(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I was fortunate to obtain the Fa in 1999. However, I was illegally sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 2002 for distributing fliers that told people the facts of Falun Gong. I used strong righteous thoughts to stop the evil forces from persecuting me, and was able to break free from the evil den. I am hereby writing down my experiences to report to Master, and share with fellow practitioners.

1. Finally learning the importance of sending righteous thoughts

I had not taken sending righteous thoughts seriously at first, and suffered brutal persecution. When was it that I begin to learn the importance of sending righteous thoughts, then?

Once, the prison guards locked me up in solitary confinement so that they could torture me. I thought that the evil forces would intensify their persecution, and I was not sure if I could endure it. At that moment, I suddenly remembered to send righteous thoughts. I began to recite Hong Yin and sent righteous thoughts. It happened that an inmate committed suicide later that day, and the guards and prison authorities were preoccupied with that ordeal. Two months later, I was let out of solitary confinement; and during that entire time, the evil forces had not tortured me at all. Yet, I still did not realize it was the power of my righteous thoughts that had actually helped me from being persecuted.

When the evil forces tried to stop me from practicing the exercises one day, they gathered a bunch of personnel together to tie me up and cuff my hands. I could not move at all. I remembered to send righteous thoughts, and all of a sudden another incident occurred that the guards had to deal with. Once again, they did not have the time and energy to abuse me anymore. Were both of these incidents accidental? Did they not occur after I sent righteous thoughts?

Then I remembered another situation which took place not long after I was put in jail. A guard told me to go to the office for a talk, but stated that I had to ask for permission to enter the office. I told him, “I’m a Falun Gong practitioner, not a criminal. I will not do as you tell me to.” As punishment, the guards made me stand in front of a wall. So I began to recite Hong Yin loudly. To try to stop me, he shocked me with an electric baton. As he was about to shock my lips, I shouted out, “The Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated.” At that moment, the baton stopped working.
On yet another occasion, the guards tried to stop me from practicing the exercises by tying my limbs tightly. However, no matter how hard they tried, the ropes loosened up the moment they were finished; as soon as the ropes became loose, I resumed my exercises. At that moment, I had only one thought in my mind, “I don’t care how tightly they tie me; I must do the exercises.” The guards used all their strength to tie me, and it felt as if the ropes were cutting into my flesh. Trying to fight the extreme pain, I told that guards, “Persecuting Dafa disciples is bad for you.” One of the guards replied, “I’m not afraid of retribution. Just tell your master to come to punish me now.” They thought that the ropes would not loosen up again after they tied me up extremely tightly. However, the ropes loosened up once again, and I started practicing the exercises once more. The guard who said she was not afraid of retribution twisted her ankle that night and was unable to walk. From then on, they all treated me politely.

When I saw an inmate reading out some Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda against Falun Gong for a voice recording to be used by the prison, I sent righteous thoughts to stop her so that the guards would not have anything to play to poison other practitioners. As a result, whenever she made the recordings, she would have a toothache. After that, I clarified the truth to her, and told her why she kept having a toothache. After learning the truth about Dafa, she made up some excuses to the prison authorities so that she wouldn't have to do the recordings, and not long after that, they stopped the project altogether.

From then on, I began to pay more attention to sending righteous thoughts. Every day, besides studying the Fa and doing the exercises, I also sent righteous thoughts. I was rarely persecuted, and eventually was able to break free from the evil den.

2. The righteous will prevail

The miracles that Dafa has demonstrated give me confidence that the evil can never win, and the righteous will always prevail. It is exactly like what Master said in Hong Yin II, “When disciples have sufficient righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide." (“The Master- Disciple Bond”)

A person from the 610 Office came to my residence and told me one day, “You can study the Fa and do the exercises at home, but you cannot display your Master’s portrait.” I told him, “This is my residence, and I have the right to display whatever portrait I want to display. A true Master is like a father. Displaying my Master’s portrait at home is following the rules of the divine and the world’s morals. Plus, I'm not displaying the portrait in your house, right?” Speechless, he left. After that, I realized that Master must have given me the courage and wisdom to shock the evil forces.

A CCP propaganda poster that was posted by the entrance of my neighborhood. After seeing it, I decided to go talk to those who were in charge of the neighborhood association to take it down. I asked them, “Why is that poster hung up in our neighborhood?” Immediately they replied, “It has nothing to do with you. It says 'such-and-such religion' which is not your Falun Gong.” I said, “Of course I know it has nothing to do with Falun Gong directly because Falun Dafa is the great law of the universe. However, because the CCP has made up so many lies about Falun Gong and many ordinary citizens are fooled and believe what the posters say, I believe it’s not appropriate to hang that poster here, and I suggest that you take it down.” They responded quickly, “Okay, now that you told us this, we’ll take it down.” I found out two days later that the poster indeed was replaced by something else.

3. Pure thoughts can help save people

Once I came home from the evil den, I began to focus on helping people to quit the CCP. Fellow practitioners told me to start with my relatives and friends. Although I was not very good at it at the beginning, our merciful Master helped me all along by encouraging me, and because of that, I was able to convince those I approached to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. All of my relatives have learned the truth about Falun Gong from me, and have done the “Three Withdrawals.” After that, I began to work on people I did not know.

I met a young man at my relative’s store one day and began to clarify the truth to him. Suddenly he became stern and said, “Do you know who I am?” I said, “It doesn’t matter who you are; everybody needs peace and safety. We’ve met here today because we have a predestined relationship.” Smiling he said, “Now that we have a predestined relationship, let’s sit down and chat.” He continued, “I’m from the police department. I have read Zhuan Falun, and still have the book. Please tell me what exactly is Falun Gong?” After listening to my explanation, this young man quit the CCP, and promised that he would read Zhuan Falun when he went home that day.

After that, I opened my own store, and people began to come to me and ask for copies of Zhuan Falun to read. A man came to shop at my store one day; and when I saw that he was ill, I told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Bevenolence-Forbearance is good.” Immediately he replied angrily , “Do you know who I am? I used to work for the 610 Office of Wenzhou City. How dare you talk to me about Falun Gong!” I said, “You 610 Office personnel have been deeply polluted by the CCP. Now that our predestined relationship has brought you to my store today, I must tell you the truth about Falun Gong.” When I mentioned quitting the CCP, he accused me of being anti-CCP and left abruptly. I thought about it and believed that I must have done something wrong, and realized later that I talked too fast because I was pursuing results. At that moment, I sent righteous thoughts and hoped that he would get another chance to hear the truth.

That person came back two months later. I said, “Last time, I did not have time to explain to you clearly. Let me talk to you again today.” Smiling, he listened to me, and eventually agreed to quit the CCP.

Sometimes I did not know how to start talking with some people, and there were other times, no matter how hard I tried, some people still would not quit. Master told us in “What Is a Dafa Disciple,”

“If Dafa disciples want to save the lives of the cosmos, if they want to save sentient beings in this complex setting of society at the final stage, can you imagine how hard that is? If you could see it—truly see it—it would be simply too frightening. But, as long as you go by Dafa, go by what Master has told you, you will have a path to walk, and that will be something nobody can change. But the path will be very narrow—narrow to the extent that only if you are extremely righteous will things work out and will you manage to save people. Only if you can go about things in an extremely righteous manner will there be no problems.”

I have enlightened that I must walk most righteously so that no problems will occur.

I believe that we, as disciples, must correct our foundations and methods of thinking. Master also said in “What Is a Dafa Disciple,”

“And this is even more so for the Dafa disciples in mainland China. For them, amidst the tremendously harsh persecution, every single thought and idea is critical. Whether you’ve done well or not; whether or not you’ve been susceptible to being persecuted; whether or not you’ve handled things correctly and to what degree you have been persecuted—all of this is directly connected to how you have walked your path and how you have thought about things. Things are extremely difficult for Dafa disciples, and, because it is during the final phase of the world, when the setting is at its most complex, that Dafa disciples are making their way out, cultivating their way out, and even saving others, Dafa disciples can thus establish themselves as beings of such greatness and such high levels.”

I learned that the purer our intentions are, the stronger our thoughts will be, and so the more powerful the results will be. Everything emerges from the Fa. This is why Master has told us repeatedly that “Dafa disciples must study the Fa.”

4. Seven years of persecution leaves me with a huge amount of debt; Master’s mercy helps me to pay it back within a short period of time

As soon as I got home from the evil den, I was astonished to learn that over the years, my family had accumulated a debt of more than 800,000 yuan. Practitioners told me to focus on Dafa disciple’s tasks instead of thinking about the debt at the moment, because Master would help me for sure.

Back then, the housing market was booming, and prices were increasing by the day. Hence I thought about selling our apartment to get some money to pay the debt. However, since we did not own the deed to the apartment, we could not sell it. The former owner of the apartment disappeared before signing the deed over to us after we paid him the money.

A few days later, I suddenly remembered that I was a Dafa disciple, not an ordinary person. Afterwards, I knelt down in front of Master’s portrait and asked Master to make the arrangements for me. The next day, I found a copy of the former owner’s ID card. I then found the former owner and told him the truth about Dafa; he then quit the CCP. After that, the apartment was successfully transferred to us. Immediately, we sold the apartment to pay our debt. Surprisingly, after we sold our old apartment, the new one we bought turned out to be bigger than our old one, but cost less. Neither our neighbors, nor our friends understood why, and said, “You practice ‘Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance.’ Because of that, you’ve collected good fortune. You just came back from the black den over a year ago, however, not only have you paid your debt; you’ve also bought such a nice apartment. You must have got the Buddha to help you.” I told them, “You’re right. I have my Master to protect me.”

With Master’s merciful protection, I have been able to repay the huge amount of debt and also survived a car accident. Master has given me a tremendous amount; however, I have nothing to pay him back. Because of that, I should do the three things even better.