(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese New Year Splendor continued its successful run at Radio City Music Hall on February 2, 2008. The audience was in high spirits despite the drizzle and cold.

Nicholas from Washington D.C., who enjoys Chinese opera and reads Chinese said, "I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the stories that were told through dance. They were very vivid, very rich and very, very peaceful. ...the dancers were very, very elegant."

Jamal Isaac, a researcher from the Caribbean, learned about the Splendor through a Chinese colleague. He enjoyed watching Chinese acrobatics in the past and decided to attend this show. He said, "I love the arts. The costumes are phenomenal! I am getting a very strong sense of the culture."

"I get a sense of renewal, as you try to revive your culture, probably among younger generations, especially those who are living in New York."

"There is a lot of history here. One line that struck me is the idea that the culture came from the heavens, demonstrating even more how it is important to the Chinese people."

He said the spiritual aspect of the performance was touching, and "The music, the instruments, the movements--all of them are new to me. The music is very spiritual. It senses and tells the story of soul."

Paul Scharam, who is originally from Venezuela, South America and now lives in Queens, New York, works as an engineer. He came with his whole family and many friends. He said, "It is great! I mean it is fantastic! The originality, stuff that I've never seen before. Just the talent of these people! The musicians and everybody else, you know, just very powerful. They have good coordination with the music and dancing, and everything else along with nature."