(Clearwisdom.net) Arthur, a painter from Beijing, commented after watching the tenth performance of the Chinese New Year Splendor at New York City's Radio City Music Hall on February 6, "This evening [Chinese New Year's eve], at this place, I feel that I am a genuine Chinese. I feel very proud. Divine Performing Arts is spreading the Chinese culture here. I am really proud of them."

He attended last year's Divine Performing Arts' show and was very moved. Arthur said that when he came this year, he observed and appreciated the performance from the angle of ideology, so he was very calm and careful while watching.

On February 6, on the eve of the Chinese New Year, the tenth Chinese New Year Splendor performance took place at New York City's Radio City Music Hall (Photo by Ma Youzhi / The Epoch Times)

"Divine Performing Arts' performances represent the hope of the world"

"After watching the performance, I feel that China's future is promising and the Chinese nation's future is promising in the world. Because of the existence of the Chinese nation, the world will not fall in turmoil and become depraved. Today I have such a feeling that [the performance] reflects not only the Chinese culture, but also the hope of the world. The backdrop scenes looked splendid. In terms of using the scenes to reflect the magnificent Chinese culture and the great Tang Dynasty, and promote the five-thousand-year culture, I feel that this was the first time that it was done so well. The Chinese Communist Party cannot accomplish this; it cannot, even if it had used all its resources."

"From the aspect of a painting artist's sensitivity to colors, purple is a color that represents riches and honors. In this evening's performance, purple was used very well in several places. For example, in the dance, "Creation," the color was used very effectively on several male officials' clothes."

Males' vigor and females' feminine softness

Arthur pointed out, "In "The Loyalty of Yue Fei," the close-up view on the backdrop of the four tattooed words [which mean "serving the country with the utmost loyalty"] on Yue Fei's back were especially good, as everyone knows about tattoos. When Soprano Jiang Min sang, the backdrop showed a picture of plum blossoms; it was used very well because it is a flower of spirit. When Tenor Guan Guimin sang, the backdrop showed a landscape of Jiu Zhai Guo [a famous sightseeing area in southern China], which is very beautiful. However, if the two backdrop scenes were switched, they would not fit."

Arthur also mentioned that the Mongolian dance, "Chopstick Zest" showed the muscular vigor and forcefulness of men. The girls in "Nymphs of the Sea" showed the feminine quality of young women. When God made young women, he made them feminine and soft. Mankind should go back to the natural state that men and women are different. It would be unnatural if there were no differences in man and woman or if they all had manifested as a neutral gender.

Although it is already one year since last year's performance, Arthur still spoke highly of the excellence of the dance, "Mulan" last year. Additionally, he said that alto Yang Jiansheng's singing was particularly touching.

"This morning I watched the Chinese New Year performance [of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)]. It was poorly performed. It gave me a feeling that [the CCP is] at its wits' end. It lacked spiritual meaning. On the other hand, Divine Performing Arts is doing something that truly promotes the Chinese culture. There are boundless virtues and merits in what they have been doing. They have done something of great virtue. They restage the glory of China. In China today, there is no one else who would step forward to promote the real Chinese culture. So the Divine Performing Arts' global tour is very meaningful. Their merits and virtues are immense and great. It will impact the world."

February 7, 2008