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Thoughts After the Eighth Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China [12/30/2011]
Striving Forward and Assisting Master in Fa-rectification (Part 3) [11/21/2011]
Going Door to Door With a Petition to Rescue a Fellow Practitioner [11/20/2011]
Cultivating Truth-Compassion-Forbearance Simultaneously [11/8/2011]
Cultivation Is Key In Working on Dafa Projects [11/5/2011]
My Understanding of “Righteous Enlightenment” [10/30/2011]
Helping to Rescue Mr. Sun Changjun from Prison by Looking at Things with Righteous Thoughts [10/25/2011]
Completely Eliminate the Attachment to Time [10/23/2011]
Put an End to the Evil [10/8/2011]
Cultivating as Well as When We First Started [9/26/2011]
Feeling Sleepy During Fa Study Is No Trivial Matter [9/13/2011]
Eliminating Pernicious Thoughts Is Critical at this Stage [9/12/2011]
The Path Is Smooth When the Heart Is Right: Experiences while Reporting the News [9/10/2011]
Western Practitioner: Being Proactive to Validate the Fa and Coordinate Well [9/5/2011]
Eliminate Your Human Notions, Cultivate According to Righteous Principles [9/5/2011]
Stories About the Early Days of the Minghui Website – Part 5 [8/24/2011]
My Understanding of Karmic Ties [8/21/2011]
Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Is Also a Part of Cultivation [8/14/2011]
Stories About the Early Days of the Minghui Website – Part 1 [8/13/2011]
Dafa Disciples Play the Leading Role – Thoughts on the News of Jiang’s Death [7/17/2011]
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