(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 36-year-old teacher who fortunately began Falun Dafa practice in April 1998. I had intended for a long time to write about my mother's and my cultivation stories. I hope more people may obtain Dafa by predestined relationship and find happiness soon.

My Story of Obtaining the Fa

On April 11, 1998, one of my colleagues borrowed the precious book Zhuan Falun. She said, "Don't you have stomach illness? Let's practice Falun Gong together." I was just there by chance and replied, "Could you please lend me the book to read?" That is how I read Zhuan Falun initially. I didn't want to inconvenience my colleague and speedily read through the borrowed text. By the time I finished, I realized that it was the book I had been looking for.

Ten days later, Master let me experience a miracle. It was at around 9:00 p.m. on April 21, 1998, when I returned home from a practice site after watching the video of Master teaching for the first time. I was practicing the second exercise. As soon as I lifted my arms to do "Holding the Wheel Above the Head," I felt that my brain was suddenly covered by a powerful and harmonious light, and my head seemingly had electric currents flowing through it in different directions, making me very comfortable. To continue this miraculous feeling, I didn't dare to move, and kept holding my arms up until I was too tired to continue.

This miracle also happened the following night when I did the exercises again. This time, I clearly felt the process of opening energy channels reaching to my helixes. It stopped at one acupuncture point in my ears, and I immediately felt a severe pain there. I could even feel that my ears were trembling because of the pain. In the following week I felt strong pulses flowing in my body at every moment. Master said, "...we open all of the meridians, and each of them moves in sync from the very beginning." (The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa)

Indeed it was so. The pulses were like hot currents flowing all over my body.

Further practice opened my celestial eye. Initially I could see only black and white scenes, but later I could see in color. My physical health became better and better. All my old illnesses disappeared, especially a foot problem. Before I practiced Falun Gong severe foot pain caused me to walk like a lame person. The problem seemed to disappear without notice.

I knew I had obtained the most precious thing in my life, the Buddha Fa that does not come along in a thousand years or ten thousand years.

My Father and Mother's Story

My mother was born in 1948. When she was about two years old, her whole family was kicked out of their home and faced persecution. While at school, she had to recite, "Beat down landlords, rich peasants, counter-revolutionaries, evildoers, and the rightist," making her tearfully drop out of school in the 4th grade. She went to work in the fields, working as hard as a man.

When I was in middle school in 1986, my father lost his vision in an accident. He lost his job, and the whole family relied solely on my mother. Life was hard, and we often worried where the next meal would come from.

My father was a smart person who learned fortunetelling. He had learned one kind of qigong but brought spirit or animal possession onto himself. Before that, my father knew acupuncture and moxibustion. After learning the qigong he found he could cure patients by acupuncture and moxibustion. A hemiplegic patient was once brought to my father on a handcart, and after my father's treatment the hemiplegic patient pulled the handcart away by himself. After that my father felt as if he found his calling in life.

On the morning of April 9, 1998, my father suddenly fell down when he was massaging a patient and died.

My mother experienced a strange illness. Whenever she felt dizzy during the day she fell down, but the dizziness still didn't go away. During the night, as soon as she fell asleep, she felt her bed shaking and her whole body trembling. Gradually, her once-shiny black hair hair turned white.

Reborn While In a Hopeless Situation

I brought my mother to my home and had her live with us. I had just began reading Zhuan Falun with my colleague and doing the exercises at the practice site. One day only my mother and I were at home. I asked her to accompany me to the practice site. I did the two hours of exercises there. My mother sat there for two hours. Miraculously, that night my mom's strange illness disappeared.

When I returned from work the next day at noon, I asked her as usual, "Mom, is your dizziness any better?" She said, "Well, I haven't had it yet today." I said happily, "It must be that Master has cured it." She didn't believe it, "How can that be possible? Let me see whether it returns this afternoon." Around dinner time she said, "The dizziness really hasn't bothered me today." I told her, "You won't suffer from it anymore. Master has cured it for you." She still felt this to be unbelievable, and said, "How is that possible? I didn't read the book or do the exercises every day as you do. You see, since I have taken so many medicines and taken them for so many years, one of them must work now." I said, "So why did your health not improve during the past year or more, since you have been taking medicines? Instead of becoming better, you always felt worse and worse. But after coming back from the practice site, your strange illness immediately disappeared, didn't it?" My mother smiled, and said, "So, I would like to thank Master Li!"

How revered our Master is! Even though a person doesn't practice cultivation, Master still extends His compassionate mercy to him or her. My mother miraculously recovered in this way. I thought that she might have a predestined relationship with Dafa.

Happiness Is Simply Here

While my mother was working on things I read Zhuan Falun to her. Eventually when I was not with her she began reading Zhuan Falun by herself!

When she and I studied the Fa together and read "Practicing Only One Cultivation Way" I worried that she might not understand because she left school in fourth grade, but she said, "I have already understood this Fa principle. Your father came across harm from phony qigong. Someone said long ago that he took his patients' places. Now, reading Master's teaching, I feel clear about it. Master explained it so clearly."

My mother was always thrifty. When she walked onto the cultivation path, her first test was to get rid of the attachment to money. She shared a dream with me. A big truck was loaded with bundles of paper money. Many people climbed on the truck and put money into their gunny sacks. My mother also did so and took two bundles of money for herself. I said, "From that dream, Master is giving you a hint to eliminate the attachment to money."

Sometimes my mother's insights are better than mine. She shared another dream with me. In the dream I had lost consciousness. She carried me and looked for Master everywhere, saying, "Master, please save my daughter!" I felt ashamed when she told me about this dream. Why did I always forget Master when I was in trouble?

Yes, we must find our Master, our revered Master. Only after we have found Master can we return to our genuine selves. Only after we have found Master can we get our lives and happiness back.

Happiness is simply here. I hope you may find it soon.