Sep 27, 2008

Agnes Bristow at the Spectacular. (Michael Comas/The Epoch Times)

TORONTO--Film producer, actor and CEO of Knightscove Media Corp, Leif Bristow was very impressed with the Mid-Autumn Spectacular this year.

Mr. Bristow was at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto with his wife Agnes to see his third Divine Performing Arts performance and rates this one the best so far.

"I think with this show--it's a lot more colorful, it's a lot more fun, the music is a lot more... the show has become just so much more professional each year."

"It's improved and improved and improved. I would say that of the shows I've seen, this is by far the most polished. I think the choreography is so spectacular this year. Really beautiful. I love the show."

Mr. Bristow's daughter has just graduated from the National Ballet School, and he commented on the dance techniques: "It's fascinating to see the difference in classical and traditional Chinese ballet compared to the strict ballet of Europe and North America today. It's very fascinating because of the way the stories are integrated into it and the way the costumes are used differently than traditional European ballet.

"The woman who plays the erhu--that was the prettiest I ever heard that instrument sound. Very emotional. You've got all the emotions out of what she's playing."

Leading a team that has released three feature films and a company that distributes family friendly film he felt the way the projection screen for the background [was used] was also superior.

"It's a very fascinating way [in which] the backdrops are being used now both to bring characters to the ground and to have them on stage and then return."

"Especially in Lady of the Moon, that was a particularly good use of that screen. And the same thing with the water dance. What it does, it helps set a tone for the piece that's being done."

"The choreography is so spectacular this year. Really beautiful," Mr. Bristow said. "I find it really beautiful, really impressive."

He has plans to make a film about Divine Performing Arts choreographer, Tia Zhang. "I know that Tia is an incredible choreographer and very demanding of the dancers."

Wife Agnes was also full of praise for the Spectacular.

"I think the message is all about caring for other people, nurturing the human spirit and just love and support."

A writer of educational materials for schools and universities, and for parenting and life skills, she is currently writing a book about Tia Zhang's life.

"I thought it was one of the most phenomenal shows I have ever seen. I will come back every time."

The one performance that stood out for her was Risen Lotus Flower--a depiction of the persecution of Falun Gong in today's China.

"I think that summed up the whole show and then bringing people together for a common purpose and fighting something that isn't right in society and that was the message that I got from it."

Mrs. Bristow agreed with her husband that this was the most impressive show so far.

"I think about all the live performances that I've seen, I can't think of anything at the moment that touched me as much as this one. I think I just used the word phenomenal too many times to describe it!"