(Clearwisdom.net) One afternoon in 1996, I opened the book Zhuan Falun (Volume II), which was placed on my colleague's desk. I was surprised to see such profound principles clearly explained in such concise sentences. The next day, I bought Zhuan Falun and read it within a day. I was totally amazed; many of the examples mentioned in the book were things I had experienced in my life. It seemed that every sentence was said towards me. The anger and confusion I had experienced in the past were resolved. My body and heart felt so good.

I cultivate in a locked state. Before the persecution started, like many fellow practitioners in mainland China, I could study the Fa and follow Master's arrangements step by step. During the first year after I obtained the Fa, I broke my femur. My child insisted on taking me to the hospital. However, I insisted on going back home, and I kept doing the exercises. One month later, I recovered and had no problem with moving around at all. In the past, almost every time I came back home after doing the exercises, my wife would throw a fit right in my face. That was truly transforming my karma. I've also endured extreme pain during the sitting meditation. Each day, I could feel the changes in myself.

Safeguarding the Fa in Beijing

After the persecution started, many people had a negative attitude towards Dafa practitioners. At work I was slandered and monitored. My wife was afraid that I would be sentenced to prison, so she beat me quite often. Sometimes, even after midnight, she loudly accused me. There was a employees' dormitory next door. They all wanted to stick up for me. Sometimes they said to me, “I heard your wife accusing you for a long time last night, and it disturbed our sleep.”

My wife threatened me with death if I studied the Fa. She once went into shock and was sent to the hospital. My determination did not waver, and things soon settled down. At that time, I studied the Fa quite a lot. It laid a solid foundation for me. When Master's article “Towards Consummation” (in Essentials for Further Advancement II) was published, I read it three times consecutively. The next day, I brought Zhuan Falun and three thousand yuan with me, and I headed to Beijing alone to validate the Fa.

On the way, the security checks were very strict, and many fellow practitioners were stopped. On the train, I still read Zhuan Falun, and it seemed that the police were ignoring me. I felt that Master was by my side all the time. I arrived in Beijing smoothly. I checked into my bed at a youth hostel and went to look for practitioners at Tiananmen Square. We planned to do the exercises at the square the next day. After getting back to my hostel, I studied the Fa carefully. A young man who was staying in the same room said to me, alarmed, “I couldn't sleep well last night. How could you be so bold, so much so that you dared to read Falun Gong books while there are other people around?” I thought this was nothing special.

The next morning I did the exercises at Tiananmen Square and was arrested by plainclothes police. They sent me to a police station. Practitioners there were all detained in a large cell. While the police were taking videos of us, we recited Hong Yin together and did the second exercise, Holding the Law Wheel. The weather was so hot that the police couldn't bear it. However, we Dafa disciples didn't feel hot, thirsty, or hungry, even though we were densely crowded. The police said it was so amazing.

I was later sent to Yanqing County Detention Center. The police from my hometown went to pick me up after I was detained for 11 days in Beijing. Then I was detained for one month in my hometown. A few years later, I was arrested again, as some local practitioners revealed to the police that I was the coordinator. They sent me to a detention center and took away lots of truth-clarification video discs from my home. Master endured a lot for me this time. The inmates viciously grabbed and hit my head against the wall again and again. I recited silently, “Dafa is good” and didn't feel any pain. Once again, four or five young inmates held me down on the ground, and punched and kicked me. I still recited silently, “Dafa is good” and didn't feel any pain. That was a manifestation of Master's magnificent compassion.

Comparing How We Have Studied the Fa and Cultivated

Before the persecution began, we had many local opportunities to meet and share cultivation experiences. I carefully listened to others' cultivation experiences. After I learned to use the Internet, I didn't miss a single cultivation experience sharing article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, and I shared them with the practitioners in our Fa-study group. We shared our understandings with each other.

In order to cultivate solidly, I pay attention to measuring each thing with the Fa. I can maintain righteous thoughts all the time while distributing truth-clarifying materials. Only once when I was about to finish distributing materials, I relaxed and had the mentality of treating it as accomplishing ordinary tasks. The old forces immediately took advantage of my gap. People thought I was a thief and called the police. I immediately asked Master for help, looked within and found my human notion. The police drove me to my workplace. I got out of the car and nothing happened.

Once, other practitioners and I planned to hang up a large, dozen-meter-long banner. We first studied the Fa together and improved our cultivation state. It was already 1:00 in the morning. We hung up the banner at an intersection where the traffic was very busy during the day. It was a very conspicuous location. Everything went so smoothly that we had the attachment of elation. It was windy before we started to hang the banner, but it stopped after we started. The wind began to blow again when our attachment of elation arose. When everyone eliminated the attachment, the wind stopped.

We should measure everything, regardless of what it is, with the Fa. I've already formed such a habit. As long as we study the Fa carefully, we can see our attachments very clearly. Now when there is a conflict or when any issue comes up, I immediately measure it against the Fa and think about whether I'm wrong.

Cultivating Like I Did When I First Started Cultivating

I was “transformed” in the brainwashing center in early 2002, but a few days later, I awakened again. After I was released, I went to validate the Fa at Tiananmen Square for the second time. This time, I came back safely. Being “transformed” was due to my competitive mentality, which should have been removed long ago. Since then, I have totally changed myself. I can accept criticism from others. When I hear something that irritates me, I look within and check to see if I have a problem. I can maintain my peaceful and humble state.

I often go to distribute materials and clarify the truth. I once asked the driver to play the Shen Yun DVD on the coach. Every passenger was excited. One of them wanted to buy the DVD and give me fifty yuan. I said that I wouldn't sell it; I'd only give it away for free. The person sitting next to me said to me in a low voice that he was a plainclothes police officer assigned to deal with Falun Gong. He told me to pay attention to safety, and I thanked him.

I have relatives working in the police department, and some are assigned to persecute Falun Gong. I've repeatedly clarified the truth to them. They know that good is rewarded with good returns and evil with retribution. So they dare not work hard to persecute Falun Gong. I told them to do their very best to protect Dafa disciples.

I put truth-clarifying materials on the desks in the offices of government buildings, and I handed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to government officials. During those years when I was teaching in college, I clarified the truth gradually to the students, and they gained a solid understanding of the truth. Some factories and villages invited me there to clarify the truth to them.

During the past few years, studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and cultivating xinxing has become a natural habit for me. My heart is always thinking about saving people. “Study the Fa and gain the Fa, Focus on how you study and cultivate, Let each and every thing be measured against the Fa. Only then, with that, is it actually cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin) Such has been a constant state of my life. My enthusiasm has never faded, and I've been cultivating like I did when I first took up cultivation.