(Clearwisdom.net) For thirteen years I have tripped and fallen on my cultivation path. Fortunately I have been met with Master's great mercy and merciful care, as well as fellow practitioners' unselfish help; I have thus been able to steadfastly walk on the path of validating the Fa to this day. I would like to share with practitioners and report to Master on my experience as an editor over the past two years.

Lessons learned

The persecution is rather severe in our region. We started preparing truth-clarification materials rather late, so when local practitioners suggested we make truth-clarification materials for our area, the practitioners showed passion and treasured it greatly.

At first, many people were involved. Due to lack of experience, many people knew who submitted the manuscript and who edited it, which brought another problem, that is, safety. One fellow practitioner's family member, also a practitioner, was arrested. While he was being rescued, the practitioner supplied information about the persecution the family member was going through. Later, it was written up into the local truth-clarifying materials. However, the chief of the local 610 Office saw the write-up and said to the practitioner, “If you can remove your family member's information from the local truth-clarifying materials, we guarantee he will be released.” The evil took advantage of the human thoughts of this fellow practitioner, who believed what the chief had said.

The practitioner went to the editor to discuss the issue. Actually he was being tracked-- officers who worked for the practitioner's residential area threatened his workplace, and had forced them to install monitors and were secretly watching him. Receiving a hint from Master, some fellow practitioners stopped what they were doing and focused on studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts to destroy the old force's arrangement. But the editor didn't take it seriously. Other practitioners also didn't take any measures and continued what they were doing before. In the end the editor was arrested when she was putting up some signs that exposed the persecution. One of the practitioners could not manage her xinxing well and betrayed some other practitioners. As a result, many practitioners were arrested and sentenced. Later, these two practitioners were “transformed” under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) pressure. This was a grave lesson. I am sharing this to minimize the losses, hoping others will not similarly go astray.

Accepting the job with tears and editing one weekly newspaper for a whole night

I started the editor's job on the third night after the original editor was arrested. Actually on the same night she was arrested, I dreamed of her and had an ominous feeling. On the third day, I heard that she was being persecuted. Tears ran down my face and I thought, “I will not allow the evil to so easily destroy our weekly newspaper. I would definitely go ahead and work on it until the Fa rectifies the human world. I will definitely not allow the evil persecute me.”

I wiped my tears and sat in front of the computer. I started writing down her experience since I knew her pretty well. That whole night I wrote her story of how she has suffered and been persecuted during the past ten plus years. I had some knowledge of typesetting but no experience, so I could only compose with Word software. What should I do? I could sense evil from other dimensions surrounding the top of my head and filling the whole room. At key moments I asked Master for help in opening my wisdom so that I could do this well to save more people. Then, I had a little idea. I removed the old persecution article from an issue of Minghui Weekly, found another Minghui Weekly to use as the template, and put my article into it. It was even harder to add pictures. When I added pictures, the text would go to the other side. I failed several times.

I started around 9:00 p.m., and continued to work until 6:00 a.m the next morning, when I was sending righteous thoughts. It was winter and very cold. It was dark outside and only my room was lit. In addition, there was pressure like black clouds around us. I felt very sad and thought, “It would be good if a fellow practitioner sat next to me and sent righteous thoughts for me.” Then I thought, “Is not Master next to me? Master can solve anything if there is a problem.” Gradually, my sadness was gone. Instead, I was filled with the sense of responsibility of saving sentient beings.

Memorizing the Fa

When I first started with editing, I deeply felt that I lacked the ability to do it. Previously I was studying the Fa from cover to cover. Although I was very young, I had never thought that I would memorize the Fa, which meant that I did not pay enough attention to my cultivation. In order to do well in editorial work, I decided to cultivate myself well starting from memorizing the Fa.

At first, each day, I could only memorize one paragraph. And I always felt sleepy. I was very sad. The evil tried to make me think about giving up because it was too difficult, and sometimes I got discouraged. However, my righteous thoughts won out. At the same time, I felt that if I gave up memorizing the Fa, I would not be able to do this work. I could not cultivate superficially anymore. Then I persisted memorizing, paragraph by paragraph. With encouragement from fellow practitioners, I survived the most difficult period. I felt relaxed when I was memorizing the third lecture. The interference became less. After I finished the second lecture, I found that my brain had been covered with a black hard shell which was 1 cm thick. Now it was broken and my predominate spirit was sitting inside. From then on, I could be clear minded and know clearly the complicated relationship among things. In the past, I was mindless about everything and could not understand. Since breaking through the black shell, I have had the supernormal ability of knowing others' thoughts. Whatever people think of is reflected in my mind, but it does not affect me.

Master gives me the magic pen

During my school years, writing was the part that I was afraid of. When I was at school, if I could not come up with an article, I just copied one from an extra-curricular book. How could I be an editor? I was not confident enough. But there was no other person to do this work. If there had been a suitable candidate, I would have definitely let the other person do the work without any hesitation based on my xinxing at that time.

When I was worrying about it, one night, I had a dream. I dreamed of Master who was as young as twenty years old. There were twenty practitioners with me, all boys around 12 to 13 years old. We were very happy. Some were reporters and some editors. Each reporter had a camera in their hands. My hands were empty. Then I heard Master say, “Do not be happy too early. Wait and see then...” Immediately after he said this, some pens flew out of his hands. One came to my hand. I opened it and saw that the ink tank was in sections, with each one like the shape of magic gourd. It looked very nice, and there was ink in one of the small magic gourds. I thought I should take care of it. So I soon closed it and put it in a safe place.

I enlightened to the dream when I woke up. Master has already arranged the path of my validating the Fa since I came from the heavens. I was to do the editorial work. I already had the magic pen but was not utilizing it. I felt regretful. How many people were I delaying in saving? Maybe some sentient beings had been already sifted out because my work had not started on time. I cried, and thought of what Master said, “Do not be happy too early.” Yes, Master was worried. Could we do the job when we came to ordinary society? At that time, it was unknown. I went astray many times and was almost destroyed, not to mention the sentient beings that need to be saved. I could not hesitate any longer. Since I still had the opportunity, I decided to do it well going forward.

Difficult path as an editor

Since we exposed the evil, the evil in our local area was scared. The fight between good and evil in other dimensions was very fierce. Once the evil suspected me they assigned a vehicle to monitor me behind the building where my home was located. For two whole weeks, I did not do anything but study the Fa all day. I also sent forth righteous thoughts and did not even go downstairs much. I sent righteous thoughts, “Although you are downstairs, you cannot go upstairs. I will eliminate you all.” Two weeks later, the vehicles and police officers disappeared.

The evil from another dimension was watching me. In a dream, it transformed itself into a police officer to follow me everywhere. It grabbed my collar and yelled, “Do not do these things anymore.” One night, when I was in a room working on a report about a local spy, there was a sound like someone walking with slippers from the other room. It was the middle of the night and the situation was very scary. While I was writing, I asked Master to strengthen me while sending righteous thoughts. My fear gradually disappeared with the belief in Master and that He is omnipotent.

Once while I was riding a motorcycle out of the garage I suddenly heard something in my mind, “She is the editor.” I did not understand what this meant and I suddenly saw an illusion: I saw a bus hitting me. With a sudden stop, I fell to the ground with the motorcycle. I looked up and noticed that the bus had actually stopped at a station 600 feet away. I realized that it was the evil trying to hurt me again.

Once while I was writing up a report about a local practitioner who was persecuted to death, I put together two months of data. While I finished, and was ready to submit it to Minghui, I felt very tired. I was just about to rest on my bed for a little while when I suddenly saw a person in white sitting behind me. I did not know what was happening and realized immediately that I was going to die because I was so smothered. I quickly called for Master in my mind and recited the verses for sending righteous thoughts. The evil disappeared and I could breathe. I almost died for no reason. Fortunately I had righteous thoughts and paid attention to Fa study. And fortunately I had Master's merciful care. Otherwise, I could have died during a number of instances.

I feel that I am always in a fighting arena where evil is fighting against good. But it always fails. The final victory belongs to us because we have the great Fa and great Master. It is also because we are Fa-rectification Dafa disciples that have historic missions.

Working as one body

We Dafa disciples are one body. Seeing that many regions were going through severe persecution and did not have local truth clarifying materials, I had a thought that I wanted to help other practitioners in these other regions make truth clarifying materials. While I had this thought, I was encouraged by Master. In the night, I dreamed that many pens appeared from the surface of my feet. When I woke up, I knew that Master had already arranged a path with multiple magic pens so I could do it. I started working as the editor for six regions including our own.

I felt that the pressure was very large after I worked for a while. In addition, I was not able to know and confirm the information on time, so I wanted to work with the local practitioners. During the process, some information was transferred very smoothly, while some was not. Some practitioners did not do the work and even suspected me of being a spy, which gave me a big blow. I once thought that I did not want to do it anymore. But from the depths of my heart, I did not want to give up. After I worked through those painful feelings, I selected work mainly focusing on local issues and helped other regions if there wasn't any other human resources. It is better if practitioners in those regions can take the job, but if they could not do so, I would try my best to do so. I always keep in mind that Dafa disciples are one body. Whenever a practitioner is persecuted, it is as if I am being persecuted. We need to work together against the persecution.


I cannot describe the whole process I went through because of safety issues. But if we want to do something, Master will arrange it for us and unlock our wisdom. Many things that look very difficult might be solved easily. I hope educated practitioners from different regions can actively take on work as editors and expose the evil on time to stop the persecution and save more sentient beings.

Thank you for Master for your merciful care. I thank all fellow practitioners who are participating in the process. Heshi!