(Clearwisdom.net) I was born in the 1960s in China, deeply poisoned by atheistic communist party culture. When I saw my grandmother burning incense and paying her respects to the gods and ancestors, I would tease her and consider her "superstitious." I thought that she was getting more and more muddled headed as she aged. My grandma saw that many of her family members did not believe in the existence of gods. She frequently worried that our family was being severed from our Chinese cultural heritage. She specially urged her sons and grandchildren not to forget to pay respect to the gods and ancestors as she had always done.

From elementary school through my years at the university and until I started working, I was an atheist. However, the trend towards learning qigong in China during the 1980s deeply attracted me. This was because supernormal abilities such as " reading with the ear," "seeing through a wall," and "seeing far away things" made me very curious. I studied high energy physics in the university because I wanted to find out more about the wonders of the cosmos. But present day science cannot prove the existence of gods.

In 1992 I began suffering from pain in the lower back and legs. I tried Western medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, etc. but to no avail. After I had tried all these forms of treatment and still did not recover, I started to learn a few different kinds of qigong. Once I saw that I had a big eye. It was blinking at me and it was really amazing. (I later understood that it was a manifestation of the Celestial Eye). After that I could see a bright energy ball (called "dan") the size of an egg form in my abdomen.

In May 1997, a friend of mine who used to practice one of these forms of qigong, told me about Falun Dafa. She told me that it was very high level cultivation, and nothing could compare to it. I borrowed the book Falun Gong and read it at once. I felt that this was exactly what I had been looking for in this lifetime. Many things that puzzled me when I was practicing those other forms of qigong all became clear to me. After I practiced Falun Gong for 20 days, I managed to reach the state that Master talks about in Zhuan Falun of a "crystal clear body." The pain in my lower back and legs that had bugged me for many years suddenly disappeared. The first time I saw and touched the Falun that was spinning in my lower abdomen (the feeling I really had in another dimension), I was so excited that I could not sleep for the entire night. This was real! I felt that I was so fortunate and blessed! Later, whenever I wanted to see the Falun in my abdomen, I could see it.

On April 25, 1999, ten of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners went to Zhongnanhai to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong and clarified the truth to the government. As a government official, I knew full well about the cruel nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their eradication movements, and now they had targeted Falun Gong. But I did not give up my practice of Falun Gong and clarified the truth to the Party secretaries and police officers who came to investigate the matter. I told them about the positive changes in my mental and physical health after I started practicing. After this I was subjected to many brainwashing sessions and was persecuted by the evil 610 Office. In the end I was illegally sentenced to eight years of imprisonment because I made truth clarifying materials. When I was released from jail in 2008 I was still harassed and detained. I hope that the world will once again respect the heavens and earth and respect gods and Buddhas, which have always been part of our traditional Chinese society and culture. I hope that they will understand the truth about Falun Gong and free their hearts and minds from the poisonous hold of the CCP and thus have a wonderful future.