(Clearwisdom.net) The Jinan Province Women's Prison orders prisoners to violently "transform" imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners. Victims were forced to be silent during beatings, not to spit blood, and to swallow their knocked out teeth.

The prison formed a team to conduct violent "transformation" of practitioners. The team included guards Xu Yumei, Xie Yanqin, Sun (first name unknown), Li (first name unknown), and prisoners Qiu Xiuxin, He Fuxiang, Liu Xiuyun, Zhou Aiying, and others. Some practitioners refused to wear prison clothing, as that would be acknowledging the legitimacy of their incarceration. As a result, the prisoners beat them, kicked them, dragged them by the hair, and left them with bruised eyes and noses. Lastly they took away their clothes and humiliated them.

When a practitioner refused to write the "Three Statements", half a dozen prisoners jumped on her and beat her. In cases where the teeth of practitioners were knocked out, the prisoners forced the victims to be silent, not to spit blood, and to swallow the teeth. If blood dropped on the ground, the prisoners dragged the victim by the hair , pushed her down, and forced her to lick the blood. In addition, they punished her by slapping her face more than 200 times, or beating her with books, shoes, or other objects until they were tired.

The prisoners stuck paper with words cursing Falun Dafa to the practitioners' bodies, and beat those who took them down.

The guards and the prisoners changed their strategies against each practitioner every several days. They did not allow practitioners who resisted "transformation" to use the bathroom, speak, make eye contact with each other, or eat at the table. Before sleeping, they coerced the practitioners to say, "Sleep on the bed of the communist party. The communist party is good."

Guard Xie Yanqin answered a practitioner's complaint on the abuse, "Beating you and scolding you are for your benefit." " This is a prison, and it has a death quota. Beating you to death would not matter."

Practitioners filed a complaint against the prison abuse to the Jinan Province Procuratorate in September 2008. The prison administration ordered prisoners Qiu Xiuxin and others to write to the procuratorate and defame the practitioners. At the same time, they encouraged prisoners to abuse practitioners by reducing the prison terms of those who cooperated.

After the team of persecutors was dissolved, the persecution went on but took a different form. Practitioners became forced laborers. Guards ordered prisoners to beat or drag practitioners who showed any resistance. Their backs were bleeding from being dragged on the ground. Some passed out while they were working. Others who still resisted were confined in solitary compartments.