(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since I was a little child, I believed in divine beings, and I yearned for the sacred world. However, under the continuous brainwashing education of atheism by the communist regime, I thought less and less about divine beings or sacred realms. During the CCP's non-stop, bloody political movements, my family was persecuted. During the "Great Leap Forward" in 1958, my father was denounced as being "right wing." Later during the Cultural Revolution, my mother was criticized and denounced as a "wealthy capitalist."

Because of all the frustrations in my life, the uncertain future, and also an unhappy marriage, both my body and my mind were under a lot of pressure. I couldn't sleep at night, neither could I lie quietly in bed or even sit. I was exhausted and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I relied on medicines to get through the day and I checked into the hospital several times a year. I felt life was so unfair to me, and I often complained to the Gods: "Why do I suffer from all these tribulations! Why am I even alive? Did I come to this world just to suffer from hardships?" Confused about my life, I struggled through each day, living in tribulations.

On the most fortunate day of my life, I learned about Dafa. One day, right before I got off of work, my coworker introduced a book to me, but I said I was leaving and I didn't want to read it. The real reason was that since I had become so sick, I couldn't focus long enough to read any books or even watch TV, and doing so left me feeling very dizzy and nauseated. However, in order to save face in front of my coworker, I took the book and planned to casually browse through it. Later at home, I picked it up and read the title of the book, Zhuan Falun. When I opened the book, I happened to turn to the fourth lecture where Master talks about "Loss and Gain." So I started to read.

As I began reading Zhuan Falun more and more, I became very excited. I thought, "This precious book is so great! It explains things very well with such simple words." I felt very calm and comfortable the entire time I was reading it.

I told my coworker that I wanted to study this book repeatedly, and I asked if I could buy a copy from him. After I received my copy I started to study the Fa. The more I studied, the more excited I was. Dafa removed all the blocks on my mind and I began to understand all the questions I had in my life. I understood that both people's fortunes and disasters were the results of their ignorant behaviors and everything is actually caused by themselves.

Later I went to the practice site and started to do the exercises. About one week later, Master purified my body, all my diseases disappeared and I haven't been ill since then.

Master saved me and Dafa gave me compassion and wisdom and taught me to be a broad-minded person. I began to be considerate of other people, and if I do something wrong, I look within and correct myself. All the conflicts that I had with my family for almost twenty years were resolved, and we have a very harmonious environment in my family. Everyone in my family witnessed the wonderfulness of Dafa.

My whole family supported my practicing Falun Gong. Before July 20, 1999, sometimes my husband went to the practice site with me in the morning and to the Fa-study group at night. One day in July or August in 2007, my husband rode an electric-operated motorcycle to go grocery shopping. When he was about to arrive home, he was struck from behind by a motorcycle and thrown more than ten meters (around 33 feet). At the moment when he was hit, he told me, he lost consciousness and he was completely unaware of anything. After he landed on the ground, he felt like he had only been pushed by another person. After he regained consciousness, he realized that he was hit by a motorcycle. His electric motorcycle was smashed, but he didn't even have a wound on his skin. My husband immediately thought of Master and Dafa and he told himself, "I will be all right, Master will protect me!" At that time, our daughter's father-in-law happened to be passing by and he helped my husband stand up and took him to the hospital to have an examination, but it turned out that nothing was wrong with my husband. After he returned home, he didn't say anything but burned some incense to Master and expressed his gratitude to Master, who saved his life. Can you imagine a seventy-year-old man remaining intact after he was hit by a motorcycle and thrown so far? Actually, anyone who genuinely believes in and protects Dafa will in turn be protected by divine beings. After this, my husband also started to practice Dafa.

I have been practicing Dafa for more than ten years, and Master has given me so many things that I could never repay. Being a Dafa disciple, I am blessed with Master's mighty mercy every day. My feelings of happiness, peace, and no worries are so wonderful.