa practitioner has great responsibilities. Each practitioner actually does the work of ten or even one hundred people, and our wisdom grows greater and greater. We learn new techniques significantly faster. Whatever knowledge we need, we learn; non-practitioners may take significantly longer to acquire the same knowledge. Practitioners can learn these things within a few days. The world's Dafa practitioners are one whole body. The Minghui website provides us with a platform for technical communication and sharing. When one practitioner has difficulties, other practitioners around the world will help. Some problems can be solved with just one word. As long as we're dedicated to the task, we can do it very well.


Greetings, revered Teacher! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

Thank you Teacher, for giving practitioners in mainland China another opportunity to share our cultivation experiences and improve ourselves as a whole.

We are practitioners from the countryside. During the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) past 12 years of brutal persecution, we've learned the importance of going out and validating the Fa. A few years ago, the biggest difficulty for our local area was the lack of truth-clarification materials. We had to travel dozens of miles to get the Minghui Weekly in the city. Since the quantity was limited, practitioners had to pass them on to each other. Later, we studied the Falun Dafa teachings together and shared our experiences. Our xinxing improved as a whole, and this difficulty was easily resolved. Certainly, we still had some tribulations during the process.

We would like to share with fellow practitioners the progress of how we cooperated as a whole to validate the Fa during these past few years, in order to fulfill our historical responsibilities that Teacher bestowed upon us.

1. Family Materials Sites Bloom Like Flowers and Run Consistently Over the Long Term

The reason that our family materials production sites ran smoothly and safely for the past six to seven years was because we all relied on Teacher's compassionate protection and enlightenment, as well as our righteous thoughts and actions within the Fa. I fully utilized my spare time after work to produce truth-clarifying materials, and learned how to solve technical problems. I asked for help from practitioners, and a technical person (a non-practitioner) to gain the related knowledge. The technical column on the Minghui website also provided enormous help. The Minghui editors later published the “Technical Manual to Establish a Materials Site from the Beginning,” which allowed us to build a solid foundation to produce the materials well. Many understandings came from Dafa. Sometimes when I had technical difficulties, I studied the Fa with a calm mind and looked inward. When I improved my xinxing, the machinery magically returned to normal. I always cultivated first, then fixed the machines.

Besides doing my job at work well, I also quietly finished a lot of Dafa-related work well. The practitioners who were producing the truth-clarification materials knew that in order to run the materials site safely for the long term, we had to purchase the equipment and materials, and maintain the equipment ourselves. In the beginning, we also went through some tribulations before we became more mature. We had to go to the city to obtain laser printer toner, and the price was about five to six times what we pay now. We later read the technical articles on the Minghui website and were able to solve all the maintenance problems ourselves. Whenever the machines had problems, we determined right away what accessories needed to be fixed or replaced by reviewing the printed materials. We solved all the problems within a short amount of time. It was safe and also saved us a lot of time and effort.

With the progress of Fa-rectification, the quantity of materials required also increased. We needed to purchase more equipment, which needed to all run at the same time. One practitioner monitored a few machines during their operation. In order to maintain the quality of the materials, we also tried to practice the morning exercises and study the Fa daily, which is fundamental to doing everything well.

2. Purchasing Materials, and Maintaining the Computers and Network

We usually purchased the heavy materials locally or used the car. We also had reliable shops from outside our area ship them to us. As long as we are determined, Teacher will make the best arrangements for us.

At first, we all relied on the practitioner with the most technical skills to install and maintain the computer. When small problems occurred, we couldn't work. Along with the progress of Fa-rectification, every Dafa practitioner has great responsibilities. Each practitioner actually does the work of ten or even one hundred people, our wisdom grows greater and greater, and we learn new techniques significantly faster. Whatever knowledge we need, we learn. Non-practitioners may take significantly longer to acquire the same knowledge. Practitioners can learn these things within a few days. The world's Dafa practitioners are one whole body. The Minghui website provides us with a platform for technical communication and sharing. When one practitioner has difficulties, other practitioners around the world will help. Some problems can be solved with just one word. As long as we're dedicated to the task, we can do it very well. Fellow practitioners have already created everything for us. We only need to read the technical articles and do it ourselves.

The network maintenance tasks puzzled me the most, and I didn't want to touch the network due to these notions. Later when my network had problems, I started using a professional maintenance person (non-practitioner) to solve the problems for me. Sometimes when he was too busy to help, and I had to wait, I felt anxious, since there was nothing that I could do. Later, that person stopped helping us, and I could no longer find him, nor could I find another professional in our local area to replace him, so I had to try to fix things myself. I referred to the manual published on Minghui. In addition, I studied the Fa with a calm mind, sent righteous thoughts, and looked inward. Soon, the network was back to normal operation.

When I studied the Fa well, I felt that I enlightened, was guided in doing the Dafa-related work, and the problems were quickly resolved. Everything in this world today is for the Fa. In the past, we had to hire professionals to install the network router, which was quite expensive. We were always afraid of even touching it and were unable to produce the truth-clarification materials whenever it broke down. With the help of other practitioners, we later bought the router, used the installation CD, followed the instruction manual, and successfully installed the wireless router. We added a password and connected to the Internet.

I once repaired a computer for a practitioner. When I arrived at her home, three other practitioners first sent righteous thoughts to clean our own dimensions, then to clean the dimensions of the computer which was being used to save sentient beings. We then started the repair process. When I turned on the computer, it ran for a short time and then shut down automatically. I immediately thought that it might be a hardware issue. I opened the computer case, and saw that the CPU fan had been dislodged due to vibration, which caused the CPU to overheat. We found the problem quickly and saved a lot of time.

Many miracles have happened during the past few years, so I can't list them all. They were all due to Teacher's support and protection, and our righteous thoughts and actions. We matured technically, which also helped us to validate the Fa and save sentient beings in our local area. This also made it more convenient to establish more local Dafa materials sites.

3. Using the Work Environment to Save Sentient Beings

Persuading People to Withdraw from the CCP and Affiliated Organizations

During the past few years, I used my work environment to clarify the truth to people face to face. Many of them were led to me by Teacher. As long as I clarified the truth with a pure heart, they could usually understand things quickly and withdraw from the CCP. Sometimes, two or three friends came along together, and sometimes an entire family came. Their classmates also stopped by. When they finished listening to my truth-clarification, they were all very happy and thanked me.

I sometimes persuaded people to quit the CCP within one minute. Every time that Teacher led predestined people to us, my wife and I immediately sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces behind them. When the evil factors that preventing them from being saved were eliminated, we clarified the truth to them. During the conversation, they quit the CCP and also recited “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I cooperated with my wife. When I persuaded someone to quit the CCP, she immediately wrote down that person's name. We sometimes persuaded a dozen people to quit the CCP within a day; other times, fewer. During the past few years, we have successfully persuaded a couple of thousand people to quit the CCP.

Using Truth Clarification Paper Money

Truth clarification phrases written on paper money is another effective tool we used to save sentient beings. Since we started using this to clarify the truth and save sentient beings, we collected relatively new paper money daily. We sometimes used water to clean the bills, and then pasted them to a tile wall or glass plate. We used hairspray to make the paper stiffer for easier printing, then printed the words on them.

Using truth clarification paper money had a positive effect. Some people read the words when they received it, others wanted to collect it. Whenever we clarified the truth, they told us that they'd already seen “Falun Dafa is good” written on paper money. We passed out this paper money to people daily. We also sent righteous thoughts so that the paper money would spread to more and more people.

Many of the local businessmen noticed that if they received the truth-clarification paper money, then business for that day would be very good. Refusing to accept the money meant that business most likely wouldn't be good. A vegetable seller on our street once refused to accept the money, and subsequently, very few people bought vegetables from him that day. A few days later, someone offered him the money again, yet he still refused to accept it. He later told his neighbor that the business that day wasn't good. The neighbor asked him why, and he explained that he hadn't accepted the “Falun Gong money.”

I once went on a bus with my wife, and we gave the conductor the money. The bus driver saw it, then took it and posted it on the windshield. He then started to read the words out loud, “Recite Falun Dafa is good, and your life will be rewarded with good” and other truth-clarifying words. All the passengers listened attentively. The truth about Falun Gong spread throughout the public in this way. Sentient beings were waking up continuously.

4. Breaking Through Tribulations, Facing Police with Righteous Thoughts, and Turning Danger into Safety

I experienced big tribulations in 2009. My wife suddenly developed illness karma, and since we didn't thoroughly understand the Falun Dafa teachings (even though we spent more time studying the Fa and sent righteous thoughts), the effect was not obvious and we felt helpless. The old forces took advantage of my wife's attachment to comfort. She hadn't practiced the exercises for a long time and her body didn't change much. In addition, she had suffered emotional persecution from the CCP during the past few years, and she finally passed away.

I recalled that when I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa, the local 610 Office and police station officials came to my home several times to harass my family. They sometimes broke into my home in the middle of the night. My wife faced the police with righteous thoughts and didn't cooperate with them, but she was still emotionally injured. In addition, she needed to protect our two children from this terror. No matter how badly she was injured, she still followed “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” in order to be a good person and educate our children. She was strict with them and asked them to act like young Falun Dafa practitioners. My daughter was only ten years old at the time. Every day after school, she collected mineral water bottles thrown away by others, then sold them in order to purchase school supplies. The place we rented had no running water, so my wife carried water on a cart, and did any other work that she could find. My children gradually became good persons influenced by my wife's words and actions. They returned home on time every day after school. They always let us know when they were going out. My son wanted to play all the time. His teacher thought that he wouldn't be accepted to high school with his study habits, but he was admitted with an excellent score by the high school. Later, both of my children were admitted to universities due to their excellent scores, and mostly because they followed the principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” to be good people.

My wife's death shocked our entire family. I was having financial difficulty and my children had just entered society. I thought calmly about how to face our friends' and family's misunderstanding and blame, and society's misunderstanding. I was under great mental pressure and I had no one to talk to. Throughout the tribulations, I used Teacher's Fa to encourage myself.

Teacher wrote,

“Reaching Consummation, obtaining Buddha’s Fruit,
Eating bitterness treated as joy.
Toiling the body does not count as bitterness,
Cultivating the heart is most agonizing.
Each and every barrier must be broken through,
Here and there, demons are everywhere.
A hundred hardships falling all at once,
See how one lives.
Able to endure suffering in the world,
Transcending the world, is a Buddha.”
(“Tempering One’s Heart and Will” from Hong Yin)

I finally made it through this tribulation.

Soon after I'd completed arrangements at home, a dozen people from the local police station and 610 Office came to my workplace to harass me. They also searched my home, but couldn't find anything illegal. They went back to my workplace and asked me, “What do you think of your wife passing away?” I replied rationally, “My entire family is in sorrow and pain. My grandaunt came by today and broke down in tears. What do you think?” They realized that their evil intentions in this situation wouldn't work out for them, so they left.

A few days later, the town's CCP deputy party secretary (who was in responsible for all political and legal issues) came to my workplace to harass me again. He was confronted by me and my apprentice. I said, “Your cadres broke into my home illegally. Let's go outside and call the neighbors to judge this. Let's see whether our Falun Gong practitioners or your CCP cadres are good. Wherever you went, your actions in front of entire families were disgraceful.” An official said, “We are embarrassed to come. Sometimes, the upper level authorities pushed us hard to do these things. We just cope with it. In the future, we won't harass you anymore.” After they were questioned with these righteous thoughts, it wasn't easy for them to visit my workplace to harass me anymore.

When I recall my past cultivation, there's too much to write. I'm taking the opportunity of the Eighth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China to share my experiences with fellow practitioners. Please point out and correct anything inappropriate.