Feb 16, 2009

HIROSHIMA, Japan--Lin is a 20-year-old girl from China who is currently working in Japan. On February 15, after watching the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) show along with some companions in Hiroshima, she lingered at the lobby and hesitated to leave. Her face was filled with glorious splendor.

"Oh! It's really marvelous. I just don't know how to describe it. It's just amazing," Lin said.

Chinese Girls in Japan

Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution was the dance program which touched Lin most. "The program about the little girl, the persecution one, made my eyes blur with tears. After the little girl's father had been persecuted, a god came to rescue him and save their lives," Lin said with tears in her eyes.

Lin lived through the atheist education in China. She didn't believe the existence of gods and Buddha, but said that the gods and Buddha in the show were so real. She could comprehend the theme that the show expressed, that gods and Buddha created the five thousand years of Chinese civilization and to respect gods and do good deeds. "I can understand the program, because I am Chinese. We have persistently received the education which told us not to believe the existence of gods, but after watching this show, I felt gods and Buddha were so real," Lin said.

"It's my first time to see the show. It's really a great show. If the Divine Performing Arts show comes to Japan, I will definitely go to see it again," Lin said.

Due to recent incidences in China, such as the poisoned dumplings incident, falsification practices during the Beijing Olympics, the tainted milk powder scandal, etc., China's image in Japan had been affected. So for Lin, as a Chinese person working in Japan, she often felt discrimination. While watching the show, Lin also observed the Japanese audiences' reactions around her.

She said happily, "I was wondering how Japanese would feel after seeing the show. They would definitely feel unbelievable. They have had a better impression of China."

At the end, with joyfulness on her face, Lin said, "I'm going to call my family after getting home tonight to tell them about DPA's magnificence."