(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Respected Master! Greetings, fellow disciples.

In the past I had many illnesses, including lower spine slipped discs, ulcers, allergies, and depression. After beginning Falun Dafa cultivation practice in 1997, my heart was at ease and my body became light. I know that Dafa is a miraculous treasure. Whenever my lower back hurt, I felt better the next day after doing the fifth exercise. I regret that I didn't treasure the environment before the persecution, as I hardly ever studied the Fa. I didn't know the inner meaning of cultivation.

When the persecution began, my son was starting elementary school. His teacher told the class that any family that has Falun Gong practitioners must be reported to the authorities. He begged me to stop practicing, and my husband tried to burn my books. I told him that the books were my life, and if he burned them, it was like taking my life. Therefore my books were kept, but I stopped reading the books and doing the exercises.

Frequently Studied the Fa, Determined to Be Diligent

In the summer of 2001, I suddenly felt uneasiness for several days. My stomach began hurting, as did my lower back. I recalled Master's words in Zhuan Falun,

“Your body will be returned to the level of ordinary people, and we’ll return the bad things to you, because you want to be an ordinary person.”

I was scared, but felt that I must cultivate Dafa. I found a fellow practitioner who also worked in my workplace. I knew she was still cultivating, so I shared my understanding and established the confidence to resume Fa study.

I had one thought, that I was resuming Fa-study, no matter how my husband tried to blocked me, and I must be persistent. He saw me studying the Fa every evening, and he became angry. He told my parents I didn't want to live a normal life… I told him that it was because I wanted to live a normal life and needed a healthful body. He gave up after a while.

After I resumed Fa-study, Master immediately cleansed my body. I felt guilty that I had stopped practicing for a year. I often shared with the other practitioner in my workplace, and learned how to look inside. I was eager to study the Fa. Therefore, while going to work I recited Hong Yin, and read Dafa books when I wasn't busy at work. I also read Zhuan Falun.

Since September is a light season for my business, I shut it down for a month and concentrated on Fa study. Besides household chores and passing out materials (at that time it was very few), I read three lectures of Zhuan Falun each morning, and read other teachings in the afternoon and evenings. I finished reading all the scriptures in one month, and formed a habit of reading three lectures of Zhuan Falun each day after that month, and read other lectures and scriptures after 6:00 p.m. I also sent forth righteous thoughts at 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.

Eliminating Fear While Distributing Materials, and Sending Forth Strong Righteous Thoughts

Our environment was not easy at the time, and some fellow practitioners were arrested. We were using a single line of contacts for the sake of security. When there were materials, we passed them from one house to the next house in the evening. One day I heard that a practitioner in a nearby town was arrested. That practitioner was the one who usually shipped materials. Therefore, fellow practitioners in that town didn't get to see Minghui Weekly for a long time. I tried connecting with fellow practitioners there, and shouldered the task of passing on materials to them.

One evening in the winter of 2003, when I had just finished sending forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 p.m., a fellow practitioner carrying a large bag of truth clarification materials came to my house. That was the first batch that exposed the local persecution facts. She said that all practitioners in the entire city were working that night. I could not let my husband know this, so I quickly put the materials into two large backpacks and left the house with the other practitioner. My heart wasn't calm, so I sent forth righteous thoughts as I was distributing the materials to neighboring houses.

After delivering materials to about twenty houses, I heard a goose making a lot of noise. The owner of the house was my colleague, but he didn't seem like a very friendly person. He asked loudly, “Who is it?” I thought that if I walked fast, I could avoid him. But I remembered Master's words,

“Wherever there's a problem, that is where you need to clarify the truth and save people. Don't take a detour when you run into difficulties. When you see something that does us harm, or when you see something blocking our validating the Fa, don't take a detour -- you should face it, and clarify the truth and save those beings.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference.”)

I realized I should save him, so I slowed down while walking back to my home. He caught up with me, and I turned toward him and said, “Uncle, why do you walk so fast? Be careful, don't fall.” He said, “Wow, it was you? Someone just threw stuff into my home.” I said, ”Please come in for a bit.” He said, “That's okay.” I didn't walk into my house. I negated the old force's arrangement in my heart, and quickly went to another place to finish distributing materials.

Upon returning home that night, I had a bit of fear, and thought about staying out of town for several days. But I didn't think that would be in accordance with the Fa. I am a Dafa disciple, and Master is protecting me. I calmed down to study the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts until midnight. The next day I still felt afraid, and tried not to think about it in my store. I sent forth righteous thoughts on every hour. After arriving home, fellow practitioners told me that the police were hiding near a fellow practitioner's home in that nearby town, and advised me not to go there anymore. My husband told me that his boss asked him if his wife still took materials to that nearby town. I told my husband not to answer those questions, but deep down inside, I was experiencing one fear after another.

At that moment, Master's words flashed in my mind, “In the face of tests one’s true nature is revealed.” (“True Nature Revealed,” from Essentials for Further Advancement.) I saw the difference between the Fa and myself. I found myself to be so tiny. I changed my mind, and was determined to study the Fa well. I sent forth righteous thoughts and resolved that no one could move me! My heart became much lighter. I later heard that my colleague (referred to as uncle above) had reported me to the local police station, but officers on duty told him they didn't care. After a while, I went to that nearby town again. There were no police hiding near the practitioner's home, and they only passed by once, as seen by other practitioners. These things happened to test me. From then on, I always sent forth righteous thoughts before going out to distribute materials with a peaceful mind.

Producing Truth Clarification Materials--It Seems Hard to Do, But Can be Done

There were only two copies of Minghui Weekly to be shared among about forty practitioners in our area. A fellow practitioner told me that they were brought in from another region by train. We wanted to make copies for our local group. Computers seemed a bit too high tech for me, and I thought I should sell our store to have time to learn. My family all agreed to sell the store, but didn't know how to buy a computer. My friend once said that I should buy a computer for my child, and since her husband knew how to buy one, he could select one for me. After I brought the computer home, however, my husband was not happy, because my brother told him I would do Dafa things with it. Only my son (also a practitioner) was happy, but the rest of my family gave me bad looks, including my mother, who also studies the Fa. I knew the evil in other dimensions was scared of me producing materials, and was trying to interfere. I asked myself not to be moved, to study the Fa well, and to send forth righteous thoughts well and treat all beings with compassion. A week later, my husband brought in a computer table for me, others stopped giving me bad looks, and things returned to normal.

(To be continued)