(Clearwisdom.net) On Sunday, February 2, 2008, thousands enjoyed the more than two-hour-long show that covers 5,000 years of Chinese culture. Some of the spectators are Chinese-Americans. Among them was Mochen Xu, who shared his impressions of the show with a reporter.

Mochen Xu took a two-hour bus ride from Connecticut to watch the Chinese New Year Splendor on February 2, 2008 (Photo by: Gao Ling /the Epoch Times)

Mochen Xu, an engineer from Connecticut, took a two-hour bus ride to New York to see the show. He shared his feelings with the reporter.


Superb Backdrop

The beautiful backdrops especially impressed Mr. Xu. "Two features impressed me most: the backdrop, especially its portrayals of temple and heavenly scenes. My favorites are the Tang Dynasty scenes, and they came up several times. I am deeply impressed." Xu added, "Also, some of the scenes were photographed, and others are three-dimensional animation, using high tech. It's absolutely fabulous!"

Profound Lyrics

The second most memorable feature for Mr. Xu was the lyrics of the songs. He highlighted the lyrics in the program with a red pen. "I could not find any words to describe my feelings. Aside from the beautiful backdrop, the lyrics are my favorite feature. I was just telling my friend who came on the same bus. The feeling is beyond description. These words convey heavenly messages. The meaning goes much further than the words.

"Normally, artistic expression goes beyond words. But the powerful lyrics still convey many messages. It's hard to describe. Using a Chinese saying, it is beyond words! My vocabulary is too limited to explain. It is of a very high realm, more than artistic expression.

"I was filled with a feeling of grief, " Mr. Xu admitted, and said that he was in tears several times during the show. "We all should reveal the truth. Do not let the lies [of the Chinese Communist Party] compromise our values. This is extremely important, especially in an oppressive society. If you have read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, you will know what I am talking about. The wonder lies in the language of the show, not the sharp words, but the way it tells the truth. It talks directly to your heart. The truth resonates and explodes in the depths of your heart. We should not let a government's power and lies corrupt our conscience."