(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to Master! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

Here I'll share my experiences of the last ten years in cultivation practice.

Enjoying a Good Environment After Obtaining the Fa

I used to practice qigong with another person. Then one day in May 1996, that person asked me to go to the park to learn Falun Gong. After a few days, I obtained the book Zhuan Falun, and I read it in one day and one night. From it I realized that the real purpose for being human is to return to our original, true selves. I decided to practice Dafa. Soon, my illnesses were gone, and my husband and kids knew that Dafa is good.

My husband was very weak and had many diseases. At that time my two kids were very young. In order to take care of my husband, one of my kids was under the care of my parents, and the other was under the care of my parents-in-law. My husband had many diseases, such as gastric ulcer, neurasthenia, etc. His disease couldn't be cured. My pain was indescribable. After I obtained Dafa, my husband was very supportive, and sometimes he even read Dafa books and helped me do some things to validate the Fa. Gradually my husband recovered; later, he could even go out to work. Then my first son got a job and got married. My younger son was very obedient. All the family troubles were gone. This fortune was brought by Dafa.

Before July 20, 1999, I practiced the exercises every morning and taught new practitioners the exercises. Every night, I participated in group Fa study. Dafa is wonderful.

I recall that we once had a local experience sharing conference. A few hundred practitioners attended the conference. The fellow practitioners shared their stories. I was deeply touched; tears kept falling down my cheeks. My life was very rich. The group practice was wonderful.

Casting Aside Human Attachments and Validating Dafa

On July 20, 1999 the communist party started to ruthlessly persecute Dafa. All practitioners were very sad and worried a lot, but we didn't know what to do.

Later I heard that some practitioners went to Beijing to validate Dafa, and I decided to follow them. I previously had never left my hometown. However, suddenly I felt that Master was with me and guided me; I could certainly go to Beijing. So with two other practitioners, we set out on our way to Beijing.

When we were in Beijing, we arrived by bus at the side door of Tiananmen Square. Soon, a policeman came over and asked us what we were doing. We told them that we wanted to appeal. He forcibly brought us to the Qianmen Police Station. Three days later, we were forcibly sent back to the local police station, and soon after we were detained at a detention center.

There were many practitioners in this detention center. The evil guards forced us to look at pictures slandering Dafa. We didn't cooperate; instead we practiced the exercises together. We went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. They tried to force all of us to write a guarantee statement. Over time, only a few of us had not written such statements. After being detained for two weeks, I was sent to a forced labor camp.

After I was released, I studied the Fa a lot. I started to distribute materials designed to clear up any misconceptions about Falun Gong. Many friends knew the truth. Here are two examples:

One night in Fall, it was very cold. I went out with a practitioner to post material which showed how an excellent teacher was tortured to death in a forced labor camp. Before we left home, we sent forth righteous thoughts and hoped Master would help us. On our way, it was raining a little; so there were not many people around. We walked for a whole night and posted all the materials we had. Before dawn, we went back home safely. We later heard that many people learned about the persecution after reading the materials. What we did greatly frightened the evil.

My husband often accompanied me to distribute truth-clarifying materials. We went to almost all the streets and alleys of the cities and villages, bringing the materials wherever we could reach. My husband helped a lot; thus he received huge rewards. All his illness were gone; thanks to Master's benevolence.

Cultivating Myself in Conflicts

When I started to cultivate Dafa, my husband was often abusive to me. I simply ignored him. Oftentimes, he followed me wherever I went. I had no choice but to tolerate him. I studied the Fa again and again. Gradually I could tolerate him without it preying on my mind, and I even smiled at him. Then he stopped scolding me.

My son was getting older, but he couldn't find a girlfriend for a long time. I looked inside myself and found many attachments: my sentiment to my son and my desire to change others, but not myself. I enlightened that nothing occurs accidentally; all were under Master's arrangement. After I put down my attachments, everything became smooth. My son got a job and got married.

Another thing I want to mention is that, during the time when I was heavily persecuted, I was illegally arrested, detained and sent to a forced labor camp. My father-in-law threatened me, saying that if I went out again, he would make his son divorce me. I thought what he said wasn't important. Since I didn't have any attachment to this, he never mentioned divorce again.

Escaping from the Evil Place with Righteous Thoughts

One day in 2003, together with fellow practitioners, I distributed more than 400 copies of truth-clarifying materials. I was very excited. The second day I went to a nearby place again, but wasn't aware that the evil had put more guards there. Then I was illegally arrested and sent to a detention center.

I went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. After more than 10 days, the guard came in one morning and whispered to the head of the prisoners. Later, the prisoner told me that they planned to send me to a forced labor camp for 2 years. All the prisoners in my room knew that Falun Gong practitioners are good people; they told me not to cooperate with the guards. So I laid on the bed for the whole morning and kept on reciting the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. I said to Master in my mind, “I should not go to the forced labor camp, I must leave here to do what I am supposed to do. I will never follow the old force's arrangement.” As a result, nothing happened that afternoon. I enlightened that any determined things could be changed under Master's and Dafa's mercy and Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts.

At night, I had a very clear dream: I was at a vast apple orchard. Large, red apples hung on the trees. There were many people harvesting apples, and I was one of them. Then I saw two crystal pears and dug a hole to hide them. However, then I thought, “It would be better to share them with others.” So I dug them out and shared them with all the others. After I woke up, I realized that my dream was not an accident; it was Master encouraging me. Two days later, I was transferred to a detention center. Then I understood why I dreamed about the pear. That was because I would depart from the persons in my room [In Chinese, the pronunciation of “pear” is similar to the pronunciation of “leave”]. I knew I would be free soon. I was released from the detention center soon after that.

I enlightened that righteous thoughts and righteous actions are very important. If a practitioner has any flaw or hasn't maintained enough righteous thought, the evil would take advantage of it to persecute the practitioner. The most important thing is that without Master's care, I couldn't be here today. The only thing I can do to repay Master is to strive forward vigorously in my cultivation and to be a true Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period.

I still have many things I need to do better, such as I haven't tried my best to save sentient beings, and I have missed many people with predestined relationships. I have many attachments to be relinquished, like jealousy, the mentality of showing off, a competitive mentality, and zealotry....... I will try my best to get rid of these attachments as soon as possible, to save more people, and not to let Master down.