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Epoch Times: Former Music Conductor at Shanghai Institute of Music and Drama: a Tenor with Such a Bright and Clear Voice is Rarely Seen! [1/30/2009]
Talkin' Broadway: Chinese New Year Spectacular Returns to San Francisco [1/30/2009]
EpochTimes: 'Very impressive,' Says Senator [1/23/2009]
Epoch Times: Majestic! Says Quebec MP (Photo) [1/22/2009]
Epoch Times: Live Orchestra of DPA Show 'very exciting' Says Director of Youth Symphony [1/10/2009]
Epoch Times: Ontario MPP: 'I waited an entire year to see this' (Photo) [1/5/2009]
The Epoch Times: Southern California Leaders Commend DPA (Photo) [1/2/2009]
Epoch Times: North Carolina State Senator Enjoys "Outstanding talent" "I was very, very impressed" (Photo) [1/2/2009]
Epoch Times: Officials in Illinois Welcome DPA to Chicago (Photos) [12/29/2008]
Philadelphia, U.S.A.: Audience Moved to Tears by the Suffering of Falun Gong Practitioners (Photos) [1/7/2008]
Epoch Times: Foreign Interference Fails to Stop Holiday Show's Success (Photo) [12/29/2007]
Epoch Times: 'You Are Showing Westerners What Real Chinese Culture is Like' [12/27/2007]
Epoch Times: Surprises at the Holiday Wonders Debut in Baltimore (Photos) [12/19/2007]
Epoch Times: Holiday Wonders Premieres in New York City [12/19/2007]
More Than 30 Philadelphia Mainstream Media Outlets Report NTDTV New Year Spectacular (Photos) [2/27/2007]
PR Newswire: More than Just a Pretty Show: Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City February 14-17 [2/16/2007]
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