(Clearwisdom.net) On February 3, 2008, during the intermission of the Chinese New Year Splendor, Mr. Li Yong and his wife spoke with the reporter in their front row seats. Mr. Li told the reporter, "This show allows people to know the real China, it brings honor to the Chinese people."

Mr. Li Yong was born in China's Guangxi Province and grew up in Taiwan. One of his former students is Hong Kong talk show host Yuk-Man Wong. He was one of the founders of United Daily News and also the North American World Journal. Mr. Li is a famous writer in the overseas Chinese language media circle. His articles have a wide influence. His dialog with a Chinese Communist official included the famous statement, "Be real Chinese children, not the offspring of Marx and Lenin."

Co-founder of United Daily News and the North American World Journal Li Yong and his wife (Epoch Times archive)

Mr. Li thought that the show was very good, that the dances, songs and especially the Erhu, all demonstrated China's 5,000 years of civilization. The attitude of non-violence reflected in the performance impressed him because he feels that such spirit is very precious.

He also commented on the artistic creativity: "The drums are fantastic, very muscular and energetic, with superb techniques and extraordinary prowess. Their muscular and energetic spirit is hardly ever seen in Chinese cultural performances nowadays."

Mr. Li went on, "New Tang Dynasty's New Year's show is better than other shows that claim to present Chinese culture. The other shows usually are very empty and unsophisticated. Even many performing troupes from Taiwan are not of this caliber. The show's design, composition, direction, execution, and techniques are all first class. It brings honor to the Chinese people. This is the real China!"

Mrs. Li admired the show very much. She said, "The production is outstanding. It is so powerful and effective. The organization and behind-the-scenes coordination were remarkable. Not only the dances and songs, but also the coordination behind the scenes is second to none. Shows like this will be very successful everywhere in the US."