(Clearwisdom.net) After he immigrated to Australia, Mr. Wang Xiaohui listened to the audiotapes of the Fa-teaching lectures by Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong. Afterward, his illnesses miraculously disappeared.

Mr. Wang Xiaohui said that Falun Dafa answered all the questions on his mind

Mr. Wang Xiaohui told our correspondent that he first heard about Falun Gong in 1998, while he was still in China. At that time, he had just met his girlfriend, whose mother, Ms. Hou, was a Falun Gong practitioner. By observing Ms. Hou, he knew that Falun Gong was a good practice that teaches people to be good. However, having been influenced by the Communist Party culture for a long time, he didn't bother to get to know about Falun Gong in detail. Later he said, "At that time, my mother-in-law let me read the book Zhuan Falun, and I thought it was good. As soon as I heard Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I thought it was good. But because of many other factors, I didn't study it in depth."

Not satisfied with the Communist Party system, Mr. Wang Xiaohui went to Australia with his wife to obtain his advanced degree. After he graduated, he did business in commerce and mine development. He told us that when he was in China, he had suffered a slipped disc, and if he sat in the same position for a long time, his back and entire mid-section would experience severe pain.

Mr. Wang suffered from this condition from 2006 to 2008, and especially in 2007. He said he had tried some treatments while he was still in China, had gone to specialists in Sydney and Melbourne, and had also tried several traditional Chinese medicine clinics, but none of them cured him thoroughly.

In 2006, Mr. Wang's mother-in-law came to Australia to help them take care of their new-born daughter, and in 2008, Mr. Wang began doing business with his friend, operating a cafe in the downtown area. Two days before the cafe was opened, his back condition suddenly worsened, to the point that he had to lie in bed and couldn't get up. It was so painful that his whole body shook.

"At first, my partner wished I could take on more responsibilities, but due to my physical problem, I couldn't do many things, which disappointed him. He complained a lot to me, and we later had many quarrels."

"At that time, between doing business and dealing with our mortgage, we were both under a lot of financial pressure. Both of my children were very young, and my little daughter suffered from severe eczema after she was born. The cost of educating my two children also brought us a lot of pressure. My wife had to go out to work some part-time jobs, and after she returned home, she was very tired." Mr. Wang said he had become desperate.

His mother-in-law then suggested that he sincerely recite, "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." Mr. Wang Xiaohui said that on September 12 or 13, his back became very painful again. His mother-in-law asked him to listen to Master's Fa-teaching lectures, and he then had the wish to believe in Dafa this time. "I was in great pain at that time, but after I listened to the lectures, I had a really good sleep that night."

"The next day, I went to work in the cafe and I worked the entire day. Before listening to the lectures, I wouldn't be able to stand all day. My mother-in-law then encouraged me to do the exercises, so I learned the exercises from her. At first, I couldn't bend at the waist at all, and it hurt so much that I couldn't even touch my knees with my hands. But as I was doing the exercises, very quickly I became able to bend at the waist. It was really magical."

Mr. Wang said Falun Dafa not only cured his physical condition, but also freed him from all kinds of conflicts and challenges, by broadening his thinking. He no longer held firm during conflicts over personal gains with his business partner. As soon as he changed himself, things around him changed accordingly, including his partner.

Mr. Wang said that he listens to Master's lectures while driving home from work every day. When he listened to Master's teaching on "Loss and gain," the principles of Dafa suddenly enlightened him and removed all the blocks in his mind.

"I immediately realized how wonderful Falun Dafa is, and I suddenly thought things through. I could feel my heart and mindset reach a simple and bright state, and my body no longer felt tired. The feeling that Master is taking care of me is so great. It's all because I had the thought to practice Dafa at the very beginning. After that, everything became very smooth for me."

Validating the Fa with Dignity, He Sees a Rotating Falun

Around Christmas and on New Year's Eve the year after he obtained the Fa, Mr. Wang started to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to other people. While participating in a Dafa activity, he once saw a rotating Falun in the sky.

He told us that when he first started to walk around and talk to people about the persecution of Falun Gong, he did so with some hesitation. Before an event on January 3, 2009, when the Melbourne Divine Land Marching Band was rehearsing at the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, he said, "I went there to watch them rehearse, and I saw a big Falun rotating in the sky above."

Seeing such magical things greatly inspired him, and helped him to overcome his fear and hesitation. He thought, "Since I'm already here, I should join them in nobly validating the Fa." So he held up a banner with another Falun Gong practitioner and joined the parade. "It was very easy for me to walk the whole day that day, and the big Falun was rotating above us the entire time."

Don't Miss this Unprecedented Opportunity

After he started practicing cultivation, Mr. Wang's relationships with his business partners were getting better and better. As he learned how to make authentic coffee in his cafe, he had more and more regular customers. He also had more interactions with his customers, and his business was also improving. He attributed all of these great things to the peaceful field that a practitioner possesses.

"In my cafe, I shared a lot of wonderful stories about the greatness of Falun Dafa with my customers, including Chinese people and Westerners. The people I talked with all said that Falun Dafa is good."

Mr. Wang said that sometimes his wife was confused about why he and her mother spent so much time exposing the persecution and telling people the truth about Falun Gong, thus spending less time at home with the family and their children. Regarding this, he said, "I think we should look within ourselves in doing everything. Sometimes it's a karmic relationship, and sometimes it's a problem where I didn't do things well."

Through studying Zhuan Falun, he realized, "I should do things well as a practitioner, starting from the tiny little things. And I should eliminate my attachments as soon as I discover them."

In the end, Mr. Wang Xiaohui told us that with Falun Dafa spreading around the world, he hopes that everyone can treasure this unprecedented opportunity and not miss such a precious chance.