(Clearwisdom.net) Canberra newspapers and magazines, including Capital Magazine, City News, and several others published articles to introduce the upcoming Chinese Spectacular presented by Divine Performing Arts. The show was staged in Canberra, the capital of Australia, on April 11 and 12, 2008.

Capital Magazine

City News

The article in the City News stated, "The 'Spectacular' features traditional Chinese classical dance performed in front of high-tech backdrops. The costumes are inspired by ancient Chinese scrolls, while its music blends techniques from the West with melodies from the East. These pieces of artistry are said to catch the eye, delight the senses, touch the heart, and move the soul.

"With the skillful aide of 21st century special effects, the 'Spectacular' blends modern theatricality with the traditions of the ancient Chinese landscape to create a show unlike any traditional Chinese performance. With magnificent costumes and choreography it's billed as a 'world-class show, an unforgettable experience.'"

The newspaper The Word stated that Divine Performing Arts will transport the audience to "an incredible, ancient land. This is a journey to the land of the true China."

"China was once called the land of the divine. Ancient Chinese philosophy, painting, music and dance exemplify the harmony of man and heaven. Sadly, decades of cultural repression have seen these traditions nearly destroyed.

"Today, a renewal has begun, and the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular is leading the renaissance of true Chinese culture."

Ms. Helen Musa, Arts editor of the Canberra Times, was fascinated by the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. She said that she felt that there is something in the performance for everyone. She also thought that the beautiful costumes and dances in the show should not be missed, and the culture and philosophy presented are also very interesting. Ms. Musa felt that the performance gave her a different kind of enjoyment, not only in the visual and auditory sense, but even more so in the spiritual sense.

"Through the language of dance and song, ancient stories are brought to life; the traditional Chinese values of loyalty, filial piety and admiration for divine beings are all vividly depicted and faithfully restored," stated the Word article.