(Clearwisdom.net) Through Fa study and a recent experience, I came to understand that not all interference in our cultivation can be eliminated by sending righteous thoughts. Some resentment needs to be resolved with great compassion.

One morning after studying the Fa with a fellow practitioner, I told her that I had been depressed because of the conflicts between me and my husband. While I was talking, I started having unbearable chest pain. The practitioner asked me, “Do you hate someone in your family?” I said, “I hate my father.” Then I asked myself, “How can I hate my own father?” She said, “Maybe it is from past lives.” At that moment, I saw my father appear. He looked at me and asked me to save him. Then I saw many naked children. Among them, I saw my brothers, myself, and some other family members. My father used tree branches to drive us to the mountain. I begged my father not to kill us. He picked me up and smashed me to the ground and continued to drive us to a cave. He blocked the entrance of the cave and lit firewood. All the children were choked to death. My father laughed outside of the cave. I said, “I cannot stand it. It is so cruel.” My father said, “You are even more cruel than me. You killed my whole family.” I said, “Why did I kill you? When will the feud end?”

The fellow practitioner said, “Please tell him to resolve it with compassion.” She and I said together, “Resolve any ancient resentment with compassion. Please assimilate to the Great Law of the universe and remember that Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I added, “Teacher, please support me.” The other practitioner did the lotus hand position. At that moment, I saw my father kneel down to all the children and ask them to forgive him. (All the children in that lifetime were soldiers who had been involved in the killing of my father's family in another lifetime. They all knelt down, too.) A big Falun appeared and three characters “Zhen-Shan-Ren” (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) appeared underneath. The dead family knelt down, too. Both sides asked for forgiveness and resolved their resentment. Then, countless sentient beings appeared. They shouted with excitement, “We are saved! We are saved!” My father reappeared. He smiled and said to me with his hands conjoined in front of his chest, “Thank you, my daughter, for saving me. Please be nice to your mother.” Just then, I saw Teacher appear in the sky. He told me, “These are the sentient beings in your world.” Tears ran down my cheeks. I am so grateful for Teacher's great compassion.

I came to enlighten that some historical resentment and feelings of hatred in the “five relationships” (Editor's note: In ancient times, the “five relationships” referred to were between the emperor and the officials, between father and son, between brothers, between husband and wife, and between friends. The standard of a good relationship is loyalty, respect, tolerance, and faith) need to be resolved with compassion. That is to say that you need to confess from the bottom of your heart to those sentient beings unconditionally and examine inward. Then they will resolve their resentment with you. Beforehand, my chest pain was unbearable. But afterwards, it went away. The other practitioner was amazed and said, “We need to cultivate well. Otherwise, many living beings will be disintegrated.”

I also enlightened that all sentient beings that have a predestined relationship with us exist within our physical body but in different dimensions. If we don't do well, they will interfere with us. As Dafa disciples, we need to see things in the Fa. Resentment will be resolved and the beings in other dimensions can be truly saved.

This is only my understanding at my level. Please point out anything that is not appropriate.