(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 2004. Since I liked to read newspapers, I often took a look at the booklets that Falun Dafa practitioners put under my door. After I learned more about the practice, I really wanted to read Zhuan Falun. Master arranged for me to meet a Dafa practitioner, who gave me the book. I opened Zhuan Falun with respect and saw Master's picture, which looked so familiar to me. Who was he? Where had I seen him? I thought it over and over yet did not come up with an answer. I just felt that I knew Master very well.

I spent three days reading Zhuan Falun and understood many questions that had confused me for a long time. I felt that I finally obtained what I had been waiting for. I learned how to do the five sets of exercises and felt the rotation of Falun. I also experienced a lot of physical changes, which really built a solid basis for my cultivation. Moreover, I learned how to send forth righteous thoughts and joined a Fa study group. Fellow practitioners' words and actions left me with a deep impression. I knew that it was a pure land and felt really happy. I could feel the energy from fellow practitioners when they were sending forth righteous thoughts and doing the exercises. It was really like electric waves spreading in all directions. After we studied the Fa together, some fellow practitioners whose third eyes were open told us that the light emitted by each person was different. They also saw many Falun of different colors.

From then on, I became a genuine practitioner. At the beginning, I followed veteran practitioners and distributed truth-clarification materials. One day, a practitioner and I took a whole bag of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party on his motorcycle and went to a village. When we arrived, he parked the motorcycle and I started to distribute the books to each family. I was thinking that I'd better give out all the books as soon as possible so that I could go home to do my own business. I developed the attachment of doing things. When I was almost done, three people shouted at me, “What are you doing? Stop there!” I wanted to escape; however, I realized that I was doing something righteous and Master asked us to save people. I should save them, thus I walked towards them. They searched my bag and saw the Nine Commentaries. “This book is anti-Party. Let's take him to the Residence Committee.” I was very calm. “What the book says is the truth. You should take a look at it.” Another guy asked, “Where are you from? What do you do?” I replied, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner.” Then I talked with them about the facts of Dafa. One man's cell phone rang and he said, “They want us to go to the meeting.” My mind was very pure and I only thought of sending forth righteous thoughts and eliminating the evil factors in their dimensions. I knew that Master was giving me a hint to send forth righteous thoughts. After he answered the phone, his facial expression became very nice. The other two guys also smiled. I realized that the evil had been eliminated. Their true selves are very kind and one of them said, “You can go ahead. We are busy.”

When I looked back at this situation, I realized that Master is protecting us as long as our thoughts are righteous.

Sometimes, I did something wrong. I used to follow a practitioner and told people about the wonders of Dafa. However, that practitioner was illegally arrested. I was so afraid that I slacked off in cultivation. My husband failed in his business and had lots of debts. I started to go with him to earn money. Although I knew I was a Dafa practitioner, I seldom did the exercises or studied the Fa, not to mention telling people about the facts of Dafa. I felt that I had fallen behind in my cultivation.

However, Master did not leave me alone. One day, I noticed Udumbara flowers blossoming on my window, and I broke into tears. I knew that Master was giving me a hint that I should be diligent. I read Master's articles again and again, because I knew that only by studying the Fa well could I be diligent.

Looking back at my cultivation, I did not always do well. I will try to do the three things well and go back to my original home with Master.