(Clearwisdom.net) Wu Zichen, daughter of Wu Meicun, the former executive deputy finance minister of the Republic of China (Taiwan), is herself the former director of the Taiwanese Friendship Association of New York. She is a nutritionist for the New York state government. She attended the Chinese New Year Splendor with her husband, Ren Nanming, a technical director for the New York Times.

Wu Zichen at the Holiday Wonders show

Ms. Wu could barely contain her joy when speaking to the reporter on the phone. She said, "Every program was wonderful! All of the songs [were great], and the singers' voices were a true marvel! Solos usually appear 'thin' when compared to large-scale dances in the same show, but in the Splendor production, every singer's voice was so highly disciplined, rich and full of meaning, with such heartfelt charm, that the audience was completely absorbed in the melody itself, almost overlooking the fact that only one person was performing."

Ren Naiming, a technical director at the New York Times, said the Splendor was even better than the Holiday Wonders at the Beacon Theatre. He loved the Mongolian Dance and said that the male dancers were outstanding. In his past viewing experiences he had observed that female dancers dominated most shows and that their male counterparts were lackluster. It was rare for the Splendor to have so many outstanding dancers performing in the show.

Wu Zichen, a big fan of music and dance, said she most appreciated the "Water Sleeves" performance. The sleeves in this program were longer and therefore more graceful than those often seen in the traditional ribbon dance, making it both familiar and innovative. The hostess and the host generated great chemistry between themselves and the audience, thereby contributing to the overall dynamic.

Ms. Wu recalled flying dragons in previous New Tang Dynasty Television shows and anticipates a comeback of the dragon performance.

She once saw a visiting Japanese group in Taiwan, the Toho Song and Dance Ensemble. She admires the fact that the Divine Performing Arts Company has so much exceptional talent. At the conclusion of the telephone interview she expressed her hope that the company would keep up their noble efforts, and she wished them great and continued success.