(Clearwisdom.net) On February 8, 2008, Divine Performing Arts held the thirteenth show of the Chinese New Year Splendor. During intermission, the reporter interviewed a few spectators about their impressions of the show.

Marketing Director for Johnson & Johnson: This show is educational

In the foyer of the Radio City Music Hall, a gentleman in a suit and tie kindly answered the reporter's question. He is Mr. Joe Boylan, marketing director for Johnson & Johnson. He said, "I think it is beautiful. The color is wonderful. The dancing is unique. For someone who is unfamiliar with Chinese culture and dance, this show is very educational."

Mr. Boylan was impressed most with the performers' posture and synchronization, and the beautiful costumes. He found the dancing to be very different and soothing. Mr. Boylan said he would recommend this show to his friends.

Telecommunications Analyst for Bank of New York: It gives me some insights into China that I have not seen

Marilyn Clementz is a Telecommunications Analyst for the Bank of New York. Her friend visited China twice and thus was interested in Divine Performing Arts' show. Marilyn loves art. Under her friend's suggestion, the two of them came to watch the Chinese New Year Splendor.

"It is very good. It is enjoyable," said Ms. Clementz. "I enjoyed the martial arts portion, and the drum parts. The scenery is beautiful. It gives me some insights into China that I have not seen before."

Stylist: The show is vivid

Stylist Elvira Soultanova

Stylist Elvira Soultanova said, "I enjoyed the show. It is very vivid. I like the beautiful costumes and the singing. I like the Chinese violin (erhu) playing, very cultural. The most impressive to me was the singing."

Ms. Soultanova also said the costumes are beautiful and the colors vivid.

Nurse: I like the culture in the show

Nurse Seeroshna felt connected with the Chinese culture in the show

Seeroshna is a nurse. She had this to say about the New Year Splendor: "I really enjoy it. The most impressive part is the culture. I am from the Hindu culture. The Chinese culture in the show reminded me of my culture."

Seeroshna said she would tell her friends to see the show, and especially praised the beautiful backdrops.

Primary School teacher: The whole experience is lovely

Sheila Hayes is a teacher in a primary school in New York. She said, "I'm enjoying it very much. It gives me an idea of a culture that I have not been exposed to. I enjoyed the male dancers, very athletic. I like the drums and chopsticks, all of them. This is a wonderful show."

Ms. Hayes said she would recommend that her friend bring her children to see this wonderful show. "It is educational. The costumes are beautiful. The whole experience is lovely."