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Mistaking doing tasks as cultivation; falling down and sent to a forced labor camp

Because I was too eager to make up for the losses I caused in the past, I became attached to doing things. I seldom studied the Fa. My attachments to fear, fame and gain, lust, and other human things were very strong, and it took me a long time to eliminate them. My child was young and was ill, and I also had to work. When I was very busy, I could not even finish studying a single lecture of Zhuan Falun in a whole week. Thus the evil old forces found an excuse to persecute me, and in 2003 I was arrested.

My attachment of fear took over after I saw on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) that practitioners with technical skills are targeted by the regime for persecution. In the end I was sentenced to three years of forced labor. After arriving at the labor camp, I thought everything I saw in the camp were torture devices to be used on me. I was nearly overwhelmed with fear and I wanted to beg someone I knew to get me out. I excused my attachment by telling myself that I wanted to get out so I could continue assisting in Fa rectification, rather than recognizing and eliminating the fear.

By studying the Fa more, our righteous thoughts will be strengthened and the environment will change

Fortunately, during this period of time, my wife became more diligent in her cultivation, and she thought of many ways to obtain Master’s new articles and practitioners' cultivation experience sharing articles. Because I was able to keep reading Master's new articles and memorize the Fa, my righteous thoughts gradually became stronger. Unable to read Dafa books openly in the forced labor camp, memorizing the Fa became the main way for me to study. I managed to memorize Hong Yin, volumes I and II. Sometimes when a few of us were sitting in a circle doing tasks, we would recite the Fa from beginning to end repeatedly. We could also recite Master's new articles. As our righteous became stronger, someone later brought Zhuan Falun to us in prison, helping our righteous thoughts to become even stronger.

Here I would like to talk about the shift team leader. Since he was constantly in contact with Dafa practitioners and we continually talked to him about the facts, he understood that Dafa was good. He frequently helped practitioners by keeping the new articles safe and also helped to send letters out and bring letters in. However, his wife had a bad temper. When he saw that Dafa practitioners were all even tempered and especially kind, he wanted his wife to practice Falun Gong. Later he heard from a practitioner that there was a pictorial explanation of the exercises in the book Falun Gong, so he found a copy of the book and kept it, because he wanted to take it home and ask his wife to read it.

As the evil factors were gradually eliminated, within four to five months, with their righteous thoughts, dozens of male practitioners escaped from the forced labor camp.

A female practitioner shouted “Falun Dafa is good!” the moment she entered the camp. Her voice was so loud that it echoed throughout the camp. Later it was verified that this practitioner escaped with righteous thoughts.

I helped create an environment to study and memorize the Fa. With the sharing between practitioners and help, I finally managed to go on a hunger strike and ultimately escape from the camp.

My experience was that if we have steadfast faith in Master and Dafa and if we use righteous thoughts to deal with everything, the evil won't be able to touch us. It won't even be able to lock us up. In the next few years, whenever I was arrested, within a couple weeks I was able to go home with righteous thoughts.

Assimilate to the whole body

Because I'm a practitioner with technical skills who is validating the Fa, special things are required of me. Dafa practitioners are one body. Since I have a better knowledge of computers and technical skills, if I see that there are areas that are not adequate, I should take the initiative to help.

At first I met some practitioners who were coordinators. They told me that very few practitioners knew how to access the Internet. When they asked if I could help send materials to the Minghui website, I gladly agreed. If there was a task for which technical skills were needed but nobody knew how to do it, I did the research and learned the skills. If someone else could then take over the task, I would pass it on to him or her and then go on to do another task. With regard to technical skills, I did not expect myself to be the best among our practitioners, but I did expect that, in helping Master with Fa-rectification, these skills would be utilized to achieve the best results.

Persist in cultivation

Everyday people considered the government department where I had worked to be a good one and very exclusive. After I was released from the forced labor camp, although I did not give up cultivating, I was not effective in helping my work supervisors learn the truth about Falun Gong, so they did not allow me go back to work, and, in the end, they fired me.

After I lost my job and was compelled by the forced labor camp to sell my new house, I got into financial difficulties. I had to move a dozen times, but this did not slow down my progress in cultivation.

As long as we are sincerely cultivating, Master will help us and make arrangements for us. We were unexpectedly helped by a friend who is in business. He gave me a job, and the pay was almost the same as I had earned in my previous job, so I was able to purchase a house again.

Using righteous thoughts to solve technical issues

None of the problems that Dafa practitioners meet with are coincidental. Technical issues also have elements of cultivation. With more Fa study and strong righteous thoughts, we are able to learn technical skills very quickly. We can quickly solve technical problems and can even solve them with supernormal speed.

In the early days, when we had just started to build the material preparation sites, I went to a fellow practitioner’s house to help adjust his computer. I discovered that there was a short circuit in his house. I realized that this was the evil interfering, so we started to send righteous thoughts. Within ten minutes the electricity came back on.

Some days, the equipment seemed to work normally but I was unable to get on the Internet, and I couldn't solve the problem. I realized that it was because I was extremely busy and had not studied the Fa properly for a few days. After I settled down to study the Fa, everything started to work again and I was able to go online.

Sometimes, practitioners complained that their laptop computers would act up on them. Thus they often came to my house to get them repaired. Without doing anything to it, when we took a look at it again in a day or two, it would be fine. A cultivator is different from an everyday person. The “divine tool” that we use to help us in Fa rectification had problems because it's closely connected to our cultivation state.

Looking inwards

Sometimes when I had arguments with other practitioners, I would keep thinking that I was right and even feel resentful. I would remind myself that I am a practitioner and tell myself that, even if the other person is 99% wrong and I am only 1% wrong, I still must cultivate myself. From now on, I must let go of the attachment to blaming the other person and look at myself to see what I did wrong. When I truly look inwards, I will realize that I really do have shortcomings. I also realized that I had unknowingly already hurt the other party. I quickly calmed down and apologized to the other party.

I am extremely honored and fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner and am able to assist Master in Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. This is my biggest wish.

I've always felt that my cultivation was poor and I had nothing to share. Thus I always waited to read other people’s sharing. Later I saw an article by a practitioner who wrote that we should not be self-centered. I thus understood that I must let go of myself and felt that I should make a breakthrough and write something. Once I started writing, I realized that there was much to share. When conferences were held in the past, I thought of writing something, but I would write the first paragraph and stop there. This time I had a breakthrough, and in writing this sharing, I eliminated many attachments.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, everyone!