MEMPHIS, Tenn.--Divine Performing Arts (DPA) 2009 World Tour played at the ornate Orpheum Theatre, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, on Feb. 8.

Congressman Steve Cohen said of the performance, "This was a very nice opportunity for Memphians to have a taste of the Chinese culture ... especially at the time of Chinese New Year."

Divine Performing Arts (DPA) focuses on the authentic cultural heritage of classical China.

Rep. Cohen said it was especially important to expose the young children of Memphis to Chinese culture: "I saw their eyes just lit up, they enjoyed it so much."

The congressman said of the DPA, "I thank you on behalf of the people of Memphis for extending your culture and your wonderful arts to our community."

Mr. Williams, a civic leader, opened his comments with "Ni hao," the Chinese greeting that he learned from the show. "I just also want to thank the performers ... who did such a terrific job. What a spectacular production! I think we had everything from flowers, to drums, a phoenix, a monkey king, song, and dance--everything was in that one show.

Williams said he has been involved in the performing arts in Memphis for a long time. "I just want to say it truly was a pleasure to watch that performance."

"I agree certainly with Congressman Cohen. We have witnessed something, I think, that speaks a lot to the values that we all share: Good conquers all, and we all have something good inside of us. And we as a world, we as a country, have a lot of things that we can all bring together for the goodness of mankind," he said.

"So again, our congratulations and thanks for bringing [DPA] to Memphis, he said. "Come to Memphis again. Thank you!"