1. How we started cultivation practice

Since 1992, my mother had been sick in bed. Everyday, she took a large number of pills to control the problems arising from various sicknesses she had. She had high blood pressure, heart disease, gastric ulcer, varicose veins, etc., resulting in frequent cramping pains. Mother was only 55 but was unable to carry out even normal household duties, which father had now to do. Because of her condition, everyone at home felt uneasy and my brother and sister who were away from home, were also concerned about her problems.

One day, in early August 1996, father brought home a book called China Falun Gong and a copy of an exercise instruction video. Mother wanted me to learn first and then teach her. After reading the book, I was very much attracted to it. I found what I had been looking for. A few days later, while doing meditation - the fifth exercise, with mother, we saw Teacher's Fashen appearing before us.

On August 18, 1996, on my way home a bee stung me. My head was swelling, and felt very itchy. My whole face changed shape and my eyes and nose turned purple. Suddenly, I recalled what the book said about karma dissolution. It was also mentioned specifically in the book that whenever a practitioner encountered a problem, he or she should ask teacher for help. So I asked Teacher to help me. Having done that I lied down quietly. After about a minute or two, my mouth and nose loosened up and my face returned back to normal. How miraculous! At that time, all I could think of was to read the book again.

When it had first happened, my whole body was swollen, itchy and turned pink and purple. My husband and children were terrified when they saw me. They quickly looked for my physician father, who wanted to put me on an intravenous drip, which I refused. Even as a child, I had never been very healthy. I remember that every day, I used to take some form of medicine to suppress various problems I had. If I did not have to take any medicine for a week, everyone would feel happy for me. Now, for the first time in my life, I did not listen to Dad. I had great faith in the book, and so I continued reading it. All the symptoms quickly disappeared, and I fully recovered after five days. Since the incident, Dad, Mum and I took up Dafa cultivation practice more seriously.

2. Why were we so dedicated in our practice?

On September 16, 1996, my mother, father, a few neighborhood friends and I decided to practice the movements more regularly, once in the morning and once in the evening. Since then, our outlook in life also changed. We began to understand the purpose and meaning of life. Through practice, all of us experienced different levels of purification, physically, mentally and spiritually. As for mother, only a month after we started, she had changed from having difficulty to move a few feet on her own, to physically fit to climb up the hill with father, picking up firewood and carrying it down. Her frequent cramping pains had gone, her blood pressure returned to normal and she recovered from her varicose-veins problem as well. Dad could finally put his mind at rest and go to work without constantly worrying about Mum.

There was a great change in me physically too. My cheeks turned rosy again. Previously, I used to take long breaks in between tasks, especially doing laundry and cooking dinner in the evening. After practicing Dafa, I felt light, energetic and lively. All my family members were happy for me. The children said, "Mum, you seem to have changed to another person." When our neighbors saw the changes in my mother and myself, they too, were happy for us, and said, "This Gong is so fantastic. How is it possible for someone not to take it up?"