Greetings, revered Master!

Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I would like to thank Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) for again providing us, the practitioners in mainland China, an experience sharing platform and for their hard work, which gives us a chance to report to Master in the final stage of the Fa-rectification.

Obtaining the Fa

In 2001 I had not started practicing yet. My mother came to my place from our hometown in the countryside. She said that a practitioner in my grandparents' village had been repeatedly arrested, detained, and fined. He was being detained in the county forced labor camp. It was harvest time, and laborers were badly needed. His friends and relatives were desperate. She wanted to see if I could help get him out.

The next day, right after I got to the office, I went to ask the general secretary for help, saying I wanted to help my relative. The general secretary made a call, then told me to see the director. The director wrote a note to the head of county Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee. I took a day trip to the county. I did all I could do.

At the beginning of 2003, a practitioner in my hometown was held in a brainwashing center. I was again asked to help. I went to the brainwashing center with a labor camp director. After they learned from reading our visitors' registration that we were from the province, the agents were cooperative. Luckily, I had the opportunity to accumulate a little de. Master saw that I still had some conscience left and did not leave me behind. I was very blessed.

Actually, I did this out of my ordinary human emotions instead of supporting Falun Gong. Since I did not know the truth, I tried to persuade the practitioners, saying, “Why not do something else instead of getting yourself into trouble?” Out of their gratitude towards me, they kept telling me the facts and said that they would save me. I felt funny. How could they save me while they were in such a position? I lived a good life. My meals were covered by public funding. My clothes were covered by public funding. My salary was high and my workload light. In my leisure time, I sang, danced, and traveled. Our lives were not comparable. It would be enough if they took good care of themselves and did not get others into trouble. I thought what they said was insane. They visited me with gifts several times. I did not take any of their gifts and did not invite them to my home, either.

One day they came with my mother. They kept talking about Falun Gong as usual. If we had been in their home, I would have talked back. Since they came from far away, to be polite, I had to let them talk. That was not all. They stayed in my home and taught my mother the exercises! They did not finish until after 1:00 p.m. In the end, I said, “How about this? You don't say anymore. Give me one of your books and let me see what you are really up to.”

I then forgot what's I'd said until my father came to me in a dream one day, telling me that he was very poor. After I woke up, I realized that it was the time to visit his tomb. When I went back to my hometown the next day, my mother gave me a book to read. I was surprised, since I'd forgotten what I'd said. Once I started to read the book, I could not put it down.

Rectifying Myself

Hometown practitioners and I visited each other from time to time thereafter. Each time I went there, they shared about cultivation with me regardless of how busy they were. I learned the five exercises and how to send righteous thoughts. I was almost in a solitary cultivation state, silently rectifying myself with the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance and abandoning all of my bad habits. It was hard at first. When my unit gave away gifts from our employers, there were still many left in the end. We each picked some just like we always did. I picked a box of them. Just one item, a knife, was worth more than 70 yuan. At the end of the day, my colleagues took theirs home. It was different for me this time. I struggled, wondering whether to take it or not. Thinking that it was not stealing and everybody had taken theirs, I carried the box out of the office. Thinking that the book taught me to be a good person and not be the same as others, I took the box back to the office. I thought again that Master said to conform to the state of everyday people, and it wouldn't make any difference if I did not take. I carried the box out again. I carried it in and out several times. I finally went home empty-handed. The next day, none of my colleagues understood me, but they later got used to it.

My unit voted for outstanding workers. I thought that I had learned Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance and should conduct myself better than others. I voted for others. In the end, I got most of the votes. After I went home, I thought that it would be wonderful if Falun Gong was not persecuted. The despicable Jiang did something nonsensical. As a result, practitioners appealed for the right to practice Falun Gong and suffered a lot. I did not catch the event. It would be great if I had a chance to go to Tiananmen Square. The next day, the supervisor had outstanding workers visit Beijing. My wish was granted.

The next year we voted for outstanding workers again. I wanted to be selected again, so I voted for myself. I wrote on the ballot, flipped it over, then left. No one voted for me, and the supervisor sitting beside me quietly lifted and read my ballot. He then, in the hall, looked at me from the corner of his eye, shouting, “Someone voted for himself.” The hall immediately got quiet. I instantly realized my fault and sincerely said, “You are talking about me. I did vote for myself. I want to go to Beijing again.” Everyone laughed. He said no more. The embarrassment ended.

Safeguarding the Fa

Once when I went back to mt hometown, there were numerous slogans defaming Dafa in several villages. Practitioners planned to clean them together at night and asked me to send righteous thoughts at home. I thought that, although I obtained the Fa late, this was also my duty. I should not merely be a beneficiary of Dafa. It was like the statement in Zhuan Falun, “If you do not help stop a murder or arson, what would you get involved with?” I formed a group with my children and two fellow practitioners. We erased more than 30 slogans.

Soon after that, a propaganda board defaming Dafa showed up at my workplace. It had a glass cover. I sent righteous thoughts for several days, but it did not work. I mailed letters to supervisors. Nothing changed. I was upset. The board was lit 24 hours a day and watched by security guards at the gate as well as surveillance cameras. At night, I lay in bed and wished, “Let it rain. Let it rain. If it is raining, I can cover myself with a raincoat, and no one will recognize me when I clean it out.” It did rain. I rushed to the window, looking outside and saying, “The heavier the rain, the better. The stronger wind, the better. The louder the thunder, the better.” It started to pour. The wind blew off branches. The thunder sounded like it was crashing just overhead. I dashed out and covered the board with paint. The supervisor called an investigation the next day. All the employees saw the board when they went to or left the office, but no one dared mention it. The guards on duty said that the camera did not take useful pictures since it was aimed too low. The supervisor was unhappy, “Intentional. It was intentional.” The investigation stopped without any results.

Clarifying the Truth

Through continuous Fa study, I understood that the time of saving beings was pressing. I clarified the truth to my relatives and friends, whoever I remembered. I visited relatives I had never visited before. My colleagues needed more attention. First I dropped truth-clarification brochures at their homes. Within days, I spoke to them patiently, one by one, from a third party view. All my coworkers in my office quit the CCP except the boss, Wu. It took me six months and lots of effort to get him to quit. When I was telling others the facts, he would digress. When I mentioned Falun Gong, he scolded. The more people, the more excited he was. I spoke about the truth of Falun Gong from different angles. He repeated the CCP lies. He loved to watch news and talked about it in the office the first thing every day. He talked about the hidden character stone 200 million years old in Guizhou. The TV report did not mention the last character, “perish.” The Party members saw it as their glory. I did not know the story of the stone and had nothing to say.

I noticed that my colleagues liked collections. I declared that I thought that Falun Gong articles would be priceless in the future. If someone ran across them, they should not throw them away and should give them to me. Someone did gave them to me. I talked about it while I was reading. I intentionally left them in the office for a couple of days. My main purpose was to have Wu see them, but he did not.

A colleague in another office gave us a stack of shopping coupons, saying a store was having a promotion. The coupons offered discounts as well as free newspaper delivery for a year. When we went to the store, it was very crowded. We did not want to wait in line and came back. The colleague's wife was the manager of the store. He came to our office again some days later. We asked him, “Has the newspaper delivery started?” He said, “Don't mention it. I don't know if the newspaper will be delivered or not. But the newspaper box is installed. I check it every day on my way out. The other day, I found something it it. It was thick, and I took it out. It was a newspaper-wrapped book with a white cover. The title is Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. All the talking points are correct. It should not be the end after a newspaper-wrapped Nine Commentaries on Communist Party.” I said, “No, but could you lend the book to us?” He hesitated. I said, “We will not keep it after we finish. We will return it to you quickly.” I took the book and made comments while reading it in the office. The book was in our office for some time. Wu did not read it, did not say anything, and did not make any comments. In addition, he laughed at me, saying “Eat from the Party, take from the Party, badmouth the Party...” I said, “Wu, what you say is wrong. Think this way: If all the CCP members hang themselves and die, we will still do what we should do. Nothing will change, will it? If there were only a few Party members left in the world, how many days would they survive by merely holding phones? It is water carrying a boat, not a boat carrying water. Isn't that right?” He got angry and left.

One day we were talking about Falun Gong, and everyone said that it was good. He started to fuss at us. I was really upset and cried, “Wu, would you stop scolding us? It is disgusting to hear an old man fuss at people.” I almost gave up on him.

It just so happened that a colleague gave me a booklet that afternoon. It had stories of the hidden character stone and the picture showing the characters: “Chinese Communist Party perish.” I was encouraged. I immediately went to see Wu. I said, “Wu, come. Do you remember the hidden character stone that you mentioned the other day? The one on TV?” He said he did. I said, “What you said is right, except one word is missing.” He asked what the word was. I said, “I dare not say it.” I held the picture high. Everyone saw it except him, and he wanted to see it. I did not let him see it, saying, “You, the CCP member, cannot see this. We cannot have a leader take a wrong path.” He was really upset.

At the end of the day, I waited for him at the gate. When I saw him come out, I caught up with him and put the wrapped booklet into his bicycle basket, saying, “Boss Wu, you really should not read it in the office. It won't do you any good. Read it thoroughly at home. Remember to return it to me tomorrow. I haven't finished it yet.” I saw that he was moved.

The next day, I went to office early and got two eggs for him in the cafeteria. He was late, very late. As soon as I saw him coming, I was glad, saying, “Wu, hurry. I saved two eggs for you. They all wanted them, but I did not give these away. They were saved for you. We are the two eldest and need nutrition. Take them.” He said, “Thank you, I really could not take them.” He then handed me the booklet. I noticed that his face was yellowish, and sweat covered his head. I said, “You look very unwell. You should not have come. Go home now. I will take care things here.” He left right away. Soon the news came that Wu had been admitted to the hospital. It was said that he fainted in his hallway just after returning home. He spit up blood and was taken to the emergency room. I knew that Master was purifying him, and he would be fine.

I planned to visit him and talk to him in detail in two days. Before I had a chance to, he returned to work. I was surprised, saying “Wu, why not take a longer break? You will still get paid.” He said, “I thought I would, too. But the regulations say that, to qualify for a long term leave, I have to stay in the hospital for some days. I wanted to stay in hospital for a longer time, but the patient sharing the room with me had difficulty breathing every night. It was scary. When I stayed home, I felt more energetic than usual. I have nothing else to do, so I came back to work.” I said, “Wu, you really scared me this time. Luckily you are all right. If you had died, I would have regretted it all my life.” He said, “What has it to do with you?” I said, “Have you forgotten that I said you would get bad luck when you fussed about Falun Gong?” He said, “You do not have such a power.” I said, “Wu, no matter if there is power or not, do not fault Falun Gong anymore. Falun Gong has nothing to do with you. Why hate it?” He said, “I won't belittle it anymore.” I asked, “Are you thinking clearly this time? Quit the CCP. The elites of the CCP are all dead. What is the benefit of mixing with death? You like them, and they think about you're on that side. Do you think that you are safe? Some people hang the picture of the Party leader and say it is a deity. Your whole family will be delighted if a Buddha or a Bodhisattva comes to your home. Mao's corpse is in Tiananmen. Would you like it to be in your home? That's not right. Quit the CCP as soon as possible.” He finally agreed, “OK, I quit.”

One flower is not colorful. A hundred flowers make the whole garden colorful. I, a modest flower bud, due to Master's careful cultivation and irrigation, am getting more and more colorful and making my contribution to the whole garden.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!