(Clearwisdom.net) I went to a practitioner’s home to study the Fa several days ago. Because it was the first time I had ever visited him, he wrote down his full address and drew a map for me in advance. The address looked very familiar, as I had lived in that area before, so I didn’t use the map. Instead, I walked the route that I was used to, thinking that I was familiar enough with that area and that I would find it for sure no matter which route I chose. However, it turned out that I couldn’t find his home. I felt very strange, wondering how I could get lost in such a familiar area. After a long time, I had to take out the map and follow it. I saw that the map was very clear, and I soon found my destination. After studying the Fa, I went to take the train home. There were two entrances to the station. One was right in front me after I bought my ticket. However, I chose the other entrance, which was a distance away, because it was more familiar to me. I went the long way around and entered through the other entrance, only to find that the elevator at that entrance was shut down that day, so I had to spend some time walking upstairs. After I got to the platform, I happened to notice that the other elevator was in working order. That really got my attention, and I suddenly realized that it was a hint from Master.

I had wasted time on the two matters because of my habits and notions. Cultivation practice requires that one should follow the course of nature, but I often followed my ideas and inclinations, which produced exactly the opposite results. From this experience, I enlightened that many things in my validating the Fa were obstructed by my notions.

Take the project of clarifying the facts using cell phones as an example. I had previously used a phone called the “Tianyu.” However, practitioners recently advised me to use smart phones. I was reluctant to learn how to use them and still preferred to use the older model. I didn’t realize that everything in world exists for the Fa and that things will change and develop as the Fa-rectification proceeds. A smart phone can detect dead numbers, which saves costs by avoiding sending multimedia messages to dead numbers. It can also automatically and efficiently make voice calls. The current popularization of smart phones is indeed needed during the Fa-rectification. However, I still clung to my own habits and notions, causing me to waste time and energy. As Dafa disciples, we should therefore continuously break through our own ideas and routines in order to validate the Fa and meet the Fa requirements at different levels.

The same applies to other projects in my opinion. Each notion or habit could be a wall obstructing us from making progress. For example, when I was asked to clarify the facts about Falun Gong face to face, I often found excuses, such as that I was busy with other projects, because I thought that speech was difficult for me. Such a notion kept me from clarifying the truth face to face. Master had told us that the number of sentient beings that had been saved was far from enough. As disciples, we should break through all notions to harmonize what Master wants. I often asked myself, “Master has endured everything for all sentient beings in the universe. As Master’s disciple, can I abandon all attachments at my current level and wholeheartedly devote myself to saving sentient beings and validating the Fa?”

The practice of Dafa directly targets one’s mind. When encountering difficulties, we need to look inward and find if we are attached to something or blocked by notions. Master said in “Unimpeded” in Hong Yin Vol. II,

“When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth”

Only by following what Master tells us to do, adjusting our thoughts according to Dafa, and harmonizing what Master wants can we be qualified Dafa disciples.