(Clearwisdom.net) When I attended junior middle school, my mother started practicing Falun Dafa. At that time I was keen on playing with my friends and didn't pay much attention to what she was doing. I discovered later that she didn't go to the doctor as often as she used to and didn't take medication as often either. Her usual sad face had suddenly become rosy and she was in good spirits. Whether at work or studying the Fa and doing the exercises, she was always full of energy. Furthermore, nothing could stop her from what she was doing, rain or shine.

Mother later acquired tapes of Master's lectures. Whenever she listened to the taped lectures, I also listened to them either intentionally or unintentionally. Because I had listened to Master's lectures many times, I could understand what Master said. Master was already taking care of me even though I hadn't begun cultivation.

I had nose bleeds from a very young age. Sometimes it was so bad that I felt depressed. Since my mother started practicing Dafa, my nose bled less and less often. One day I had a high fever of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and was unable to go to school. When my mother came home at noon, it was over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. She asked me, "Do you want to drink some water?" I didn't want to take medicine or water. I laid in bed silently until midnight and my fever disappeared. I recovered completely.

After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I distributed Falun Gong materials with my mother whenever I had time. I also often read Minghui Weekly. Even though I wasn't seriously cultivating Dafa, compassionate Master helped me and protected me whenever I had difficulties.

In 2001, I went to a vocational college, during which time I benefited a lot from Dafa and from Master's protection. I thought to myself, "It will be good enough as long as I safeguard Dafa and tell other people that Dafa is good." However, I had a notion that prevented me from cultivating. I was afraid that I couldn't do what I wanted if I started to cultivate. I worked in a city away from my home after graduation. At class reunions when I was back home for a holiday, I only clarified the truth to my good friends and encouraged them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Paerty (CCP).

Nowadays graduates in China have difficulty in finding jobs. I was away from my parents in another city and knew nobody there. It was so difficult finding a job. Furthermore, I was young and a female, so it was even harder for me to find a job. I had done various kinds of work including casual labor. I did temporary work, sometimes for a month, sometimes for as long as a year. Occasionally I had to live on the street, but Master always compassionately protected me. Whenever I felt I was at the end of my tether or was in a most difficult time, I would get interview opportunities and would be employed. After working in the same company for four years, I still thought cultivation was too difficult and I didn't want to be restrained. I still hadn't walked through the gate of cultivation until the year 2007, when I had a big tribulation and my mother helped me through it with her understandings of the Fa. I then started to study the Fa. Because I couldn't find any practitioners around me, I cultivated by myself on and off for two years. I then became more and more slack. I was "...an average person who hears the Tao..."

When Master's lecture, "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference" was published, mother asked me if I had read it. I became agitated at her and lost my temper during our phone conversation. I was trying to cover my shame. Even under such circumstances, Master still used various means to give me hints and tried to make me come back to cultivation in Dafa.

Earlier this summer, my colleagues and I went to attend workshops in another city. On the way back, most of the passengers had fallen asleep on the bus. Half asleep, I felt our bus suddenly stop on the highway. There seemed to be a car accident ahead. My seat was in the middle of the bus, and as every one of us was trying to see what was happening in front of us, I felt a strong force press my head down. I then heard a huge blast. Broken glass fell all over my body and something swept through the bus just over my head.

After the danger passed, we learned that another bus, just like ours, had tried to pass our bus without reducing adequate speed. It turned too close and its rear-view mirror swept through the back window of our bus and proceeded forward with much force. It was the rear-view mirror with broken glass that swept through over my head. After I gained my senses, I realized that it was Master who had protected me by pressing my head down. Otherwise the rear-view mirror would have hit my head. The people on the bus were in shock after realizing what could have happened.

This incident woke me up. Master always protected me and had never given up on me even though I was so slack. If I kept on like this, how could I face Master and those sentient beings who were waiting for me? My shame was beyond any description. For over ten years, I was near Dafa but didn't truly come into Dafa. I grew up with Master's protection but I didn't cherish gratitude for Master.

I am now determined to become Master's true disciple, melt myself into the Fa and study the Fa whole-heartedly. I will grow in the Fa with Master's compassionate protection.

I shared my experiences because I have seen quite a few people who were previously little Dafa disciples, who had learned the Fa and practiced exercises with their parents, who have now become ordinary people. Some of them are oblivious to Dafa, even though they were told to pick up cultivation many times. Some even interfere with their parents' cultivation. Some are against Dafa now and don't realize how wrong they are. I hope those little disciples who benefited from Dafa when they were young will wake up and seize this unprecedented opportunity. The Fa-rectification period hasn't finished yet, and Master is still giving us chances. Please don't waste any more time and miss the once-in-a-million-year opportunity because of your personal attachments and stubbornness.

Please point out anything improper. Heshi!