Mar 7, 2009

Applause from an enthusiastic audience at the Saturday performance

LONDON--On March 7, the curtain fell for the last performance of the Divine Performing Arts 2009 World Tour on British soil.

After five days of thrilling audiences, from March 3-7 at New London Theater, the New York-based company will travel on to Denmark to perform there for the next two days.

Herein is a collection of views from audience members during intermission.

The communication manager for a global computer company, Mr. Davis, has been learning to speak Chinese.

He said he was advised by his teacher to see the show, a dialogue of China's ancient traditions.

DPA has at its heart the goal of rediscovering and renewing humanity's true, rightful cultural heritage, delivered through dance, song, music and drama.

Mr. Davis was stunned by the wide-ranging repertoire.

"It was very interesting, a selection of dances I didn't know well," he said. "I didn't know what to expect before the show.

"The wide range of the performances was quite interesting. The wide range of history and also different local and ethnic traditions. A very colorful performance."

Mr Davis said he liked the drumming rhythms most.

"I learned something from this show. Because I'm learning Chinese, I started learning about the folk tradition and the mythology. When you see a stage before you, it always brings things to life."

Civil servant: 'Very colourful, very energetic'

A government civil servant, who gave his name only as Ben, thoroughly enjoyed the show. "Very good, extremely good, yes. We were impressed. Very colourful and very acrobatic as well, yes."

He said he would normally go to operas and ballets, "but we thought 'it's different'. It's very colourful and very energetic, and we liked the music, as well."

Banker: 'Just a way of bringing it more to life'

Mr. Taylor, who works for a bank in London, said at intermission how much he was enjoying the show. "It's very good, very good. I think just the overall color and the dancing; the backdrops help it come alive, and the costumes are marvelous."

He said the DPA performance was the first one he had seen. "I think I understand a bit about Chinese culture. This is just a way of bringing it more to life. Yes, its good I think the color and the [performance] is quite good."