(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Cai had not heard of Falun Gong before seeing all the propaganda against it in the media when the persecution began in 1999 in his native China. All the news about it led him to become interested. Noticing the wonderful changes the practice brought about in him, his parents, wife and son also began to practice. Now, three generations of the family enjoy the benefits of Dafa.


St. Patrick's Day parade in Vancouver, B.C. On March 16, 2008

Learning about Falun Gong through the CCP propaganda

Mr. Cai graduated from Tianjin University in 1990, and was assigned a job near his hometown. He was busy at work, and did not know about Falun Gong until the CCP began persecuting it on July 20, 1999. Hearing the CCP slandering Falun Gong through all media, he thought Falun Gong practitioners were all very "dumb," did not know how to make money, and superstitious.

Once while playing poker, a friend said, "There are so many practitioners, Falun Gong must have some truth." This was the first time Mr. Cai decided to learn about Falun Gong as soon as he got the chance.

One day in May 2000, Mr. Cai asked a Falun Gong practitioner who was a retired government official, "Why do you still practice Falun Gong after the government banned it?" The old man told him, "Falun Gong is Buddha Law cultivation, Master Li Hongzhi is here to save people." He later loaned his copy of Zhuan Falun to Mr. Cai.

"I finished the book in two evenings, and I decided to cultivate after finishing the first lecture," Mr. Cai said.

As soon as he decided to cultivate, Master began taking care of him. He felt pressure in his abdomen on the first night, and enlightened that Master had installed the Falun for him. He felt all the puzzles in life were answered when he finished the book on the second night, such as where we come from and what is our purpose in life.

While watching Master's teaching video, the Guangzhou lecture series, he could not help but cry. He did not know why, but he felt like he'd found the thing he had been seeking for a long time.

Arrested and Detained for Making Informational Materials

In order to help more people know about the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa, and expose the persecution, Mr. Cai devoted himself to clarifying the truth. One practitioner who worked with Mr. Cai was followed, and they were both arrested. He had a firm thought when arrested, "I will not cooperate with the evil; I won't tell them anything about fellow practitioners, but will only clarify the truth."

Mr. Cai meditated in lotus position in the police station. The police tortured him by tying up his body, locking him in solitary confinement, and slapping him. They later took him to a detention center. Mr. Cai always clarified the truth to prisoners and guards, telling them Falun Gong teaches Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, and cultivation stories.

Mr. Cai said, "When I first entered the detention center, prisoners often fought with each other, but gradually they stopped fighting. Whenever someone wanted to fight, someone else would remind them to follow Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. Even Heshi (pressing the hands in front of the chest) became a hand gesture to remind people to be calm. One prisoner had killed someone during a brawl. He hardly talked to others, but liked to chat with me. Some prisoners expressed the wish to learn Falun Gong from me after they were released." There was no fear in his heart. When he was released after one month, one guard quietly gave him a thumbs up.

Mr. Cai added, "This was not my merit alone. Many practitioners clarified the truth to them before I entered. Once when they were interrogating me, I saw on the side of the table, a practitioner had written with blood, 'Falun Dafa is great!' That greatly encouraged me."

After being released, Mr. Cai was still under close monitoring. Soon, he received an immigration visa from Canada. He quietly left for Vancouver. Mr. Cai's mother said, "It was like god was helping him. When the local policeman learned he had left, he slapped himself for letting my son escape. The police ransacked our home and constantly harassed us, an old couple, for two years."

Two Months of Practice Restores Mr. Cai's Parents' Health

Mr. Cai's parents came to visit in Canada at the end of 2007. He persuaded them practice Falun Gong. They agreed to give it a try. Mrs. Cai said she could only stand a little more than ten minutes of exercises, and the sitting meditation was even harder. But as they could advance by watching Master' teaching video, they chose to practice cultivation, firmly kept their faith, and their health greatly improved.

Mrs. Cai is 80 years old now. She said she had many diseases, had six operations, and was even affected by spirit possession when she worshiped in the temples.

One night after practicing for two months, Mrs. Cai felt as if someone hit her abdomen, and then felt something turning there. She saw many Falun were turning all over the place in her room. She knew Master was taking care of her. Ever since then Mrs. Cai's body has felt light, and walking feels like floating. Sixteen years of insomnia were gone, all her sicknesses were gone!

At the beginning, the possessing spirit would interfere with her and her husband, threatening her and begging her not to practice. When she firmly declared that she would cultivate Falun Dafa, there was no more interference.

Mrs. Cai used to be illiterate. With a strong desire to read Dafa books, she asked her husband or son to teach her the characters. Soon she could read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books all the way through.

Mr. Cai's Wife and Son

Ms. Shen witnessed great changes in her husband, Mr. Cai. She could see the goodness of Falun Gong, but the evil lies were still scary. She was against their son learning Falun Gong from Mr. Cai. The wonderful changes in her mother-in-law shook her deeply. She finally began practicing Falun Dafa in October 2008.

Ms. Shen's health was quickly restored. Her lower back problems were gone after practicing ten days, and never recurred. Her headaches also disappeared without her knowing exactly when or how.

Their son plays trumpet in the Divine Land Marching Band. Cultivation has opened his wisdom, greatly improving his grades in school.

Constantly Improving Xinxing

The most important change during cultivation is improvement in xinxing. Ms. Shen said that Mr. Cai used to care less about his responsibilities at home, and often went out to play mah-jong and drink. All these bad habits were gone after cultivation.

Mr. Cai said, "I no longer care for fame or profit. I know I must be a good person in any environment, do my job diligently, and always think of other first. When he first interviewed for a job in Vancouver, his English was not perfect. The boss immediately offered a full time job to another candidate, and only gave him a trial period. Two weeks later, the boss learned what an outstanding employee a Falun Dafa practitioner is, and though his English was not perfect, he got a full time job offer.

Mr. Cai's mother said, "I used to be hot tempered. I could not take any bit of criticism, but always thought I was right. I often fought with my husband over little things. I was unhappy and had a bad temper. After cultivating, I know I must measure myself according to a cultivator's standard. One should practice Forbearance, always looking inside."

"But it was hard at the beginning to practice Forbearance. I often thought, "I am old, you should all respect me, why ask me to Forbear? As I cultivate my xinxing higher and higher, I know better that conflicts are good opportunities to upgrade xinxing. Between cultivators, we should also look inside and measure ourselves with a higher standard. Therefore, the conflicts in our family have become less and less, and the atmosphere is more and more serene."

Hiring Falun Gong Practitioners

Mr. Cai is now self employed, installing equipment or furniture for company or family homes. His customers learn the truth from him, and trust him. One friend went back to China and let Mr. Cai take care of his properties. He said, "In this day and age, I can only trust you."

Another company manager always asks Mr. Cai to find new employees among Falun Gong practitioners. Because she knows how good Mr. Cai is due to practicing Falun Gong, she feels at ease hiring practitioners.

Ms. Shen's mother used to know Mr. Cai's mother was often sick and unhappy. But having witnessed how energetic she is, and always in a good mood, she said, "She used to fight with her husband, but now treats her husband so nice, with plenty of patience."

Hoping More Benefit from Falun Dafa

Mr. Cai and his family deeply believe cultivation is profound. Mrs. Cai often clarifies the truth to mainland China friends and family members, many of whom received blessings after learning the truth. Their biggest wish is that more people will learn the truth and benefit from Falun Dafa.