(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings revered Master! I would like to heshi to Master for his merciful salvation and benevolence!

I would like to take the opportunity of the “Eighth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China,” to share my understanding of studying the Fa, assisting Master in Fa-rectification, and saving sentient beings with wisdom and supernatural abilities given by Dafa. Please point out anything incorrect, as my level is limited and my enlightenment quality is not that high.

1. My Understanding of Studying the Fa

I began practicing Falun Dafa in April 1996. The first time I read Zhuan Falun, I experienced what was mentioned in the book after reading it only half way:

“'I also feel like I’m levitating while sleeping at home. Even the bedding covers take off like a balloon.'”

I felt reborn again after I finished reading Zhuan Falun the first time. I was so happy I shouted, “I don't want to be just an ordinary man!” I had found the true meaning of life that I had longed for even in my dreams. Whenever I recall that feeling, I am driven to strive forward.

In almost every lecture, Master has repeatedly urged practitioners to study the Fa more,

“I just told you all that you need to cherish the Fa, and study it a lot. You have to read the book again and again, and by doing this you are improving. I have infused my abilities into this Dafa. As long as you study it, you will undergo changes. As long as you study it, you will be improving. As long as you practice it to the end, you will be able to reach Consummation.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference”)

I thought I had remembered Master's words and understood that I could improve through more Fa-study. For a period of time, however, I couldn't improve or experience the same feeling that I had after reading the book for the first time although I had read Zhuan Falun many times.

I was able to resolve my issue while reading Essentials for Further Advancement. Teacher said,

“When your mind isn’t at peace, studying the Fa is not effective. You should study it with a peaceful mind.” (“A Heavy Blow”)

I realized that I wasn't studying the Fa with a peaceful mind. Studying the Fa is the most important in changing oneself. Since I didn't completely immerse myself in the Fa, I didn't have the Fa to guide my cultivation, and thus I couldn't improve. At that time, I was also studying the Fa as though I had a task to complete. As a result, my mind had all kinds of thoughts and I felt sleepy when studying. My mind was peaceful when I wasn't studying the Fa, but as soon as I started reading, my mind began racing with odd thoughts. The dark minions and meddling deities in other dimensions were interfering with and trying to stop me from studying. How does one drive out this interference?

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I thus decided to memorize the Fa.

I went through two stages in the course of memorizing the Fa. At the beginning of the first stage, I experienced a lot of difficulty—there was interference from other dimensions that made it difficult for me to remember the sentence that I had just read and made me very sleepy even when I was standing. On the first day, I spent nearly ten hours, but couldn't even remember the first paragraph of “Lecture One.” For over a month, when I memorized the Fa, I fell asleep, then woke up and continued memorizing. No matter how difficult it was, I didn't give up, and maintained firm righteous thoughts. Finally, with Master's help, after over seven months I memorized Zhuan Falun. It only took me over three months to memorize the book the second time around.

After I memorized Zhuan Falun twice, I changed from being unable to remember even a single page, to being able to memorize 20-30 pages per day. When I first began memorizing the Fa, I felt that my brain couldn't function properly and I had poor memory. However, when I persisted in memorizing every day, my mind began to function better and I could memorize quicker. After I finished memorizing at night, I was very relaxed and my memory was at its best. Sometimes I wanted to continue memorizing. The next day, I went through the same process of increasing my memory capacity through memorizing the Fa.

It has been several years since I first began memorizing the Fa. What I experienced initially is still helpful to my Fa-study today. I also have a new understanding—if our minds are not peaceful when studying the Fa, then we are not immersing ourselves in the Fa and we will read slowly. When we study the Fa with peaceful minds, we will read very fast. Furthermore, when we study the Fa less, it will directly affect our state the following day, and if we don't study the Fa enough for a period of time, our overall state won't be good.

When I study the Fa with a peaceful mind, I receive countless hints from Master., and I gain new understandings of Fa principles and feel very excited and shocked at the same time. When I wanted to experience the same feeling as when I first read the Fa, I was able to. Those feelings are momentary and can't be expressed in words.

I am now in a state where I can naturally recite the Fa in my mind without everyday thoughts interfering as before. Sometimes I can clearly hear the Falun Dafa exercise music in other dimensions. Maybe this is the result of assimilating to Dafa.

The above are some of my understandings on studying the Fa.

2. Using Wisdom and Supernormal Abilities Given by Dafa to Assist Master in Fa-Rectification and Saving People

Through solid Fa-study and diligent cultivation, I realized that Dafa can increase my wisdom and improve my skills required in saving sentient beings. Looking back at my cultivation path, I have learned many skills by myself that are required in saving people. As long as I thought about using a certain skill to save people, didn't fear difficulties and practiced the skill, I could become familiar with it quickly. I learned how to use a computer by myself. I learned how to surf the Internet, print, copy CDs, and repair the computer. When I didn't know something, I went to the “Tian Di Xing” website to ask questions and did it myself afterwards. I was then able to utilize the skill and improve it as I assisted Master in Fa-rectification. When I think about it, many of the skills that I learned were already superior, are the manifestation of supernormal abilities. I had no time to pay attention to them in the process of study and application, but I naturally got to know them while using them. I only feel surprised when I recall it: indeed inconceivably supernatural!

Many monitoring cameras are everywhere in a big city like Guangzhou and we have to avoid them in order to safely save sentient beings. I would like to share how I avoid being identified on the cameras.

I first went to various camera shops to find out how the monitoring cameras work and how far they can capture images. I learned that they can capture images from even over 100 meters, but the images captured at night are in black and white. During the daytime, however, the cameras capture images in color, but they can't capture images clearly under insufficient light. I think it's important to understand how the cameras work and pay attention to safety. Of course, we can still fully display practitioners' divine side in dealing with the monitoring cameras.

The following is what I do from an everyday person's perspective:

1. Avoid directly looking at the cameras.

2. When distributing truth-clarification materials in apartments with elevators, and get in and out of the elevator on the same floor. This is extremely important because security guards will be alerted when they see a stranger get out of an elevator on a certain level and get in the elevator from a different level.

3. In residential areas with elevators, only distribute materials in one building at a time. This is because the police require all monitoring videos to be kept for three to six months. Apartments with an elevator generally have about 100 households, so with many people coming and going out of the apartment, the police can't tell who left behind the materials. However, if materials are found in two buildings, they can analyze strangers in both buildings from the video images and find the person who distributed the materials.

However, it is very important to display our divine side. Master said,

“For a practitioner, one’s mind-intent dictates supernormal abilities to do things. For an everyday person, one’s mind-intent directs the four limbs and the sensory organs to work, just like the production office in a factory: The director’s office issues orders to each department of specific functions to carry out duties.” (Zhuan Falun)

Enlightened to this Fa principle, I utilized my supernormal abilities in doing things to assist Master in Fa-rectification and save people. In the process of doing these things, I continuously recite, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated," to clean out the entire field. When I want to enter a residential building to distribute truth-clarification materials, I send righteous thoughts toward the guard at the gate, “I am transparent, you can't see me,” or “See an acquaintance's face.” I then confidently walk in, and most of time I can enter the building smoothly.

In residential districts with many cameras, I send righteous thoughts towards the cameras, “Close your lens, you're not allowed to film practitioners, and don't help the evil party do evil.” Sometimes when I am filmed by well-hidden cameras, I immediately send righteous thoughts, “I am transparent, you did not capture any image! If you captured the image, immediately delete it!” Then I concentrate my mind on, “Erase the images just filmed.”

When I enter a residential building, I send out one thought before distributing the materials, “Freeze! Freeze every one, don't let people come out of their homes or allow those to return now.” People in Guangzhou stay out late at night and many don't go to sleep until 1-2:00 a.m. After I leave the building, I send out another thought, “Release! Everyone can now come out to get the materials. I hope everyone can understand the truth and be saved!”

Teacher said in “What Are Supernormal Abilities” from Essentials for Further Advancement II,

“A being’s level is determined by his xinxing. That is, when you use supernormal abilities your righteous thoughts must be strong. An inadequate state of mind—such as fearing the evil, wavering in your thoughts when you use your supernormal abilities, or doubting whether they will work—can affect or interfere with the outcome of the supernormal abilities.”

When I direct supernormal abilities to help me do Fa-rectification work, I simply focus my mind on it and believe I am supernatural. When I direct supernormal abilities to do things, my whole body becomes very hot and I sweat profusely. My hair and jacket get soaked, even during the wintertime. After I complete the task and leave safely, the supernormal abilities naturally stop, I no longer feel hot or sweaty, and everything returns to normal.

With divine thoughts, I have entered many residential areas that have security guards to distribute truth-clarification materials. One night, a fellow practitioner and I walked more than seven hours distributing Shen Yun performance DVDs in another city. At another time, I ran up and down a 20-30 story building giving out truth materials. With divine thoughts, I have been able to escape dangerous situations and hang over 100 banners. Some were hung in areas where the perpetrators mingle, such as the Provincial Party Committee, the Municipal Party Committee, and the Guangzhou Military Area. This has shocked the evil in Guangzhou. I was also able to set off firecrackers opposite the Public Security Sub-bureau.

The following are several stories about assisting Master in Fa-rectification.

1. Distributing Truth-clarification Materials

Once at an army field, I saw a person walking into a high-level residential building. I quickly ran over and followed him inside before the door closed. I was surprised to see a guard sitting at a table next to the door. These guards were usually retirees and difficult to deal with. I immediately sent out one thought, “I come to save people, do not stop me!” The guard only greeted the person ahead of me. I then walked directly towards the elevator. When the elevator arrived, the person who was ahead of me said, “You go first, I will finish my cigarette and go up later.” I thanked him and pressed a button. After I got out of the elevator, I didn't rush to distribute the materials, but looked to see at which level that person got out of the elevator, so I wouldn't bump into him, since I also wanted to deliver a DVD to him. After I distributed all the DVDs, and I was going down to the main level, I continuously sent righteous thoughts towards the door guard. On the main floor, as I was sending righteous thoughts, I looked carefully for the button to open the door. I didn't want the guard to become suspicious if I didn't know where the button was. Under Master's protection, I was able to leave the building smoothly.

On another night, as I was walking I suddenly heard the sound “pa” from a security door several meters away. It sounded as if someone had opened the door. I turned toward the door where I heard the sound, but no one was going in or coming out. I thought that I may have heard wrong. Then the door made the same sound again, but I still didn't see anyone. I then had a thought, “Isn't this sentient beings opening the door and inviting me to save them? Why am I hesitating?” It is difficult to pass through a security door, and now they have opened it for me. Can I give up this opportunity? I immediately walked towards the door and entered the building. Inside, I saw the building was divided by two staircases. There were only several dozen small units. I left truth-clarification DVDs at some of the households in both buildings. When I wanted to leave the building through a burglar-proof door, I discovered that I needed a key to open it, even from the inside. What to do? I tried to unlock the door with divine thoughts, but it didn't work. How long would I have to wait before someone came in? Furthermore, there are not many households, so everyone knows one another. It wouldn't be suitable for me to be locked inside. I quickly asked Master for help and kept sending righteous thoughts, “Don't allow the evil to persecute me” I then walked toward the door again and saw there were unit numbers I could press. I pressed the button for No. 2 and 3 units, but no one answered. I pressed it again and this time, I heard a little girl laughing over the speaker. I knew Master asked her to open the door for me, so I intimated a child's voice and asked her to open the door. If an adult had answered, they would have suspected why a stranger was there so late.

2. Hanging Fa-rectification Banners

In the several years I have cultivated, I have hung over 110 banners in Guangzhou that read, "Falun Dafa is Good!" "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" "Without the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), There is a New China," "The Chinese Communist Party is the Biggest Cult in Human History!" and "Heaven Eliminates the Chinese Communist Party, Withdraw from the Party to be Safe." These banners have shocked and frightened the communist party in Guangzhou. During “sensitive days,” several road cleaners would squat nearby at night to guard the area or look up often to check the trees when they swept the street.

There are some difficulties when hanging banners in a city with a high population density, with bright lights on all night, and with monitoring cameras everywhere. I have experienced some miracles when hanging banners.

Early on the morning of July 1, 2011, banners that read, “Heaven Eliminates the Chinese Communist Party” were found in areas where the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee were located. On this special day for the CCP, it was a blow for them to see the banners! The CCP in Guangzhou was shocked and scared. Afterwards, I saw many security officials searching trees for unfurled banners. This made me think, “If I hang the banner too low, they can easily get to it by jumping. How can I hang the banners higher?”

I usually threw the banners 4-6 meters high into trees. My banners were rolled up and protected with a dark color cloth to hide the unfurled ones in the tree. The opening of the dark cloth was closed with a sticker. Once the banner was thrown in the tree, it would open by itself after a period of time. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the sticky paper—a patterned paper is less sticky, so the banner would open quickly, around half an hour to an hour after it is stuck on. I put the sticker on at home and sometimes it was already open when I reached my destination, so I had to reseal it. A double-sided sticker lasts a bit longer, whereas a clear sticker is the strongest and is normally used in wet weather. When the rain moistens the cloth, the clear sticker will automatically loosen.

Fellow practitioners suggested on-line to use egg-sized stones to throw the banners high into trees. However, there are people everywhere in Guangzhou, and an egg-sized stone could hurt people when it falls down. I tried using a stone half the size of an egg, but it was very hard to throw the banner high in the tree. In addition, people would know that I had thrown something in the tree since I had to really move my arms to throw the stone.

I had to think for several days in order to resolve the issue. It would be great to find a way to throw the banner high in the tree with less movement. Wisdom given by Dafa made me think of objects revolving in centrifugal force—the stronger the revolving, the more its centrifugal force. That was it! Revolve the stone tied to the top of the banner to take advantage of the centrifugal force to throw the banner very high. In addition, I didn't have to make any big movements to throw the stone in the air and people behind me couldn't see me throwing things upward!

I used this method by revolving a string around the stone four to five times, and as the stone was turning upwards, let it go. As a result, the banner went up to the height of a two story building. I used this method many times to hang banners high in the trees, which scared the evil.

3. Setting Off Firecrackers and Creating a Righteous Field in the Human World

In Guangzhou, the Chinese Communist Party doesn't allow people to set off firecrackers since it is considered a “public nuisance,” and anyone who does so is arrested. There are also no places to buy firecrackers in the city. However when news that Jiang Zemin (the former Chinese president who began the persecution of Falun Gong) had died, and people were celebrating the hidden death worldwide, how could we not celebrate with firecrackers? From reading articles by practitioners relating to this incident, I realized that this is one method to save people and create a righteous field in the human world.

A fellow practitioner and I went to an outer suburb to buy firecrackers and set them off several times. However, we felt sorrow after the celebration. We felt that we should bring this joyful atmosphere to the city, let people in Guangzhou know that Jiang had died, and celebrate together. How could we set off the firecrackers in the city and not be caught? With the wisdom given by Dafa, I was able to find a solution. Use mosquito-repellent to postpone the time of the firecrackers would go off, so I would have enough time to leave the scene.

Using this method, I wrote a message, “Jiang Zemin is dead, facing retribution for a life of crime. It is exciting. Celebrate worldwide,” along with the firecrackers and set them off in different areas. I put the firecrackers at places where very few people pass by or where there were no people around, such as the wall in the corner of the university field (it was summer vacation, so students were not around) or the side of the road on the highway. After I set up the firecracker with the mosquito-repellent, I walked away at a distance and waited for the firecrackers to go off completely before I left. Celebrating Jiang's death with firecrackers seemed to awaken the city after so many years of not hearing the sound of firecrackers.

One night, I put firecrackers with the same message on an over-bridge staircase carved railing, because people rarely pass through there at night. When I placed the firecrackers, I accidentally touched the ignited mosquito-repellent with the firecrackers' wick and the firecrackers instantly went off. Across the road, there was a Public Security Sub-bureau, so I sent righteous thoughts and safely left the scene.

This incident made me realize that as long as I am righteous when doing things to assist Master in Fa-rectification, I am protected, as I am a Dafa practitioner.

There are many more miraculous incidents I experienced and I can't list them all. Miracles, however, don't manifest when I want to feel my own supernatural abilities. Supernormal abilities only play a role when my thoughts are righteous. With these displayed miracles, on the surface I am assisting Master in Fa-rectification, but actually behind those unusual events, there are Dafa's sacred display, Master's merciful protection. It gives disciples who help mighty virtue, and gives disciples the opportunity to completely build their own worlds while saving people. I feel Master's inexhaustible great kindness and greatness more and more. Merciful Master only expects disciples to complete cultivation, while I want to be more diligent to thank Master.

Thank you Master, thank you fellow practitioners.