Mar 2, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan--"Wonderful! Wonderful!" repeated Mr. Yu, a famous writer. He returned to Taipei on March 2, and his friends invited him to watch the Divine Performing Arts' (DPA) last show in Taipei. He was overjoyed to see DPA promoting the divinely bestowed culture around the world.

Mr. Yu Hai has no fixed residence, and does not use a cellphone. The only items in his backpack are usually a notebook, a camera and a tape recorder, which he uses to record the history of Taiwan. He visits tribes in remote mountains. He was especially impressed by DPA's promoting the divinely bestowed culture. He said, "This joyful feeling in my heart is very, very beautiful."

"All the people around the world would be touched if they came to see the show. How fortunate we are to see DPA in this time," said Mr. Yu. He commended DPA for its spectacular presentation of Chinese culture through dance, drama and music. "I think not only Chinese, but also other people around the globe would be touched after seeing the show," he added.

As a person who is always grateful for whatever happens to him, Mr. Yu was moved to tears by the show today. After learning that DPA has three dance companies now on tour in Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States, he said with emotion, "The DPA is amazing. It is great for DPA to offer such beautiful divinely bestowed Chinese culture to the people around the world." He also expressed thanks to DPA for quietly disseminating the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to people around the world.

Mr. Yu said that he "would cherish his life and no longer waste time waiting for opportunities." He believes we should always maintain righteous thoughts and righteous deeds. He said the DPA made him cherish what he had and he would like to contribute more to society.

Throughout the show, Mr. Yu wiped away tears several times. He again praised DPA's magnificent presentation of Chinese culture on the stage.

When talking about the dance called The Udumbara's Bloom, he happily said that the dancers' performance was indeed wonderful, as if they were colorful butterflies, which touched him deeply. It was good to see the show with his eyes brimming with tears in dim lighting, because the performance was so magnificent, with tremendous efforts by the dancers, he was greatly moved.

"In the show, I found the beauty of humanity, the beauty of Chinese tradition and the magnificence of the divinely bestowed culture," he added.