How I Became a Dafa Practitioner

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Entrepreneur Supports Wife in Resisting the Persecution Then Begins to Cultivate Himself [10/30/2011]
From Setback and Losses to a Successful New Business - The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 1) (Photos) [10/11/2011]
While Waiting to Die and without Hope, I Was Reborn [7/14/2011]
Witnessing the Eternal Nature of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance (Photos) [6/12/2011]
Autistic Child Experiences Great Improvement because of Falun Gong (Photos) [4/10/2011]
Young Czech Man: “So This Is the Nature of the Universe” (Photo) [2/19/2011]
Finding the Right Path: The Cultivation Story of a Young Israeli [2/4/2011]
How I Became a Top Student at an Elite University [1/9/2011]
Despite Persecution, Three Generations of a Happy Family Start Practicing Falun Dafa [7/22/2010]
How I Became a Dafa Practitioner - A Clearwisdom Special Collection [5/13/2006]
Western Practitioner: Falun Dafa Turned My Life Around [12/26/2005]
From Opposing My Wife's Falun Gong Practice to Becoming a Steadfast Practitioner Myself [10/27/2005]
How I Obtained the Fa in Prison and Now Clarify the Truth About Falun Dafa [4/19/2003]
My Husband Supported My Practice of Falun Dafa, Now He Too Has Recovered from Illness [1/27/2003]
Falun Dafa Granted Me a New Life and Greatly Uplifted My Spirit [1/22/2003]
Senior Overseas Chinese Practitioner: Dafa Gave Me a Second Life; I Will Never Give Up Cultivation [1/17/2003]
A County Level Deputy Official's Words: "Falun Dafa Teaches Me Honesty and Justice" (Part 1) [1/13/2003]
Why We Took up Cultivation Practice [1/8/2003]
New Science of Mankind [6/18/2001]
Falun Dafa is Beyond the Scope of Modern Science [6/16/2001]
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